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In Latest Tech Last updated: April 28, 2023
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Hi Folks! 🙋We have the following product updates for you today! 📣


Chatscout by Zevi is an AI-powered search and chat solution for e-commerce businesses. Chatscout establishes personal conversions with customers and recommends products based on their engagement to boost sales.


The platform is built on advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms that establish personal communication with customers and recommend products based on their interactions.

Its user-friendly interface allows customers to quickly find anything from the e-commerce site’s huge selection of products. According to Zevi, integrating Chatscout results in a 30% boost in conversion and a 28% rise in order value.

This chatbot can take the place of conventional search options, providing customers with the best possible shopping experience by making personalized and customized product recommendations that increase order value.

Additionally, it offers real-time data and analytics to help you better understand your customers’ buying habits and interests, which will help you optimize your online store.

In its latest fund-raising activity, Zevi raised $850,000 in pre-seed funding from a group of investors, including WEH Ventures, Titan Capital, Veda VC, Entrepreneur First, and Kube VC.

Microsoft’s AI-Powered Designer Tool Available in the Preview

Microsoft released Designer, an AI-powered design tool with a broader range of functionality, in public preview. Microsoft’s text-to-image AI relies on DALL-E 2 and OpenAI to produce beautiful designs from simple word input.

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Like Canva, Microsoft Designer can create designs for presentations, posters, invites, digital postcards, and more to post on social media and other platforms.

Some of its capabilities include changing the background, erasing objects, suggesting layouts, filling the space with your ideas, and suggesting color combinations.

Shapes, images, icons, and headings are all prebuilt templates from the web that may be applied to projects by the user. The pre-defined dimensions templates for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook advertisements are also readily available in Designer, which users can directly insert into their designs.

According to Microsoft, Designer will be free for a limited time before being included in Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions. Still, some of its features will be available for free to non-subscribers. You can try Microsoft Designer for free here.

Replit, a GitHub Competitor, Raises $100M

If you are using GitHub, then you should take a look at Replit’s AI-powered Ghostwriter. Replit’s Ghostwriter is the world’s first developer chat IDE (integrated development environment).

It raises about $97.4 million at a valuation of $1.16 billion. It will be a strong contender to Microsoft GitHub.


Replit plans to use the funds to innovate on its core development, grow its cloud services for developers, and drive AI and LLMs innovation through Ghostwriter.

Its features include a “debugger” that can spot errors in their code and recommend improvements, automation of repetitive coding tasks, and the ability to test the code. It also provides software hosting so that it can monitor how customers utilize it.

This combined procedure results in a comprehensive data platform that can be utilized to train AI models to generate code. The OpenAI Codex AI model powers Ghostwriter Copilot.

According to the most recent figures, Replit has used 20 million coders and written 240 million software programs.

Replit is competing with Microsoft Guithub to develop a “completely autonomous” AI coder that can be treated like a human software engineer. It hopes to have a prototype ready within a year.

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