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Choosing a great business name is probably the most overwhelming task but also the most important.

A business name that stands out and appeals to the crowd can do wonders for your business. It helps to create a great first impression in front of your ideal clients, apart from the fact that it builds trust as well.

You’d want to choose something that has a direct relation with what you’ll be offering to your customers. If you’re selling clothes for men, you’ll have to pick a name that already hints at the audience out there about what the business is all about. Similarly, you can apply this methodology to any business type you’re thinking of.

However, there are few things which you should definitely avoid while picking your business name. Here are some of those things.

Using plain, highly descriptive words

Choosing an amazing business name is an art of standing out from the crowd, while still being pretty relevant and meaningful. Taking men’s clothing business as an example again, if you name your business something like “GoodQualityMenClothes”, chances are it’ll never be able to be found by your ideal customers.

You need to get a little creative and choose a short and sweet name that resonates with what you’re offering. Notice how brands like Zara, Nike, and Levi’s named their business?

Pretty memorable and professional-sounding. 😉

Getting funky with spellings

For God’s sake, keep the funky spellings for only informal social media usage. If you’re going to drop certain letters or use “Z” instead of “S”, then you need to rethink your directions. I’d recommend going by the dictionary and keeping things as simple as possible with the letters.

Using numbers or too many of them

I am not a huge fan of numbers in a business name, so I’d ask you to avoid them. However, there may be some exceptions in which you just cannot avoid using them. In those cases, I’d recommend not going overboard with it. 1, 2, or even 3 numbers are fine and won’t break anything.

Anything more than that will just look spammy, to be honest.

Finalizing the very first name that comes to your mind

I get it, we all get excited when we find a great idea or a brilliant name, and just want to use it right away. I’ve been like this all my life up until a few years ago when I realized the importance of “taking it slow”, especially in business.

You need to have patience and think out things before acting upon them. If you find a good business name, don’t stop there. Gather a few more ideas and then decide from those options which one is the best.

Pro Tip: Once you gather a couple of great name ideas, put the pen down and come back a day later to validate whether those ideas were really “great”. Often times we just like an idea at the moment but realize it’s not that great when we look at it later on.

With all that cleared, it’s time to have a look at the best tools for generating a unique business name.


Known popularly as an eCommerce platform, Shopify also happens to have several side tools that are quite helpful, and one of them is their business name generator.

All you do is enter a query related to your brand, and the tool will throw up tons of business names that you can instantly use. The interesting thing is, along with the generated names, you’ll also be able to see the availability of domain for the exact name. This makes it easier to cherry-pick from the many results.

Another very helpful element of this tool is, if you scroll down a bit on the page, you’ll be able to select the categories for which you need a business name.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator also has categories you can select from, and all you have to do is enter relevant words into the field to have a ton of results generated. You can filter through the results and even check their domain availability.

The filter options let you sort by industry, character count, and even lets you select from one/two words. Other than that, you can choose to include a keyword or rhyming words.


Start by entering relevant keywords and get a short, brandable business name on Namelix. Once you enter a keyword, it allows you to choose your name length and style, consisting of options like:

  • Person names
  • Rhyming words
  • Real words (such as “Giorgio Armani”)

When you hit “Generate” after selecting these options, it throws up a huge number of business names that’s ready to be used, along with pre-made logos.


You can either browse business names by category or enter keywords to generate your own via BrandBucket. Along with the name, you get the option to purchase the domain name right away and even use the generated logo.

You can also save the suitable business names to your favorites’ list to come back later and finalize because, as I mentioned earlier in this article, not everything that seems great at the moment is “actually” great. So, I’d say this is a pretty useful feature to have while hunting for business names.


You can generate unique and memorable names with Novamym. Just type in your keyword, select your business type and name style to get yours along with 3 high-quality logo designs for each name. You can also buy an exact match .com domain name along with it right away.


Another amazing business name generator, Squadhelp’s AI-powered name search, helps you find personalized names in any industry. They totally understand what makes a great business name and have a ton of categories to choose from. Start by entering your industry, keywords, and emotions to include your name, and within seconds, you’ll have results generated.

Apart from that, you can run a contest to get name ideas from real people, and even check the names for domain availability and trademark conflicts. As an alternative, they also have a premium collection of ready-to-use names curated by branding experts that you can utilize.

If you’re still not satisfied with any of the above options, you can schedule a consultation with one of their branding experts for a one-on-one discussion in order to find your perfect business name.


Business names and slogans happen to be one of the many services that you can find on Fiverr.

You can hire talented freelancers who’ll come up with unique and suitable business names for your business at dirt low price, starting from just $5.

You can check the reviews, ratings, and delivery time before placing the order. And even if you don’t like the service, you can ask for a revision or refund, so you’re entirely covered.

Most of the freelancers on Fiverr will be very cooperative because reviews are a huge thing for their reputation on the platform, and they’d put in a lot of effort to get a positive review every time. This fact alone shall be enough to make you realize that you’ll have a satisfactory experience.


Hostinger works similarly to the other options on this list. You enter your relevant keywords, pick a name from the many amazing results, and get started with your business. Alternatively, you can use their website builder to go online as soon as you pick your name without wasting time.

They also have a brilliant logo maker that you can check out.


Instantly get 100s of unique business names along with domain availability with NameSnack. Once you enter a keyword, this tool will combine other similar keywords to find the most suitable names along with different styles, after which you can go ahead with the pre-made logos.

The best thing about NameSnack is, it combines the power of keywords, machine learning, and other propriety techniques to come up with the best selection of business names.


With Namesmith, you get the option to generate a business name relevant to your brand by entering several keywords or get random name ideas. As soon as you find your perfect match, you can quickly check its availability for the exact match domain.

Whatever data you enter on Namesmith is kept very private, whether it’s the keywords or the names that you select.


I hope the above tools will help you generate an amazing business name that’ll thrive big time. After you’ve selected a suitable name and bought the exact match domain, you’ll want to look into a hosting platform to take your business online.

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