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  • Brochures can seem like a thing of the past with the digital world present around us, but little do we know that it’s still a very effective marketing strategy.

    It’s an integral part of your branding process and it helps to cement your company information into your customers’ minds in a very subtle manner.

    Give it a thought, how many times have you been handed a brochure by a company, and even though you don’t stick it in your face all day, you still remember a nice portion of the brochure’s content and the visuals it had for a long time. That’s what a good brochure does to your potential customers.

    It’s a seamless and non-pushy way to deliver your essential company information. However, just about any brochure won’t really make the cut. You need to have an eye for a good design that catches your clients’ attention in a jiffy, which is a little tough to do if you’re not a professional designer.

    In that regard, you can utilize these amazing templates and resources to create your own brochure without much effort. If that sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of, then let’s jump straight into the list. 😎

    Envato Elements

    You get access to millions of digital assets from Envato Elements and that includes brochures as well. All of the templates are highly customizable and come with simple commercial licensing.

    They come in CYMK color space, various file types, and multiple platform support. You can use it on Adobe Illustrator and as well as Adobe Photoshop. This helps a lot if you’re familiar more with one tool over the other.

    You can sign up for a free account to get started, which gets you 12 free files every month and as well as the ability to save items to your collections.

    Creative Market

    Probably the biggest marketplace for customizable templates and various other digital elements, Creative Market has some of the best brochures that you can instantly download and make your own. You can choose from over 12,000 options and most of them come with several file types to make it much more convenient for you.

    Before purchasing a template, you can see what’s included, software that’s compatible with it, file size, DPI, and other important information. You can also select whether you want the brochure for personal or commercial purposes so that you’re staying well within the boundaries of what’s allowed.

    Creative Market regularly runs discounts and deals, which means more often than not you’re going to be able to pick up your templates at slashed prices.


    Probably the easiest tool on the internet to make creative designs, Canva is free to use and you can hardly go wrong with it. It has a drag and drop editor and you can use tons of photos, icons, illustrations, and elements while designing your brochure.

    You can start from scratch with a blank canvas or pick one of their many templates and take it ahead from there. Once you’re done designing it, you can export it in various formats, including print-ready PDF.

    You can upgrade to their premium plan if you wish to unlock extra features, such as instant resizing of your artwork, more file formats, more stock assets, and other cool benefits.


    Mostly known for beautiful vector illustrations but Freepik has an amazing collection of brochures as well. All you have to do is utilize the search feature and you’ll have in front of you over 90,000 options to choose from.

    All of the items found on this platform are free to download but require attribution. Obviously, if you don’t want any of that “attribution hassle” then you can pay $14.99/month to unlock them all. If you choose to pay annually, then you’ll be able to save more and grab the membership at a lower price, which is a steal in my opinion.


    My favorite go-to place to hire talented freelancers at an unbelievably affordable cost Fiverr can help you connect with some of the best brochure designers out there. Instead of waiting for designers to contact you, you can straightaway purchase one of the 6,000+ gigs that are available in the “brochure design” category.

    The starting price of the gigs is just $5 and you can check reviews and ratings of the freelancer before purchasing it. Not only that, once the design is delivered to you, most of the gigs will probably allow you to ask for revisions as well to make sure you’re 100% satisfied.


    Trusted by brands like IBM and Voya, Visme is another brilliant online brochure maker that also happens to be free. It has a variety of templates and you can download the finished design as a print-ready PDF. You can do a lot of customizations as well, such as adding new text, changing color, embedding new elements, adding a logo, and whatnot.

    It has a huge library of quality fonts which will help your brochure pop out even more. A lot of the elements are free to use but if you fancy more options and better-looking ones, then you can upgrade to the premium version for that.


    Venngage works similarly to a couple of tools mentioned above. You start by selecting a template and then go on to insert your custom content, icons, charts, etc. They have a huge collection of stock images and other assets which you can use, or even add your own if you wish to.

    The amazing thing is, you can bring your team together for easy collaboration and work on projects as if it’s a group project. The finished artwork can be saved as PNG or PDF.


