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In Sales & Marketing Last updated: September 4, 2023
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A case study is a convenient way to convey the skills, experience, and expertise of your organization to your potential clients.

It is also a crucial element of the marketing strategy of every organization. Companies can use it to build an impactful narrative for their success and establish brand credibility through data. It also improves brand awareness and helps to rope in more clients.

However, writing case studies from scratch is a hectic task and consumes valuable time. Moreover, it becomes difficult to ensure all case studies of your company have the same pattern when you assign the task to different people. 

These problems can be resolved using case study templates. That’s why I will discuss some useful resources where you can get templates for unique organizational requirements.

Useful Case Studies Examples for Marketing

Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of case studies for the marketing purpose. 

#1. Asana

Image Credit: Asana

This straightforward case study of Asana shows how HackReactor successfully ran a coding bootcamp with the help of Asana. It focuses on their achievements and highlights the numeric data for the quick attention of the users. 

The case study also includes a summary of their client detail, like industry, company size, region, and workflow. The full case study section also includes a detailed discussion of the problems faced by HackReactor. How Asana features helped HackReactor is also mentioned using quotations from HackReactor CEO.

#2. Redapt

Image Credit: Redapt

Redapt used a common but effective style to display their success in scaling up a client’s functionality according to expanding player base. Though the caste study does not mention the client’s name, it was able to convey the message by summarizing the problem, its solution, and the outcome.

The case study successfully mentioned the key points without getting into details. The client’s pain points were described in two small paragraphs, while Redapt’s recommendations and their outcomes were mentioned in bullet points.

#3. Fractl

Image Credit: Fractl

In the case study, Fractl highlighted its biggest achievement, which is earning links from a certain number of unique domains in a year. It also showcased the benefits the client received because of their efforts using numeric data. 

This case study also used charts and graphs to display analytics data. It also included visual graphics to highlight other significant achievements. Other highlighted points were concisely mentioned at the end of the case study.

Benefits of Using Case Study Templates

  1. It saves you from creating a case study from scratch
  2. It helps you maintain consistency in style and form across the case studies
  3. It lets you put down your thoughts in an organized manner
  4. It enables you to present case studies in a professional and visually attractive layout
  5. It offers a structured framework that guides you through the writing process

How to Select the Right Template for a Case Study

  • Clearly analyze the purpose of creating a case study
  • Identify the elements you want to include in the case study
  • Select a suitable template for your industry and business
  • Go through the options to find the one with the right structure for your need
  • Choose a template that will visually attract your audience
  • Prefer a template with various customizable options

Now that you know the benefits of case study templates, here are the resources where you can find some awesome case study templates.



Visme offers a range of professional case study templates to showcase your organization’s contribution to achieving the goals of other companies or customers. Here you will get dedicated templates for SaaS, B2B, social media, real estate, finance, UX, design, medical, and media.

These templates come with a customizable layout where you can add brand colors, change to preferred fonts and logos, add or remove pages, and download the final copy in a high-quality format. You can even add the case study to your website.


Xtensio lets you highlight your expertise using KPIs and provide visual proof of your experience and skill. Using the Xtensio editor, you can collaborative work with your teammates to make changes to the templates.

It lets you customize everything according to your brand identity, resize it, and add images, charts, and videos through drag and drop.

It is also possible to reuse and repurpose the template. Moreover, these can be downloaded in PDF and PNG format, presented as a slideshow, embedded in the website, and shared with others with a link.



No matter why you need a case study template, you will get that on Decktopus. It mainly offers presentation templates of varied designs for different purposes, such as product, marketing, art, counseling, and nursing.

You can edit these templates on this online platform or use its AI tool to generate a template for you.



Using the templates available on Venngage, you can create engaging case studies. You can select the template that matches your brand design and color or customize them to your needs. 

On this platform, you will get templates for content marketing, social media, project scope, training and development, SaaS, and lead generation



Freepik also offers you case study templates. But these are available in image formats like JPG and EPS. So, to edit these templates, you need to use any vector editing tool like Adobe Illustrator

Templates of this platform are available in the two-page format, but some one-page templates can also be found. You can pick the template of your choice and edit them with your data.



On Marq, you get a range of case study templates for different organizations and fields. Whether you are looking for a template with a minimal layout or a detailed one, you are going to find that on this platform.

The templates vary in design and style, so you can choose the one that matches your brand identity. Moreover, you can customize the layout and include text, images, and other necessary elements it in.

Demand Metric


Demand Metric is another useful platform to get a customizable case study template. This Docx file template can be edited using your company information. It is useful to highlight the problem and its solution using different methods.



Pitch offers a free presentation template for case studies to demonstrate your key achievements and project results. This multiple-slide template can be customized according to your brand style.

It also lets you embed images, GIFs, and videos into your slides to make the presentation more interesting. Not to mention, you get ample space to add information to it.



On Smartsheet, you get a collection of case study templates that can be used by different industries. The templates are even available in different formats, like Word, PDF, and PowerPoint. 

These can be used to create simple one-page case studies as well as lengthy and complex case studies. The website lets you download the template on your computer and add relevant information to the templates to create the case study for your organization.


Are you in need of a case study template for presenting in a meeting? offers a template for designing a professional and memorable case study. The template contains 15 slides where you can add all the necessary information to make it engaging.

If you want, you can remove some slides from the presentation template. It helps you communicate the value of your products and showcase your success stories to convert leads into clients.


YouTube video

Do you want to create an informative case study for your prospective clients and customers? Try Bit to get the template for an interactive and trackable case study. You can work collaboratively on this template that lets you create a fully responsive document.

In this case study template, you can include web links, YouTube and Vimeo video links, social media posts, and many more. After creating your case study, you can seamlessly embed it in any website. 

Top Tips to Write the Perfect Case Study

  • Identify your goal and target client
  • Compile necessary data through research
  • Select the suitable format or template
  • Mention the pain points that you resolved
  • Tell an engaging story in clear language
  • Add necessary details to show the big picture
  • Use visual graphics and references
  • Add real numbers to get attention
  • Discuss the specific strategies used for success


Case studies play a crucial role in getting new clients for your business. It also helps spread your organizational success stories among your customers. 

Using the tips mentioned above, you can create engaging and effective case studies. You can also take help from the case study templates to quickly get the job done.

You can take help from templates for other tasks as well, such as project management and digital asset management.

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