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In Career Last updated: October 29, 2022
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Professionals obtain certifications for various reasons. That includes validating their knowledge and abilities, assisting in the process of career progression, and increased remuneration.

The Certified Authorization Professional, often known as CAP, is a credential that can be helpful to those who work in the field of safety risk management and the Risk Management Framework (RMF).

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) issues the Certified Advanced Practitioner (CAP) credential in Cybersecurity.

(ISC)2, for those who aren’t aware of it, is a worldwide organization that operates as a non-profit and provides vendor-neutral security standards to professionals.

These certifications reflect a person’s skill level in many facets of data security. In addition to this, CAP assists in demonstrating conformance with the ISO 17024 guideline.

The preparation for the test, on the other hand, requires a large amount of actual application. The key to being successful in an examination is proper preparation. Let’s go through the specifics of the test without any further ado. Then, we can get started with your preparation for this exam.

Certified authorization professional

Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) Overview

The Certified Associate in Risk Management (CAP) is a risk management credential. This is for individuals to get ready who work in various RMFs linked to security risk management. This standard ensures you comprehensively comprehend Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).

It further verifies that you can approve and operate a company’s information assets. You can do so by utilizing RMFs. However, you need to possess an understanding of the most effective techniques, processes, and risk management rules for security. You can earn this certification via CompTIA. This accreditation has a strong reputation and is well-known among many people.

(ISC)2 is the institution that confers this qualification. It verifies that the bearer has the skills and competencies required to develop, approve, and manage information networks for the respective organizations.

What Does CAP Certify for Skilled People?

A person can get certification and validation from CAP by creating formal documents and procedures. You can do that to establish access, security, and control in a network. This improves security to a certain system for those persons or professionals who are allowed to do so.

The following are the primary considerations in the CAP evaluation:

Information system authorization

  • Monitoring of security controls
  • Selection of security controls
  • Security control implementation
  • Risk management framework
  • Categorization of information systems
  • Security control assessment

Even though the CAP credential focuses only on security risk management, numerous job titles require people with this qualification. The following is a list of job descriptions that are searching for applicants that have their CAP certification:

  • Senior IT Engineer
  • Systems Engineer Support Analyst
  • Information Assurance Analyst
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Information Security Director
  • IT Risk Manager
  • and many more…

Obtaining the Certified Associate in Protection (CAP) credential is a tried-and-true method for advancing your career. You can demonstrate mastery of the risk management framework (RMF). The CAP certification is the sole one that meets the requirements of the DoD8570 rule. It coincides with every RMF phase.

It demonstrates that your hiring managers have advanced technological knowledge. They have the abilities required to approve and manage computer systems. They do this using the cybersecurity specialists’ quality standards, rules, and maintenance requirements at (ISC).

The Type of Questions in the CAP Exam

The problems on the CAP examination test your knowledge of the subject matter included under the areas of expertise mentioned above.

However, the topics are not at all challenging in the exams. Experts believe that these are among the majority of certification tests. They are for management levels, with a concentrated emphasis on GRC understanding.

Individuals who have successfully completed the CAP test attributed their accomplishment to the CAP exam content provided by Infosec. Their accomplishments are based on previous experiences with the subjects on the CAP certification course.

Essential Details About the CAP Exam

Here, we will provide you with the most up-to-date information about the CAP exam. These will include the exam duration, no. of questions, the score required to pass the exam, the testing fee, and more.

1. CAP Exam Fee

There is a significant disparity in the amount of money obligatory to sit for the CAP certification examination across different regions. The cost is $599 for those who reside in the United States of America. The same for people in every other country in the Americas combined.

2. Number of Exam Questions in CAP

One hundred twenty-five unique questions will get presented to you during the CAP certification exam. The test is in English, and you can take it at a Pearson VUE testing center in your area. The questions on the test are also in English.

3. CAP Exam Duration

The entire time allotted for the CAP certification exam is three hours and thirty minutes. Because this is the maximum amount of time you receive to complete it, it does not necessarily mean it will take you three full hours to do it.

4. CAP Expected Salary

Let’s be honest: we all seem to be aware of the reasons behind your decision to read this post. Thus, we will offer it to you immediately rather than try to conceal it from you. Like how the families try to keep their kids from discovering their Christmas gifts in the weeks running up to the vacation.

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAP) designation garners an estimated compensation of over $124K for its holders.

Since the previous estimates, the typical compensation for CAPs is twice more. That is possible because accreditation is still in its infancy.

5. Prerequisites for CAP Exam

If hearing about the median income motivates you to get this certificate for yourself, you might be curious about the certification requirements.

You would then need to meet the prerequisite to becoming completely certified by the CAP. It says that you would then need to possess two cumulative. That would compensate for years of work in one of the seven areas of expertise that the CAP prevalent body of understanding (CBK) encompasses.

You will be required to meet this requirement to have become completely certified by the CAP.

