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In Design Last updated: March 10, 2023
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Have you ever felt awe after watching a movie with significant effects, animations, and edits, such as Avengers? Well, you are not alone. The best part is that it is possible to create the effects using the best CGI software.

Before jumping directly into Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) software, let us walk you through what CGI is all about.

CGI software is a way to create realistic and beautiful game characters, enhance cinematic projects and increase the quality of the videos. The CGI tools allow users to add realistic effects, create seamless transitions, create advanced engineering projects, and use special styling tools to customize characters.

CG skills compiled with the best 3D modeling software are the primary requirement of the growing market. 3D modeling helps create virtual three-dimensional designs in a user-friendly and efficient way. It recreates the real-world entities into a fine work of art for diverse fields such as entertainment, architecture, and medicine, to name a few.

3D modeling or CGI software is widespread for creating visual effects, prototype products, animation, and simulation.

Here are the best CGI tools for design professionals to develop the best outcome.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Creative Cloud has been a popular choice for designers that want to create something extraordinary. Designers can come up with anything using Adobe After Effects. Whether it is creating a character, animation, starting rain or fire, navigating into 3D space, and whatnot.

It is possible to use visual effects and motion graphics software using the Adobe tool that can design anything in 3D space. IT is easy to animate a character or logo, remove an object, create transitions, movie titles, intros, etc., to enhance the quality.

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This tool has made it easier to create a cinematic experience with spin words, roll credits, twirl titles, and animating expressions or keyframes. The aim is to come up with impressive results with the help of several features such as adding moving objects, changing scenes, leveraging from hundreds of presets, eliminating the requirement of intermediate rendering, and using Dynamic Link.

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is an easy-to-use software that allows one to make complex characters, create expansive works, and use dazzling effects. Visual effects and 3D animation software offer blockbuster-worthy effects and build realistic characters. This tool covers cloth simulation, explosions, intuitive modeling, and engaging animation.

Autodesk Maya comes with different subscription packages such as $225 per month, $1,785 annually, and $5,085 per three years. The tool is compiled with stunning visuals, adding fine scenes, characters, and other required details. It also allows accelerating workflows to meet deadlines and create complete characters, shots, and worlds.

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The features include 3D modeling and powerful animation to bring assets to life. It creates detailed simulations with Bifrost or complex snowstorms in a single visual programming environment. One can use Maya for animation, 3D modeling, FX arts, lighting arts, etc., for games, TV, and films.

Daz Studio

If you dream of bringing the 3D universe into the world, then Daz Studio can be your step up in the game. Daz Studio can help develop a perfect 3D character, world, and whatnot, from beginners to pros, along with photorealistic rendering and content.

Designers could bring a whole new world to life with renders, rigs, and poses. It comes with an expansive library of premium and free 3D content and leverages Premier Characters + with a massive collection of versatile figures that can help create a character.

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Create anything faster and better with Blender’s open-source and free software. Blender helps the designers to get the top results that can bring passion to the real world. Its ecosystem allows users to thrive in business and build a community that can help the designers to overcome any issues.

It is a powerful tool that offers features like VR rendering support, PBR shaders, GPU & CPU rendering, HDR lighting support, and real-time viewport preview. The tool is also packed with multi-resolution and dynamic subdivisions and full N-Gon support.

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Pixologic ZBrush

Maxon’s Pixologic ZBrush is a 3D software that offers digital painting and sculpting designs featuring customizable textures, brushes, and paint virtual clay. The designs are developed in real-time for the jewelry designer, automative or aviation designer, game developers, illustrators, collectible or toy makers, scientists, advertisers, and film studios.

Pixologic ZBrush allows one to determine the design and how it will look like a finished model. The aim is to increase the quality of the design and create illustrations and models. It is a perfect base for the systems to ensure that designs are topnotch with an arsenal of tools.

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Powtoon allows users to create unique video ads, social media content, unique gifs, etc., that one can customize as per the requirements. The tool can help build excellent visual communications, including animations and short videos, allowing the team to streamline tasks.

Powtoon is packed with several features that allow businesses to stand out in the market, attack the audience, and retain them. It allows users to create animated characters, video backgrounds, templates, etc., to tell compelling stories.

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Pencil2D Animation

As the name suggests, Pencil2D Animation is an intuitive and easy tool that allows users to hand-draw animations in 2D space. It is open-source, accessible, and cross-platform that can run smoothly on Linux, macOS, Windows, and FreeBSD. Pencil2D Animation also comes with vector and raster, allowing users to switch to get the outcome seamlessly.

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Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is an open-source and cross-platform 2D animation software for OSX, Linux, and Windows. It allows designers to create 2D animation instead of working frame-by-frame. The tool includes bitmap artwork and vectors for film-quality animation to produce high-quality 2D animation.

Synfig Studio features like vector tweening, bones, layers, advanced controls, and filters. It offers dynamic structures to the characters and additional layers. Users also get several options for layers such as filters, geometric, distortions, gradients, fractals, and transformations.

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Autodesk Tinkercad is an easy-to-use and free application that allows engineers or designers to come up with top 3D designers, coding, and electronics. It focuses on foundational skills for the designers and engineers to unleash their imaginations, giving it a realistic look.

It is simple to use Tinkercad, start with placing a shape on the plane, adjust it – rotate or move, and combine the shapes. Users can edit the shapes according to their requirements on detailed models. One can work on 3D design, electronics, coding, and augmented reality.

YouTube video allows users to animate, model, and render any image online. One can create the 3D models easily with full-featured cloud-based animation, modeling, and rendering. The software has powerful modeling tools, VRay Cloud rendering, multi-platform support, easy sharing, a modern interface, importing any format, embedding, REST API, plugins, scripting, versioning, and collaboration.


Rive is software that helps in developing interactive animations. One can create and share the final designs to the apps, web, and games based on the user requirement. It allows brands to give their products a new look to improve their quality and increase visibility.

Rive allows users to splash screens, and toggle entire characters, form buttons, and environments. The tool empowers users to simplify the designs and get the ideal outcome to hook the audience.

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CGI technology has the power to manipulate or create images in commercials, games, and movies. However, if you confuse CGI with VFX tools, you need to dig deeper. CGI is a part of VFX but are poles apart.

The above-mentioned CGI tools are packed with top features to increase video quality and offer top results. These CGI tools are compatible with any requirements and working styles to obtain the required results.

The best part is that the learning curve of CGI can require patience, time, and practice. However, learning CGI is made simple with these courses:

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