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  • I bet you have the “surprised expression” on your face if you are also not aware of something that is called Ethical Hacking.

    You might even be thinking about how come hacking can be ethical. Now, I assume so, because the first time I learned about ethical hacking, this is precisely what I thought.


    To cut a long story short, ethical hacking is locating vulnerabilities of information systems as well as websites by using the actual hacking tactics and then letting the owners of the networks, information systems or sites know that their set-up can be penetrated and hacked by doing the same what you did.

    When the owners of concerned websites and systems learn about such weaknesses and vulnerabilities, they do not get annoyed with the ethical hackers, but they pay them handsome checks as prize money and even hire them to make the systems impenetrable.

    Let me show you some of the interesting scenarios in which businesses hire ethical hackers.

    When You Know Your Website Can Be Hacked

    Think of the websites that often take hits from hackers. And such websites can be significant, medium-sized as well as small.

    Hackers’ most common practice these days is to hack a system and ask ransom in the form of Bitcoins.


    Suppose that your website has been recently attacked by an evil hacker and there have been successful attempts of data theft.


    Luckily, that data was not so important. That was of no monetary value, and you know that hacker will come back to get data that means something, so they can sell it on Dark Web or ask you for ransom.

    In this situation, you can immediately contact some certified ethical hackers right after the hacking attempt and ask them to build a better firewall around your system.

    These hackers will also perform other checks and make sure that you fill the loopholes.

    So getting ethical hackers on your team to defeat black-hat hackers is one of the most critical scenarios.

    And guess what?

    Even Twitter pays a hacker to break into its system and see if there are still any vulnerabilities.

    To Protect the Least Protected Assets

    There has been this hoax that hackers are after websites like Facebook or Google because it’s a big game if they hunt any of them.

    There is no doubt that data breaches have occurred on many big websites including Google.


    These are billion dollar companies, and their networking and systems are simply not that easy to breach for the hackers.

    This is why you would listen to such stories from every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Everyone with a slightly famous website gets those “hacking or Bitcoin” emails these days.

    In these days, it is important to hire a certified ethical hacker to protect the least protected assets like a corporate website or your website’s app.

    When You Move from Physical to Cloud Hosting

    When you know that your website is hosted on physical or “on-premise” servers, you are very well aware that breaking into that is not that easy.

    There is a reason why we see a hike in black-hat hackers. That reason is cloud computing. I’m not naïve here.

    We know that cloud computing is a marvelous innovation that has reduced the distances between this person and that server.


    We also know that virtualization and IT outsourcing had sort of faded the boundaries and lowered the guard. The level of threats has increased because now your brainchild does reside in a place that you can control, but it is everywhere.

    In such a situation, you need ethical hackers even more because with ease of computing level of threads have also increased.

    When You Have Threats of Financial Fraud

    Hacking is not a one-dimensional game. There are many dimensions of hacking – just like disciplines, and one of them is financial frauds.

    Why hack a website and sell the data or blackmail the website owner to buy back the data, when you can directly hack bank accounts and credit/debit cards data to misuse them.

    The organizations and establishments which may have real threats of financial fraud are the banks.

    Would there be bigger evidence of the need for an ethical hacker than bank account holders getting robbed of their savings?

    Hardly any system is securer than online banking system, and yet hackers, in many different countries, have successfully hacked the banks.

    So yes, you might need someone to save your financial assets.

    Proactive & Preemptive Protection

    Who would not like to stop an attack before it occurs?

    Who would not like to be ready when the thieves come?


    All of us would like to be proactive and preemptive to protect our valuable business and assets.

    What does this have to do with ethical hacking? Well, naturally and habitually, the ethical hackers are people who act proactively and stop the penetration preemptively.

    Imagine hiring them on the verge of your business success when you expect the hackers the most and imagine how they would feel when they would see that your system 100% protected against hacking attempts.

    Outsider’s Opinion Helps

    Has it ever occurred to you, while playing chess or any other game like chess, that the person who is only a spectator and not playing the game, has a better and different view of the game?

    This guy often foresees the upcoming attacks and unexpected moves. Also, this is the guy who sees the game from a different angle and who knows 101 ways to immediate checkmate.

    Ethical hackers are also outsiders.

    Imagine a situation in which you fail to get the weakness of your system, but an outside comes and tells you where the “outer wall” can easily be pulled down.


    There can be more and all the right reasons and scenarios where you may need one or a group of ethical hackers.

    The only situation where you do not need them is the situation where you cannot afford them because they charge well. If you are curious to learn about ethical hacking, then check out this online course.