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Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting for any size business to host a website or complex web applications.

From public data monitoring to eCommerce, web research for content to SEO, whatever your industry, you may experience user-agent detection, geolocation-based website blocking, rate limitations on IPs, and so on.

Bright Data Web Unlocker is the answer to all these web data scraping challenges!

Internet, as we knew it in the 90s and 2000s, is long gone. Now, wherever you go on the net, you face content restrictions. Govt. authorities and corporates do this to limit access to data, though they claim they are making the internet safer.

Such website and IP blockages are highly damaging for the data scraping work. Continue reading to learn more about the Bright Data Web Unlocker and see how it helps your data scraping processes with automation and reliable proxy management.      

What Are Web Blockers?

Web blockers are web-based software solutions that block an internet user from accessing a website. People could use this strategy at the local level, private level, or government level.

For example, when you need to focus on tasks and use a web blocking app to pause all incoming and outgoing conversations, unwanted pages, Facebook, YouTube, etc., is a local web blocking. Such a tactic is more prevalent in home Wi-Fi routers for parental control.

At a private or corporate level, some business organizations may block a certain website or transform their internet into a walled garden to stop employees from accessing unwanted content during working hours. 

At the regional level, governments can block websites, tamper with domain names, or take down content from the web to control the information flowing within the mass.     

Why Does Someone Use Web Blockers?

  • Individual users may use web filtering apps for focused work.
  • Parents can use web blockers to stop kids, teenagers, and children from accessing not-so-good content.
  • Businesses block website access to prevent access to unwanted content at work.
  • ISPs block certain regional entertainment websites to prevent the global audience from watching premium content for free from developed countries.
  • OTT content providers tie up with ISPs to block torrent sites and peer-to-peer content downloading portals.
  • Local authorities, courts, and governments block websites to prevent citizens from accessing viral content.     

What Is a Web Unlocker?

A web unlocker helps internet researchers, data scrapers, digital marketers, and other professionals access blocked websites for research purposes. 

Accessing public web data is legal according to various rulings in the US and EU courts. Hence, software and website developers started working on solutions to bypass blockages that are here to stay.

Such solutions use many technologies like VPNs, Proxy IPs, IP rotations, automatic Captcha, and more. The ultimate target is allowing user agents, APIs, automated data scraping protocols, etc., unrestricted access to interesting public data.

Advantages of Web Unlockers   

  • Access geo-restricted business websites for data scraping.
  • Ethical usage of web blocker bypassing tools for a greater business cause.
  • Let data scraping APIs function smoothly while businesses enable employees to work in a walled garden internet.
  • Fully automated recurring data requests and IP rotation for worry-free data scraping.
  • Some unlockers, like the Bright Data Web Unlocker, let you process data on the cloud and get actionable insights in a few minutes.         

Features of Web Unlockers

Find below standard features that your business should demand from a website unlocking solution: 

Addressing IP Rate Limitation Issue

A website may prevent your data scraping tool from information access if your IP exceeds the data request limit set by the website. The webpage unlocking tool should offer an ethical way of overcoming this challenge.  

Offer Automatic Captcha Challenge Solving

Most websites use the Captcha challenge to prevent robots from accessing website data. A robust web unlocking tool should offer features to bypass this huddle. 

Prevent Third-Party User-Agent Detection

Web unlockers should also help your data scraping workflow to bypass any 3rd-party user-agent detection and subsequent blockages and data transfer rate limiting. 

Overcoming Geolocation-Based IP Blockages

Country and region-based IP blockages are some of the toughest challenges, and your web unlocker tool should address this problem.  


A business-grade web unlocker should come with out-of-the-box automation features. Hence, your data scraping agents can focus more on online research than managing the webpage unlocking tool. 

IP Rotation Management

IP rotation is a must-have functionality for all the standard website unlocking apps. It helps businesses send concurrent data collection requests to the same website without any IP ban or bandwidth limitation.  

Website Fingerprint Manipulation

Great web unlockers will balance various activities of your data scraping tool at the target site to ensure your activities are not considered malicious.

Now, you might wonder, is there any such web portal unlocking tool that offers all these features? Well, the answer is Bright Data. See below how it is changing the game in favor of data scraping businesses.  

Bright Data Is Turning the Tide

Anyone working in the public domain data scraping business knows Bright Data. It is changing the landscape of data scraping by unlocking geo-restricted content and IP-limited portals; you name it!

Bright Data is the one center of truth for all things data scraping and mining from today’s restricted internet network. It offers robust online research and information processing tools like Datasets, Data Collector, SERP API, Proxies, Proxy Browser Extension, Proxy Management, etc. 

Not to mention, web unlocker is the most exciting specialty of Bright Data among online market research companies.     

What Is Bright Data Web Unlocker?

Bright Data Web Unlocker is a powerful unlocking tool that lets your data scraping team fetch data from the toughest websites. With various technologically programmed automation out of the box, your business can run public information scraping from the internet without any human intervention.

Website unlocking is a complex business; not all market tools are highly successful. In most cases, you will find your existing web unlocker is inefficient and need more power. Hence, you need to switch to Bright Data unlocker, which offers the best success rate in the industry, a whopping 99.9%.   

How Does Bright Data Web Unlocker Help Developers?

API Documentation

Developers working in the data scraping niche can benefit significantly from the easy-to-understand API documentation of Bright Data. It describes optional flags and API commands in an easy language so trainee developers can get started quickly.  