    As the name suggests, MyCreativeShop is all about helping you create creative designs, including your professional brochures. It has patterns, icons, fonts, and of course, templates. For the sake of customizing, you can play with resizing, reshaping, rotating, moving, and other settings for the artwork.

    Once the design process is over, you can straightaway download a PDF version of it or even better, order printed brochures from them directly. How convenient is that?

    The price to use this online tool is just $19.95/month, which I personally feel is quite reasonable for the kind of service they provide.


    A huge hub for free and paid digital assets, Vecteezy is another good website to find great-looking brochures. It has a ton of options to choose from and you can opt for free, paid, or editorial licenses according to your needs.

    You can also filter the search by the orientation of the brochures, whether you want square, vertical, horizontal, or panoramic. The PRO version of this platform gives you a lot of freedom, such as no attribution, faster downloads, unlimited downloads, and even priority support. You can definitely look into that.


    Globally known for good quality prints, Vistaprint allows you to design and order wholesale units of your prints in a very seamless manner. For your brochures, you can choose from different designs and several-fold options, as well as variations of sizing.

    There are a lot of customizing options, including the ability to choose paper stocks, changing text, adding logos, etc. They have a minimum order requirement for the units, which are usually 25. The higher you go, the lesser the price per unit will be.

    I recommend testing the waters first by ordering less and then move forward if you’re satisfied.


    I guess this one needs no introduction. We all are familiar with Shutterstock and its amazing offerings. However, not a lot of people know that this platform also has other digital assets apart from stock photos, and brochures are one of them.

    The majority of the brochures you find here will be in Vector format and you can download them if you have a membership. The only turnoff can be their subscription model which fetches you a handful of assets for a monthly price.

    For example, their $49/month plan will give you 10 images per month to download, which is not a lot as compared to other stock media platforms. However, the good news is you can choose to pay annually and get the same plan at just $29/month.

    If in case you’re confused about what plan to choose, don’t hesitate to reach out to them via their live chat facility.


    Behance is a fantastic place to find undiscovered artists who’re more than ready to work on your projects. You can search and view a portfolio of designers or straightaway post a job stating your requirements so that there’s no beating around the bush.

    Cutting straight to the chase, designers will be able to contact you if it fits their skills. Job postings have been made free on this website recently so it makes a lot of sense to utilize this platform right away.

    Once you post your job, Behance will begin by recommending to you some of their most suitable designers for the kind of requirements you have. It’s up to you either to accept that or wait for proposals to pour in.


    Very similar to Behance, Dribble is another platform that houses a lot of talented freelancers whom you can hire for your projects. The process of finding designers is as simple as looking for their portfolio or posting a job requirement.

    Dribble allows you to post one free project every month, so I believe if you’re looking for a brochure designer, then a single project posting will do the trick for you. Be sure to furnish them with all the details so that only the most suitable freelancers can be recommended to you.


    Originally started as a handmade items marketplace, Etsy has evolved and branched into various aspects, including brochure templates. A simple search would land you tons of results, after which you can filter and sort as per your preferences.

    This platform has a review system for the sellers, so it’s pretty ensuring that whatever you purchase will be good enough and you won’t leave without getting what you wanted.

    The formats and other features of the brochure completely depend upon the seller and what they wish to put into it, so make sure you check what’s included before making a purchase.

    Adobe Spark

    Adobe software is always of the highest quality and it never really disappoints. Such is the case with their Adobe Spark tool as well, which is a great online platform for people with literally no skills to create creative materials for their business.

    You can browse through their gallery and find a template/style that suits your business, along with the proper size for it. You can customize them, add a logo, play with the colors, and tweak other elements to end up with something that’s made purely from your own hands.

    You can save your design in print-ready format once you’re done with your masterpiece.


    I hope the above-curated list helps you with your brochure design without feeling overwhelmed. The best thing about these resources is that you don’t really have to be a professional designer. You’re good to dive into it straight away and still manage to end up with a beautiful brochure. ❤️

    Next, find out how you can create a beautiful flyer online for your business.