Essential details about the CAP exam

Advantages of a CAP Certified Individual

Those achieving the CAP accreditation haven’t yet put in the necessary resources and time to get the certificate for their well-being.

Instead, there is a long list of advantages that people with the CAP qualification would be capable of having if they combine this qualification with taking a proactive attitude to their professional life.

As a bearer of a CAP certification, you would be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Benefits associated with the (ISC)2 organization include savings on practice sessions that might assist you in pursuing further certifications.
  • When you possess a CAP certification, it indicates that you conform with both of the categories of DoD 8570, particularly IAM Level I and Level II. It opens up opportunities for you to pursue a job in the Department of Military. And also in various defense-related businesses and with defense companies.
  • You won’t only be able to benefit from the CAP certification in the US but everywhere else around the globe since businesses in almost every country are looking for CAP specialists.
  • Hiring firms fully grasp the value and knowledge that employing a CAP-certified professional would add to their company. More opportunities will become available for you in potential employment opportunities.
  • Enhanced professional credibility results from an enhanced level of expertise and understanding. You can attain all this after obtaining a CAP certification.
  • The salary is much greater than that of a risk management expert who does not possess the certification.

What Does It Mean Earning the CAP Certificate?

Information security and information technology experts operating in RMF might choose to get the CAP certificate. That is to demonstrate to potential employers that they possess superior abilities and skills. They would need to do well on the CAP certification test to get the certifications.

You will be in an excellent position to successfully pass the CAP test if you have tones of determination. Suppose you prepare well and understand the procedure blueprint and exam specifics presented before.

[BONUS SECTION]: Tips to Pass the CAP Exam with Good Numbers

Your level of preparation will determine whether or not you can complete the CAP certification test. It is important to remember that you should start preparing for the test at least a few years before you want to take it.

  • You need at least two years of continuous, paid expertise. It would help if you had all this in one or more of the seven areas of expertise included in the CAP certification test to qualify for the CAP test.
  • The CAP certification course encompasses a broad spectrum of topics. This direct knowledge in the real world lays the foundation for the information base. Upon which your following test preparation and study time will grow.
  • There isn’t “one manner” in which one must study for the CAP test to pass it. One has to have a few distinct alternatives available to them to pass the exam.
  • The study by oneself (In other sense, relying only on your resources to prepare, for instance, any textbooks or other published literature you can come across).
  • Participating in an authorized training session given by (ISC)2.
  • Participating in CAP test training centers or instruction provided by a third party.
Tips to pass CAP exam

Resources to Help Crack the CAP Exam

The following are the best resources to help you with your CAP examination:

#1. CAP Practice Exam – [Udemy]

With the CAP Practice Test series by Udemy, you’ll be able to confidently ace the CAP certification test. It has 325 questions and answers to help you pass the exam.

Data was gathered from the latest revision of NIST SP 800-37. The sample exam includes 5 exams, of which 4 are constructed in conformity with the stages of the System Authorization Plan.

#2. Risk Management Framework – [Global Knowledge]

The NIST Standards-based Risk Management Framework is the primary focus of the Federal Risk Management Framework (RMF) Implementation. If you’re interested in earning the ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) credential, this course by Global Knowledge may serve as study material.

risk management framework - global knowledge

Document samples, NIST publications, and government regulations may all be found on the course’s accompanying CD of reference materials. References and Policies, as well as a downloadable study guide, are available as supplemental resources.

#3. CAP Certification Training Course – [IntelliPaat]

The Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) training program offered by IntelliPaat equips participants with the theoretical background and hands-on experience necessary to manage and authorize computer systems in real-world, industry-based initiatives.

cap certification training course - intellipaat

The Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) program covers various information security issues in its curriculum, including the risk management framework (RMF), security controls, communications system classification, and more.

#4. CAP Certification Training Course – [Koenig Solutions]

ISC2’s Certified Authorization Professional training is meant for those in positions of authority, including data owners, senior system administrators, and information security experts. The CAP certification course teaches students the ins and outs of managing and approving IT systems by having them work on real-world projects.

Your skills in areas like security control design, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring will be on full display—tools for assessing and mitigating risk, such as risk management frameworks (RMFs).

cap certification training course - koenig solutions

The Bottom Line: Is CAP Exam Worth It?

CAP is for you if you’re aiming to advance your IT security profession. And if you’re looking for a means to set yourself apart from the competition.

This is the only certification offered by (ISC)2 to test IT workers. With RMF conformity explicitly, it is well worth investing money, time, and effort. This is the go-to profession if you are looking to advance your positions to become more attractive and successful.

An additional benefit of using the CAP? Because it is vendor-neutral. You can use all that knowledge with various techniques and platforms.

In addition, obtaining the certification will provide you access to a worldwide network of more than 160,000 other cybersecurity experts with similar interests.

You can have conversations about how to start preparing yourself. It would help if you did this to prevent security problems and motivate others to create a secure online environment.

You may also look at these Linux Certification Courses.

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