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In AI and Digital Marketing Last updated: August 25, 2023
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In the world of digital possibilities, where creativity and technology merge, there lies a new way to turn an ordinary QR code into a masterpiece; with the amazing ChatGPT Code Interpreter project, you can try each molding your brand identity into custom QR codes, adding a touch of personalization and beauty.

This article reveals the mesmerizing process of creating custom-branded QR codes with the help of ChatGPT Code Interpreter. So, let’s start!

Person holding a smartphone with opened AI chat in it. User asking chat bot to write code in Python

ChatGPT – The Code Interpreter

Imagine having a friendly translator between you and your computer. It is the ChatGPT Code Interpreter – a magical tool that takes your human language and turns it into instructions your computer can understand.

Simply put, it teaches your computer to talk like you and provides complex tasks like a friendly chat. Well, I won’t bore you with just words but instead show you some examples right away! 

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What are Customized QR Codes?

Custom-branded QR codes are QR codes that include your logo or other branding elements. This makes them more visually appealing and helps to increase brand awareness.

Those little square patterns you see everywhere – can be much more than black and white boxes. Customized QR codes infuse these patterns with life and personality. They are like your digital canvas, where you can use color, logo, and creativity to be the essence of your brand. Just as the artist signs the works, the custom QR codes leave a lasting impression.

This was something I got to know, so I decided to give it a shot. Just to experiment with this trick, I chose GeekFlare and decided to follow the steps, and maybe I could get a custom QR code that would lead me to the website of the company. Moreover, after following the steps (That are mentioned later in the article), I got the desired results in a matter of seconds. 

Here’s the result:

GeekFlare QR Code

A real winner🏆isn’t it? And this is just one of the ways ChatGPT can be useful to you!

So now that you got a taste of what’s about to come. Furthermore, fasten your seatbelts cause the steps ahead would be very interesting, and I am pretty sure that you are already eager to try it out yourself. 

How to Create a Custom QR Code with ChatGPT Code Interpreter?

To create a custom QR code with ChatGPT Code Interpreter, you will need to observe the steps:

#1. Go to the ChatGPT website and create an account.

Opened AI chat on laptop

#2. Once you’ve created an account, enable the Code Interpreter plugin.

💡But one thing to note here is that ChatGPT Code Interpreter is only available for those who have taken ChatGPT Plus subscriptions. 

chatgpt pricing

#3. In the chat window, follow the following activities:

Generate QR code with data=”your text or URL” and size=”width x height”

For example, to generate a QR code with the text “” and a size of 200×200 pixels, you would type the following prompt:

Generate QR code with data=”” and size=”200×200″

Google QR code

#4. ChatGPT will then generate the Python code to create the QR code. It can even execute the code and offer you a PNG photo of the QR code.

Google QR python code

#5. You can then download the PNG photograph and use it however you want.


Note: By this step, you will just get the QR code that will lead to the URL that you have fed the code interpreter. Moreover, in order to embed the logo in between the QR. Follow the below steps.

How to Embed a Logo into Your QR Code?

You also can use ChatGPT to embed the icon into your QR code. To do that, you want to add the logo record to ChatGPT, after which you provide the subsequent information.

Create a QR code with the use of statistics=”Your text or URL” and size=” width x top” and logo_path=”Path on your logo record” and logo_size_ratio=” Ratio of emblem size to QR code size”.

For instance, in case you want to create a QR code with the textual content “”, a length of 200×200 pixels, and an icon that is 50% the size of the QR code, you will input the subsequent textual content.

Create a QR code with statistics=”” and length=”200×200″ and logo_path=”Path on your brand document” and logo_size_ratio=50%”.

ChatGPT will then generate a Python code to generate an embedded QR code with the icon. It may be the code, and provide a PNG image of the QR code.

Code to add logo in between the QR

Note: Don’t forget to upload the logo of the brand you want to create the custom QR of. Otherwise, ChatGPT won’t be able to fetch the logo from the website.

So here is one method of generating a custom QR code with a ChatGPT interpreter, but there is another method that requires no code and is as simple as cutting the cake. So let’s see what they have on their plate to offer:

How to generate a QR code without a code in ChatGPT Code Interpreter?

Step 1: Upload Your Brand Logo or Desired Image

Begin by means of uploading your brand or the picture you desire to comprise into your QR code. This photograph serves because of the visible illustration of your emblem inside the QR code.

Step 2: Utilize the Single Prompt

Compose a single prompt to train the ChatGPT Code Interpreter to generate your custom-branded QR code. The set-off script follows:

🤖Create a QR code with a custom logo and color using the ‘QRcode’ and ‘PIL’ library. Paste the following prompt/instruction in the chat box.

Generate the QR code for the desired URL <Insert your desired URL>.

Load the custom logo provided.

Resize the logo to dimensions smaller than the QR code, maintaining the original color and scale. If the logo image is not square, adjust the canvas to create a square background with white color.

Embed the resized logo at the center of the QR code.

Generate the QR Code.

Display the final QR Code and provide a download link.

Step 3: The Execution Process

Allow ChatGPT Code Interpreter to execute the provided script. It will skillfully orchestrate the generation of the QR code, which includes the combination of your emblem as consistent with your specs.

QR Code Generation: ChatGPT will create the QR code corresponding to the URL you’ve indicated.

Logo Integration: The custom brand is seamlessly embedded into the QR code. The brand’s dimensions are adjusted to be smaller than the QR code even to preserve its unique color and scale.

Square Background (if required): In the case of a non-rectangular brand, the canvas is resized to shape a square heritage with white color. This ensures gold standard integration without distortion.

Centered Placement: The resized emblem is elegantly positioned at the center of the QR code, making sure of a balanced and visually attractive result.

Step 4: Display and Download

Upon a hit execution, ChatGPT presents the final QR code photo, together with your custom logo. This image is displayed on your screen. Additionally, a download link is supplied, allowing you to shop the QR code for fast use.

How these QR Code will help your brand?


Incorporate this progressive technique into your branding method, and witness your QR codes rework into captivating gateways for your brand’s virtual presence. ChatGPT Code Interpreter simplifies the complex process, granting you the power to interact with audiences with personalized, branded QR codes.

These are just a few greater examples of the various one-of-a-kind varieties of custom QR codes that you could create with ChatGPT Code Interpreter. The possibilities are countless!

Creating custom QR codes with ChatGPT Code Interpreter is a quick and easy manner to create QR codes with textual content, URLs, and symbols. This can be a valuable tool for companies and people who want to create QR codes for advertising, branding, or other functions.

Extra advantages of ChatGPT Code Interpreter

A person explores the ChatGPT interface on their computer screen,
  • It is straightforward to use. Even if you don’t have any programming revel in, you could create custom QR codes with ChatGPT Code Interpreter.
  • It is robust. You can create QR codes with textual content, URLs, and emblems. You also can embed a logo into your QR code.
  • It is versatile. You can use custom QR codes for lots of purposes, inclusive of advertising, branding, and occasion ticketing.

That is just the tip of the iceberg, as there is much more that you can do when it comes to digital marketing when you also tap into the potential of ChatGPT plugins for SEO and Marketing.

The Takeaway

If you’re seeking out a quick and smooth way to create custom QR codes, ChatGPT Code Interpreter is an amazing choice. It is easy to apply, powerful, and flexible.

(Note: The concept and inspiration are derived from @minchoi’s tweet. Credit and acknowledgment to @minchoi for the original idea💡.)

Next up, powerful prompts to elevate your ChatGPT experience!

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