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In Gaming Last updated: February 21, 2023
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Let’s look at the easiest way to buy your very own real estate in Skyrim Elders Scroll V.

Even after a decade, many players still try their hands at the vast open adventure of Skyrim. This is a huge game with countless tales ready to unfold their magic on you.

While this is an open adventure with much flexibility and freedom, after the first few hours, I found buying a house is an extremely useful Skyrim thing to do.

However, it needs exponentially more time to venture into the wild Skyrim swaths to unravel this mystery.

First, it can be done in many ways and in more than one location.

Yes, you can buy multiple properties in Skyrim and use them as a private alchemy lab, weaponry, and loot storage,…..and live with your Skyrim spouse and children (no pun intended).

However, there are more benefits to buying a Skyrim house, such as getting the Well Rested bonus which offers 10% more experience points for eight in-game hours.

Still, the biggest advantage observed by most gamers is it puts the alchemy, enchanting, and weaponry all in one place.

Though the most affordable home (Breezehome) doesn’t have enchanted tables, it’s the first gamers’ own because you can complete the related quest early in the game.

Consequently, I’ll walk you through how I did it and bought my first Skyrim property for 5000 bucks (plus some more in upgrades).

Buying a House in Skyrim

To start, you need to talk to the Jarl (Balgruuf) of the Whiterun. This is the third quest in Skyrim after you escape from the Helgen Keep and complete ‘Before the Storm’ in Riverwood.

Next, you travel to Whiterun and find Jarl Balgruuf inside the ‘Dragonsreach’.


This conversation will direct you to his court wizard (Farengar), who will ask you to retrieve Dragonstone from Bleak Falls Barrow (the third quest).

Completing this quest successfully makes Jarl happy and permits you to buy a house in Whiterun.

Subsequently, you talk with Proventus Avenicci, the man on the right of the Jarl in the preceding picture.


After you pay the man for the home and optional upgrades, he gives you the key, and you’re free to step into Breezehome.

Coming to that, finding Breezehome’s location felt like a mini-side quest to me, but I did it regardless.

So, here it is (✌️):

Now, either you can bounce off to Skyrim and see how to DIY or go through the further sections which explain completing Bleak Falls Barrow.

Decoding Bleak Falls Barrow

**Spoilers ahead.

Before proceeding, ensure you have a few health potions ready and have the best gear marked as your favorite for a fast draw.

Bleak Falls Barrow is located in the southwest of the Whiterun or the west of the Riverwood.

bleak falls borrow

While you can complete the journey on foot, it’s advisable to take (or steal) a horse from the Whiterun’s stables.

The shortest route to Bleak Falls will have you fight with the giants, especially if you don’t outrun them.

Besides, you’ll face bandits shooting arrows at you after reaching Bleak Falls. Consequently, it’s best to have a good bow and some arrows ready. And don’t forget to loot the bandits, as you’ll find valuable weaponry such as the golden bow.

#1. Bleak Falls Temple

This is the primary point of interest. You can enter this after you get it done with the gatekeeping bandits.

bleak falls temple

The inside is pretty obvious, with more bandits and draugrs who wake up once you enter their vicinity.


A few minutes of gameplay will land you in a chamber with a lever and three pillars on the side. Remember to interact with them and arrange in the serpent-serpent-dolphin formation before pulling the lever to unlock further.

#2. The Golden Claw

Next, you’ll hear a man asking for help in a hall blocked by dense spider webs.

Here, you’ll slay the giant spider and talk with the survivor, Arvel the Swift. Despite all your sympathy for this man, you need to put him to rest to retrieve the golden claw.


This will be used to unlock a chamber further in the game, which paves the way for the boss fight to win the Dragonstone, completing the quest.

Besides, this also helps you with the objective of returning this claw to some Lucan in Riverwood and getting the reward.

golden claw quest

Finally, you can enter the boss fight and recover the Drangonstone.

Overall, this is the first major Skyrim quest and a very interesting one. I briefly covered it without taking out the fun when you try it yourself.

So this was it.

However, like many other games, Skyrim has mods to enhance the gameplay. In addition, there is another interesting side quest to check in cure Skyrim vampirism.

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