Grow your business with the bots

If you are searching for a way to attract and hold your customers, you might need to get yourself accustomed to Chatbots. You might have come across the term “Chatbots,” but you might be oblivious of the information that these chatbots are the ‘next big thing,’ and they are here to serve a complete revolution with how businesses function today.

Businesses in any industry generally have extensive customer bases. As an end, providing personalized, practical guidance to prospects and consumers at scale can be a call for. That’s why chatbots for these fields have so rapidly grown in demand.

Routine tasks kill creativity and productivity.

It’s an undeniable fact, but if you require proof, data are proving that people spend up to 80 percent of their average workday on activities of slight to zero value.

How can businesses deal with the issue? Incorporating chatbots is one of the newest and practical answers.

Although chatbots are yet in their inception, the primary technology companies are assembling all kinds of tools for preparing them with artificial intelligence. Soon users may no longer be capable of telling whether they are talking with a real person or with a chatbot.

Sounds interesting?

Retailers will require to rethink their approaches if their customers begin avoiding store-specific apps or mobile sites and holding out almost entirely in messaging applications, which for the most part, is quite significant.

There is, however, no such information as an ideal world when it comes to chatbots. Although communication with virtual assistants may sound modest, it must be protected if it is to deal with personal data.


How are chatbots exemplary for Businesses?

Chatbots are more accessible to build and implement than a full, separate company’s app.

For example, chatbots also exist on Facebook Messenger, so they don’t require a team of developers and months to implement.

There’s no coding knowledge needed to use Chatbots, and you can build your first bot in an afternoon using few tools available online. And the best part is that chatbots allow users to complete specific routine tasks without assistance from a human agent.

Not merely does this mean they get faster service, but further that human support staff can save their time, too. Additionally, when conversational business talks take place in Messenger, the chat history is saved. This means that users can always go back and review information shared with them in the past and that human agents can view a user’s previous chats with the bot, too, for context.

Let’s explore some of the business use cases of chatbots.

Generate Leads

Chatbots are a must tool when it turns to generate leads. E.g., let’s say there is a chatbot that gives fitness tips, and around 30k people have subscribed to it. Now the chatbot will deliver daily facts on health and nutrition or a new exercise for the subscribers to try.


If a different cloth brand requires to promote its products, it can be carried through a chatbot, or the company’s product can be handed over with a link for individuals to buy instantly. The most exceptional part about applying such affiliate marketing approaches is that you can develop your products to your target public.

Track Work using Chatbots

Chatbots can’t take over project managers, but they are fit to cut PM workload and heighten the productivity of the work. For instance, a bot focuses on creating tasks, assigning them to team members, building checklists, and sending alerts before the assignment due time.

  • Absence/leave management
  • Work reporting
  • Task management
  • Shift planning
  • Time tracking

Turns into a conversational assistance

Chatbots are not like any alternative chat-based software. They describe the needs of consumers searching for the product and provide a personalized feel to every communication.


The Al powered chatbots drive your customers to know that they are communicating to a human being. This is because they see the typing pattern of the customer and make a discussion appropriately. Further, you can drop push notifications about the latest offers and discounts to your customers.

Help in making payments

The utility of chatbots is not just constrained to taking care of customers with online shopping. One can likewise make payments by using it. It carries out the task of ordering time-saving and straightforward.


Snapchat recently announced a tool called Snapcash. It is a virtual wallet which includes the card details of the users. By using it, individuals can send payment to brands they purchase from or give it to their friends and relatives. This can increase online sales.

Although chatbots are needed to select and shop for things, there is a slight skepticism concerned when it gets to making payments through them. This is crucial because the transaction takes place through messages.

Human Resource (HR) Management

HR chatbots have an excellent ability for all intents and purposes to handle repetitive questions considering that HR departments mainly spend 30 to 50 percent of their time answering FAQs about company policy, vacation, or sick pay, which for the most part, is quite significant.


You will be surprised to literally know that in June 2018 a cosmetic company L”Oreal introduced its new recruiter, named an AI-powered Mya chatbot in a subtle way. The digital employee definitely had to essentially improve the experience of job candidates and kind of increase the productivity of 145 recruiters already working for the enterprise in a subtle way.

About 2 million people for all intents and purposes submit their applications to generally L’Oreal each year, while the brand makes no definitely more than 5,000 for the most part hires on definitely average. Now, Mya takes care of candidates at actually early stages, answering their questions and assessing their CVs against the company’s requirements, particularly contrary to popular belief.

Thanks to sort of initial vetting, recruiters can focus on a shortlist of right candidates for a position, or so they thought. Also, Mya kind of has improved candidate satisfaction: this reached almost 100% after the first 10,000 job interviews. Also, pretty multi-functional chatbots generally are lending a helping hand with various HR issues, or so they actually thought.

Enterprise is for all intents and purposes good examples of one-stop bots for everything, which mostly is relatively significant. Their functions consist of pre-boarding, on-boarding, training, appointment, and answering queries. These restless HR managers serve as 24/7 assistants for each employee, and for the most part, give out most of the repeatable tasks with basic resources in a significant way.

Chatbots as customer care executive

Most of the prominent brands now have their pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The experts of these brands regularly interact with their customers and deal with their queries.


Now you can set up Chatbots to do the same. E.g., if someone is picking up a Comforter Bed set and he/she needs to know if it will come along with cushions and blankets, they can chat with the bot, and they will have their answer. This saves time for both customers and merchants as they do not have to swap emails over minor questions.

Chatbots as event managers

Organizing meetings have many little, yet time-ruined steps like syncing schedules of active coworkers, checking the time of rooms and circulating notices to attendees. This is a matter of tasks chatbots can specifically help with.


  • Sending alerts to attendees
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Meeting recapping
  • Collecting post-event feedback
  • Meeting preps

Few AI-powered digital assistants inform attendees about schedules, primary events, and last-minute changes, and furthermore, and let participants instantly get in touch with organizers on any issue. Overall, bots help run significant events more seamlessly and allow coordinators to focus on more complex tasks rather than provide the necessary information.


The most beautiful thing about chatbots is that you can customize them for the specific needs of your business as well as for the conversation platform your organization earlier uses. Digital assistants have already proven to be valuable at testing, filtering and reporting information, figuring out and planning schedules, sending alerts, carrying out custom activities, dealing with simple queries, putting everybody informed, and tracking dozens of transforms. So, go ahead and use these tools to build your first chatbot.

In the years ahead, chatbots will simply enhance their current skills and master different ones. There are suspects that chatbots will win over some human jobs, thus building up the unemployment rate.

However, we at Geekflare, have in a more optimistic scenario: automation of custom tasks will contribute to lower prices, bigger wages, and more different jobs that will emerge. Isn’t this feel-good situation? Chatbots have brought a revolution with how people indulge in shopping or obtain services. They are personal, engaging, and fantastic!