Visual Web Unlocker

It reduces the programming workloads of devs by offering an entirely visual web unlocking and data collection request creator. 

Automated Workflow

Devs can use the visual tool to configure automated tasks from website unblocking to data scraping and final storage. 

Intuitive Dashboard of Bright Data Web Unlocker

The Bright Data Dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of manual and automated data scraping tasks that involve Proxies, Web Unlocker API, and more. 

24×7 Support Center

A highly trained support team is always there for the devs should they experience any product glitches. 

Multiple Language Support for API

The Bright Data Web Unlocker API supports most of the coding languages used for API calls. For example, developers can write scripts in Node.js, shell, C#, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, Perl, Ruby, Python, and more.   

Major Bright Data Web Unlocker Features

Bright Data Web Unlocker is the best answer to today’s walled garden internet. With the following timeless features, your data scraping business thrives:

  • Geolocation-based IP unblocking worldwide
  • Enables your data scraping tool to send unlimited concurrent connections
  • Unblocks and collects data automatically
  • Automatic Captcha challenge solving
  • Ethical unblocking of website portals
  • Retries automatically with different unblocking protocols until successful
  • An IP proxy network of 72+ million addresses in 195 countries
  • Domain and country-specific unblocking and result parsing
  • Asynchronous data connection requests
  • Rotates IP addresses automatically to avoid IP bans
  • Portrays your data scraping bot as human agents
  • Performs human-like web usage starting with the home page, mouse movements, etc.
  • Target website header manipulation
  • Detects honeypots from a safe distance and avoids them automatically
  • Injects interval delays rationally between concurrent data requests    

How Does Bright Data Work?

Bright Data is a fully automated web unlocking portal. Here is how the unlocking process works:

  • You sign up with a paid subscription or choose the pay-as-you-go format.
  • Once the Bright Data app is running, select the (i) or Bright Data logo on the left side navigation pane.
  • In the Data collection section, you will find Web Unlocker. Click on Start Now.
  • Type in the blocked website URL in the search box.
  • The tool will show an estimated monthly cost.
  • Clicking Save and Activate will route the request to the Bright Data Web Unlocker algorithm.
  • The algorithm edits the request protocol and header. Then it sends the request to the Super Proxy.
  • Super Proxy further processes and sends the request to a centralized proxy infrastructure.
  • Now, the tool will mimic the fingerprint of your web data scraping app and fetch data from the blocked website.
  • Finally, following the inverse route, requested data comes to your information scraping app.     

Benefits of Using Bright Data Web Unlocker

  • It has a proven higher success rate than its competitor and typically delivers around 99.9% unblocking.
  • Fully automated web unlocking protocol. No need to write any code. Even no-developer employees can make an unblocking and data fetching request.
  • A completely visual interface makes data scraping fun and enjoyable.
  • It is an all-in-one tool for data scraping business should you subscribe to all Bright Data products.
  • Acquire blocked web data ethically, so your business does not need to deal with lawsuits.
  • Pay only when you get actionable data.    
  • The retail and eCommerce industry can use this tool to get hard-to-reach datasets, competitor pricing plans, promotional strategies, etc., to create a dynamic sales and marketing strategy.
  • Access public data without wasting time on manual website searching. Governments, competing businesses, and public organizations host such open-source data. But they do their best to layer the data to make them inaccessible. Bright Data’s unlocking algorithm fetches such layered data in seconds.
  • Electronic and computer parts manufacturing companies can use this tool to fetch accurate competitor product pricing data without getting an IP ban or lawsuit.
  • Manufacturers and service providers of the healthcare domain can access real-time public data from all the marketplaces worldwide.
  • Digital networking tool developers can use Bright Data to collect datasets from the toughest servers like LinkedIn, Google News, Crunchbase, Twitter, etc. 
  • Music monitoring agencies can use this web unlocking API to track copyright-protected music being played on the internet. Then, they can report to their clients, like publishers and record label companies, for copyright protection enforcement purposes.       

Bright Data Pricing Plans 

Its subscription plans are highly scalable and flexible. You can go with the Pay As You Go plan if you are a small business and occasionally doing data scraping. 

However, if you are performing data scraping regularly, you can choose between Starter ($500

/mo), Advanced ($1,000/mo), and Advanced+ ($2,000/mo) depending on the workload.

Enterprise-level users have an Enterprise plan with a personalized per 1,000 request rate, data experts, premium SLA, and dedicated enterprise specialists.   

Bright Data Web Unlocker Alternatives

By now, you have known the Bright Data website unlocker from a 360° angle. However, you need to know some of its worthy competitors to understand how Bright Data is superior to others. Here are a few alternatives that you can check out:   

Web Scraper API: Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a software development company that offers proxy and web scraper APIs for data-scraping businesses and professionals.

You can try out this tool if you are looking for a webscraping API worthy of a Bright Data alternative.    

No-Code Scraper: Smartproxy

Smartproxy’s No-Code Scraper allows you to store web-scraped data and schedule scraping tasks. You can do all these minus any coding. Isn’t that wonderful? Also, you get ready-to-use web data scraping templates for effortless data gathering.  


Finding the right web unlocker is challenging, with so many market products promising unbelievable features and pricing. We made it easier for you to choose Bright Data Web Unlocker by reviewing the tool from the inside out and unveiling its best features and functionalities.  

Try out Bright Data and see practically that it stands out on its promises and pricing factors.

You may also be interested in these web scraping tools that run on the cloud.

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