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In HR Management Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Breezy HR is the ultimate applicant tracking system (ATS) you need to streamline and automate job listing to offer and everything in between.

If you are looking for the best ATS tool for your business to hire employees directly or as a staffing agency, there are thousands of options out there. This is because of the fact that 99% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS tool to shortlist, interview, and hire promising job candidates, as reported by Research and Markets. The same report also forecasts that the ATS tool market revenue will grow to $3.6 billion by 2030 from $2.34 billion in 2021. 

This huge revenue potential attracts many software and SaaS developers to invest in this niche. But how do you know which is the best ATS and most suitable for your business or staffing agency? Well, you do extensive online research on many such apps by applying for trials.

You can cut time and resource waste by checking out Breezy HR right away. I am explaining its best features below so you can make an informed decision. 

The Challenges in the Employee Recruitment Process

Remote working preferences, gig working mindset, work-life balance needs, etc., have fueled the shortage of skilled job applicants in today’s hiring ecosystem. Organizations are struggling to hire the right candidate that will stay with the company for longer. Find below some common challenges:

  • There is a steep shortage of experienced job candidates for specialized roles like software development, DevOps engineers, Agile project managers, tradesmen, etc.
  • Since many companies need to access the same candidate pool and offer competitive salaries without affecting the profit margin, the competition is fierce.
  • Achieving diversity and inclusion in the workplace is also a challenge.
  • Though there is a proven shortage of skilled candidates, there is no shortage of resumes when you post a job online. Sorting through such a large number of resumes and evaluating candidates effectively is time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  • Many businesses fail to brand job listings and advertisements with company reputation to attract top talent.
  • Most businesses consider hiring projects are different from existing HR work. So, they also fail to integrate existing HRIS tools with the ATS for streamlined hiring and candidate management.
  • The completely remote hiring process is still a challenge for many organizations.      

What Is Breezy HR?

Breezy HR is a cloud-based job posting and candidate hiring software that enables you to recruit awesome and brilliant employees who add value to your business. Its working process is fairly simple. 

You simply need to describe the open position in the Position tool by creating job details from scratch or choosing an existing template from Breezy. The tool instantly publishes your company’s requirements in more than 50 job posting sites so candidates globally can review and apply. 

Also, you can customize the hiring geography as well if you only want to hire from the US. You can set up various screening and assessment layers to shortlist a few resumes for further interviewing. 

Breezy HR also lets you keep all the internal and external communications about the hiring process in one place. So, hiring managers and business stakeholders and comment on the candidate’s profile. 

What’s more interesting is the ATS tool makes the recruitment process an effortless project using Kanban boards. So you can create a pipeline for candidate recruitment and move candidate profile cards from one phase to the next while keeping everyone in the HR team aware of the process.

How Does Breezy HR Solve Employee Recruitment Process Challenges?

Breezy HR is a state-of-the-art ATS tool and is always under an upgrading process, so your organization or staffing agency gets the best hiring tools, workflows, and resources.

Compared to other ATS software, Breezy HR lets you make your job listings viral on 50+ high-quality online job boards. It also helps you to create attractive and company-branded career sites so you can hire candidates directly without needing to pay mediators.

Using its automated candidate profile management and screening workflows, you can eliminate unqualified candidates instantly based on a pre-screening questionnaire. Not to mention, you can integrate assessment tools with Breezy HR so you can quickly test the applicant on coding, English language testing, and many other technical topics. 

Hiring the right candidate quickly and making an offer is truly effortless with Breezy HR. You can create automated workflows to select candidates for interview rounds based on pre-screen tests and assessment scores. The following features help you hire an applicant faster than any other ATS tools:

  • Sharing interview conversations between interviewers
  • A common dashboard for the candidate pipeline
  • Video and audio screening
  • A holistic view of the interviewer’s schedule and availability
  • Let candidates schedule their own interviews
  • Interview remotely using secured integrations    

Features of Breezy HR

#1. Automated Recruitment Workflows

YouTube video

This feature helps reduce the time it takes to evaluate a candidate and hire. It also reduces the number of communications and approvals within the pipeline. 

First off, you can filter unqualified profiles in the pre-screening stage by using an automated questionnaire during application submission. 

Then, you can utilize Stage Actions to automate communications like questionnaires for assessment, send direct messages to candidates, score assessments, and send the profile further downstream the pipeline for interviewing. 

Workflows automatically send interview invites to interviewers, interviewees, and recruitment drive project leads.  

#2. Collaborative Hiring

Collaborative Hiring
Image credit: Breezy HR

When hiring becomes siloed, businesses find interviewing disqualified candidates or the same candidate multiple times. Since a hiring drive includes a budget, this impacts your profitability. 

Collaborative Hiring on Breezy HR
Image credit: Breezy HR

Breezy HR introduces an effortless collaborative space on the tool where all the members of the recruitment project can communicate via chat and comments. Here, you and your HR team can also create notes, discuss as a team or in one-to-one chats, and create to-do lists. 

#3. HRIS Integration

HRIS integration
Image credit: Breezy HR

Once you complete hiring a few candidates and collect various documents from them, it becomes another challenge to include candidate details, salaries, job details, benefits, documents, and so on into your existing HRIS software. 

You can automatically integrate the new jokers into your HRIS tool by using the HRIS Integrations feature of Breezy HR. This functionality is specifically useful for businesses that hire on their own. It supports 10+ HRIS integrations like BambooHR, Gusto, PaySpace, etc. 

