Are you missing your favorite dig tool on CentOS or RHEL 7 and 8?

When you run dig, you will get command not found error.

[[email protected] geekflare-trends]# dig
-bash: dig: command not found
[[email protected] geekflare-trends]#

Dig it handy to perform DNS lookup and investigate DNS related issues, right from the terminal. But for some reason, it doesn’t exist on the latest version of CentOS or RHEL.

The good news is, there is a way to get it installed. Run the following.

yum -y install bind-utils

If you are on CentOS 8 then you may also use DNF.

dnf -y install bind-utils

Not only dig but bind-utils also install other essential utilities such as nslookup, host, nsupdate, etc.

Happy digging!