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  • Hypertension, also commonly known as  ‘High Blood Pressure’ has repeatedly been called the silent killer. It can live inside you for years yet show no signs of discomfort at all.

    But although dormant, it leaves no chance to be an aggressive attacker that tries its best to do every possible damage to all other vital parts of your system.

    Most victims show no symptom or sign of abnormality, even after the pressure readings show exceptionally high results. Some, on the other hand, might complain of shortness of breath, bleeding nose, headache, dizziness, stroke, etc.

    Unfortunately, these symptoms are not a direct indication of hypertension. And they show up only when your pressure level reaches a life-threatening stage.

    Now that’s quite alarming. Isn’t it?

    There is some good news, though. You can combat this deadly medical condition by being a little more mindful about your health and practicing some caution. Sure, it is a passive striker, but with the help of medical sciences and technological gadgets, you can quickly detect it and keep it monitored.

    Here’s a list of some of the most popular smart blood pressure monitoring devices in the market.


    Checking your blood pressure has never been so easy. Withings can give you the most accurate results based on instant color codes. To keep regular track of your readings, it lets you launch the Health Mate app automatically as soon as you turn on the device with your cuff slipped in the gauge.

    blood pressure monitor, withings BPM

    You can easily carry it around, too, so you never have to compromise on your health. To keep your doctor in the loop, you need to make a few taps on your phone screen, and your results are already available at the end of the docs.

    iHealth Sense

    iHealth Sense is another hit name on the list that helps you monitor your blood pressure, heartbeat and detects Arrhythmia in less than a minute. All you need to do is to find the perfect position on your wrist with the help of the gauge in the device and then press the button for the readings.

    blood pressure monitor, iHealth sense

    You can carry this lightweight device anywhere you go and use it up to 80 times once it’s fully charged.  The transport pouch that comes with the kit keeps things organized even when you are out on tour. Connect the device to the iHealth to track your history in a graphical form.

    It is available to buy for around $50.


    Koogeek is a very stylish and smartly designed wireless device that comes with dual wireless transmission. The device will never let you deal with a boring looking machine that gives you a sick feeling with its appearance because it looks a lot cooler than you think.

    The free app that lets you track your blood pressure history is available both in the iOs and Android applications.

    blood pressure monitor, KooGeek

    This monitor has been medically approved across the USA and is CE compliant in Europe and has bagged very high ratings on its accuracy and reliability. It can be a great choice to keep problems relating to blood pressure at bay.

    You can buy on Amazon four around $59.


    Qardio is a smart wireless blood pressure monitoring device that can help you keep this deadly condition at bay. Users have verified it for providing the most accurate readings that seem to be in line with the health care center machine that they compared it with for accuracy.

    The device is straightforward to set up and handle and can be your best choice to keep track of your blood pressure. Once you have your results on the device screen, you can even share it with your family or a personal physician with the help of the app that is readily available for download.

    If you want to double-check the readings, use the triple measurement method to find out the best results. The Qardio app automatically takes the readings of 3 successive measurements and gives you your average blood pressure.


    This is yet another device that deserves your attention. Omron Evolv is the most comfortable blood pressure monitoring device that you can ever have. You can have your readings within seconds of pressing a button.

    blood pressure monitor, Omron

    Evolv lets you sync your readings with your smartphone too. That way, it becomes a lot easier to track and understand your health better. Your results can then be shared with anyone you want to –  be it your doctor or your family.


    SmartBP is an amazing app for IOS that helps you manage your blood pressure measurements and track the progress over time. You can easily connect it to sync with your blood pressure monitor via Apple Health or even enter it manually.

    While it’s not a substitute for a doctor or medical professional, this app lets you easily check:

    • Pulse rate
    • Weight
    • Systolic
    • Diastolic blood pressure
    • Body mass index
    • Pulse pressure

    …Among other important health elements. You can quickly add notes to each measurement and even send the data to your doctor or anybody via email or text message. There’s a lot more to it, and you can get started for absolutely free.


    Monitor your blood pressure on the go with this wearable device called HeartGuide. With this device, you can easily identify how your behavior impacts your heart health and also track your heart data. It’s meant to be worn on your wrist, from which you can integrate with their HeartAdvisor app and start managing your blood pressure.

    Once you place the HeartGuide device over your heart, it’ll read and display accurate results in as little as 30 seconds. Apart from that, you can monitor your daily activities, observe sleep patterns, get notifications for calls/messages, and set reminders.


    If you want Hypertension to be less daunting, then monitor it regularly. As already mentioned, you get to see no signs or symptoms of its existence in your body until it reaches a saturated point forcing your body to give up.

    The higher your blood pressure is, the greater the risk it has on your health for the future. So why take a chance and risk your precious life when there are so many available tools to keep it monitored?

    Pick up your favorite device now, and keep your pressure under observation. It can help you live a healthier, longer, and happier life.