#4. Reporting and Analytics

Pipeline Funnel Progression and performance
Image credit: Breezy HR

To improve your recruitment drive in the future, Breezy HR offers automatic and custom reporting functionalities. You can run A/B tests to choose the best pipeline to hire resources. Some of the default reports to generate are:

  • Candidate source performance
  • Time to complete the hiring process
  • Performance of a pipeline
  • Recruit team’s productivity

#5. Third-Party Tool Integration

Sometimes you may need to import data or analytics to the Breezy HR tool during the recruitment process. These requirements could be background checking data, online assessments, video interviews, document signing, interview scheduling, secured log-in to company resources using SAML/SSO, etc. All these integrations are available from the Recruiting Preferences Settings screen on the Breezy HR app.  

#6. Tools and Templates

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With Breezy HR, you do not need to go anywhere else for content for job postings, job responsibilities, etc. There is a dedicated Tools & Templates portal where you get organized and updated content for the following: 

  • Job descriptions
  • Interview questions
  • Recruiting email templates
  • Salary profiles
  • Onboarding & checklists
  • HR email templates

Where You Can Use Breezy HR and How?

Find below the recruitment phases where Breezy HR can show its magic: 

Create an Attractive Company Career Site

Social sharing
Image credit: Breezy HR

You can build a company career website or upgrade the existing one using Breezy HR. The editing and upgrading features are available under Breezy HR admin portal Settings > Careers Site Settings. The tool lets you add the following content and properties to your career site:

  • Branding website with company logo and assets
  • Showcasing the life of employees at your business using images and videos
  • Post testimonials from employees
  • Add social sharing links
  • Customize the portal with messaging in different languages
  • The ability to add custom CSS/JS

Posting Current Vacancies

This first step of the recruitment process is creating a job vacancy and posting that to leading job aggregation sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, etc. Breezy HR offers an intuitive interface to post a job.

It takes care of the publishing itself. Posting a vacancy is just like filling up a multiple-choice form. The online form automatically populates the content choices for the following fields:

  • Details (Department, type of recruitment, location, etc.)
  • Description (duties and skills of the role)
  • An online application form for the applicant
  • The recruitment pipeline
  • Scoring candidates
  • Advertising the job
  • Creating and assigning the job to a hiring team
  • Approving all steps in the pipeline

Managing Job Referrals

Employee referrals
Image credit: Breezy HR

The best way to attract vetted candidates is by asking the existing employees for quality references. So, you can create an employee portal using the features of the Careers Site from Breezy HR. Then ask employees to sign up for individual profiles on the portal.

Now, employees are eligible to submit their referrals for open vacancies. Breezy HR will add the submissions to the existing candidate pool so that the recruiting team can follow up with the referrals.  

Job Applicant Management

Candidate management includes creating a pool of shortlisted candidates, assigning candidates to interviewers, sharing candidates’ profiles for another job vacancy, comparing candidates, approving offers, etc. For this, Breezy HR offers up to 20 separate tools. So if you are doing any of the following, this ATS tool got you covered:

  • Creating an applicant list
  • Tagging candidates
  • Adding candidate source
  • Following candidates for real-time updates from the recruitment pipeline
  • Merging and combining candidate data
  • Candidate match scoring between a resume and job description/skills requirements 
  • Exporting candidate data as CSV
  • Electronic document management

Interviewing Job Applicants

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When you got great candidate profiles in your hand and want to interview them, you can use Breezy HR. For interviewing, it offers the following tools:

  • Scheduling candidate interviews internally using the recruitment pipeline and sending an email or SMS to the candidate about the event.
  • Scheduling Links on this applicant tracking system helps you to allow job applicants to pick a favorable interview date from a few options.
  • Interview Guides enable you to create a structured interviewing policy and questionnaire for unbiased and transparent hiring.
  • The Video Interviews feature lets you set up online interviews using Breezy’s video conferencing tools. Alternatively, you can use third-party services like Teams, Google Meet, Indeed Interviews, and various other one-way video interview services
  • When all interview phases are complete, Breezy HR creates a Scorecard for candidates so you can make data-driven hiring decisions.  

New Hire Onboarding

After selecting a candidate for an open vacancy, you must make an offer by signing a letter of intent (LOI), a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), contracts, etc. Such contract management can become overwhelming for large organizations or staffing agencies. To reduce workload and take mistakes out of the pipeline, you can use the Offer Management module of Breezy HR. 

It helps you perform a background screening with third-party apps like GoodHire, uCheck, Asurint, etc. Then, send offer letters to the candidate’s email by customizing offer templates on the ATS tool. Breezy HR also comes with workflow automation for offer approval and e-Signatures.  

Alternatives of Breezy HR

Look at these Breezy HR alternatives to understand how different Breezy HR is from others:

#1. Workable

Workable a Breezy HR alternative

Workable streamlines the entire hiring workflow of organizations and staffing firms. It offers a hiring management module for job postings, candidate sourcing, and screening. Also, its user-friendly interface enables you to track applicants, collaborate with the hiring team, and evaluate candidates effortlessly.

Moreover, Workable facilitates tools for resume parsing, interview scheduling, and recruitment pipeline customizations. Not to mention, Workable also integrates with various job boards and offers reporting and analytics capacities.

#2. JazzHR


JazzHR offers recruitment tools like candidate sourcing, job advertising, employer branding, compliance, reporting, assessments, collaborative hiring, etc., in one cloud-based application.

If you run a staffing agency or set up recruiting software for clients, you can also use JazzHR. For several ancillary recruiting tasks like interview scheduling, real-time assessment, video interview, and more, you can integrate JazzHR with third-party applications. 

Final Words

By now, you should have explored all the utilities of Breezy HR in job posting, screening, interviewing, and onboarding. It should be easier than ever to decide if Breezy is the right ATS solution for you. Also, if you want your HR team to become agile and efficient, try out Breezy HR now for free for 14 days.

Next, check out contract management software to streamline your workflow.

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