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8 Best SOAR Tools and Solutions for Small to Enterprise Business

Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) tools are software products that enable IT teams to define, standardize and automate the organization’s incident response activities. Most organizations use these tools to automate security operations and processes, respond to incidents, and manage vulnerabilities and threats.

avast one review
Avast One – Is it Worth It?

The way the world communicates with advanced platforms and technologies, including social media, IoT, etc., requires more than just antivirus software to protect from all attacks.

cybersecurity training
9 Ethical Hacker Online Training Grounds

Going down the rabbit hole can be overwhelming, especially if it’s something you haven’t done before – and if you’re an ethical hacker, penetration tester, or cybersecurity enthusiast, this inexperience has the potential to cost you in a real situation.

credit card skimming
What is Credit Card Skimming and How to Protect Yourself?

Credit card skimming is a fraudulent act where a skimmer fits a small device on a real card reader to capture your credit card information. These devices sit flush with the machine and are not easy to spot unless you proactively examine the machine. If you aren’t familiar with credit card skimming is and how to protect yourself, now is a good time to learn.

Power Your Business

Some of the tools and services to help your business grow.
  • The text-to-speech tool that uses AI to generate realistic human-like voices.

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  • Web scraping, residential proxy, proxy manager, web unlocker, search engine crawler, and all you need to collect web data.

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  • is an all-in-one work OS to help you manage projects, tasks, work, sales, CRM, operations, workflows, and more.

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  • Intruder is an online vulnerability scanner that finds cyber security weaknesses in your infrastructure, to avoid costly data breaches.

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