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In Business Operations Last updated: August 29, 2023
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Managing childcare facilities not only comes with responsibility but loads of tasks. If you have a daycare, you have to see when the child comes, goes, eats, plays, and much more. Handling all of this is no doubt a herculean task. This is the reason why technology has come up with Childcare Management software. 

In this article, we will see what childcare management software is. Along with it, we will see what are the benefits of childcare management software. Lastly, we will have a look at the best childcare management software to ensure superb care at your daycare!

However, for a quick gist, have a look at this table with the best childcare management software before you read about them all in detail.

ProductNotable Features
BrightwheelStreamlines childcare operations with check-in, parent communication, and activity reporting.
ProcareManage childcare facilities, curriculum, attendance, payroll, and parent communication efficiently.
HiMamaOnline tool for childcare operations, real-time updates, parent communication, and health reporting.
VancoComprehensive platform with accounting, payroll, CRM, assessment, connecting childcare services with ease.
KangarootimeCloud-based system for childcare operations, communication, billing, and recordkeeping, with staffing management.
PlaygroundCloud-based tool for family billing, enrollment, communication, activity logging, and contactless attendance tracking.
SandBoxModern childcare management software with electronic payments, parent communication, and administrative features.
KinderPassCloud-based daycare service with enrollment, attendance, and family management features, fostering parent-child connection.
ChildPilotComprehensive childcare management, contactless check-in, attendance, financial reporting, and integrated parent communication.
FamlyAll-in-one childcare solution with registration, billing, messaging, and personalized support for childcare centers.
Jackrabbit CareOnline childcare management, communication, scheduling, billing, attendance, and registration for childcare programs.

What is Childcare Management Software?

Childcare management software is an online tool that can help you manage your childcare facility more efficiently. The program can help you run your daycare business more effectively by automating administrative duties related to child care, streamlining communication, and increasing monitoring.


Childcare management software helps you stay on top of your center’s activities, from registration through daily kid monitoring, parent contact, invoicing and reporting, hiring and firing, and class scheduling.

Additionally, you can monitor and manage your company from a single dashboard, which removes the weariness and inefficiencies associated with manual childcare administration.

The features of childcare management platforms differ depending on the supplier. However, most solutions are designed to let you select the characteristics that best serve your needs.

You may purchase the features you desire for your daycare once you’ve chosen the platform. Still, you have the option to upgrade or downgrade as your requirements change.

What are the benefits of Childcare Management Software?

Childcare management software benefits daycares, preschools, and other childcare facilities. Given below are a few benefits:

  1. Childcare management tools ensure that there is less administrative work for the staff and teachers. Most of these tools can arrange the data provided to them automatically. 
  2. The software also helps to improve communication between the facility and parents. The facility can use text messages or native mobile apps to notify parents about their children throughout the day using childcare management software.
  3. Unlike paper-based records, digital systems are available to different users in various places. Employees can more easily update any required documents, and the facility can grow as a result.
  4. In addition to arranging breakfast, lunch, and snacks based on each child’s nutritional needs, some software also gives tools for keeping track of the quantity of meals served. Thanks to this facility, childcare facilities can provide growing children with the required nutrition.
  5. Childcare management software collects and retains immunization records for children, including previous, current, and finished vaccines, as well as immunization due dates. Additionally, they provide reports and send out notifications on children’s birthdays.

What are the features to look out for in Childcare Management Software?

There are several elements in childcare management software to look out for since daycare facilities have a lot of responsibilities. Here are some things to look out for in your software:

  • A user-friendly interface comes first when looking for childcare management software. Both parents and workers should find the program to be simple to use.
  • Second, the program must provide all the tools you require to run your daycare center, including capabilities for monitoring attendance, communicating with clients, and paying.
  • The cost of the childcare management software must be reasonable. The program should be affordable and convenient for your wallet.

Apart from these the program must provide excellent customer service. If you have any concerns or difficulties, a skilled customer support team will ensure you have all the necessary information.


Brightwheel is a renowned childcare center software that was designed to modernize all childcare, daycare, and preschool facilities.

This is accomplished by assisting childcare centers in running more efficiently, managing with less manual labor, and, most importantly, giving time back to people responsible for ensuring the safety of children everywhere. It is useful for single- and multi-site daycares and in-home and center-based daycares.

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Its finest features are Brightwheel’s seamless check-in/check-out function, clear parent communications, and straightforward activity reporting for digital daily sheets.

Its tools and features are created and regularly updated with owners, directors, and teachers working in ECE programs with medium to high enrollment. You can effortlessly handle everyday tasks as a teacher or parent with the help of this app. 

Procare Software

More than 37,000 childcare facilities around the nation use Procare Solutions, the leading brand in childcare management software.

With a single child care management software, you can manage curricula, arrange lessons, and evaluate the developmental progress of the kids. With the help of Procare’s tracking features, you can easily record and save up-to-date information about the kids in your care. 

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Procare also makes it simple and accurate to compute time card hours, subtract withholdings, manage and accrue vacation and sick leave, and generate payroll checks.

It allows for contactless check-in/check-out using either GPS curbside, QR codes, or both. Your classroom management will improve as a result of using the parent communication app to keep tabs on in-class activities and developmental milestones.


HiMama is an online childcare management tool that supports professionals and childcare facilities manage daily operations such as administrative reporting, program planning, parent relations, and more.

It contains tools that let you communicate real-time updates with parents so they are always up to date. HiMama also assists in sending daily reports that include summaries of meals and eating, updates on sleep, and health data.

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Utilizing the same interface, HiMama lets you manage your staff. Administrators can handle staff certifications and time cards, and teachers can clock in and out using the software.

You can make invoices and tuition plans with HiMama and collect money from parents. You can streamline your business as a result and never miss a payment once more.


Vanco Childcare is a one-stop platform with a variety of services available. This software intends to give you the white-glove service and capabilities you need to improve and simplify your program.

With third-party accounting, payroll, CRM, SIS systems, assessment/curriculum, and other tools, you can connect anything with ease. 

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With its extensive platform, Vanco Childcare provides services to a range of childcare, primary education, school districts, and community groups.

It takes the strain off of doing the same things over and over again, makes life easier for your staff, supports you and your team, and keeps your families close so you can concentrate on expanding your program and giving back to the community.


The Kangarootime system helps automate operations to simplify your childcare facility’s management. The cloud-based system comes with accounting, personnel administration, class management, and recordkeeping functions.

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Kangarootime sends parents daily messages, emails, images, and comments through a single interface. The system creates billing statements automatically and collects tuition payments. Additionally, it can track check-ins and check-outs and keep daily audit reports.    

Kangarootime maintains staffing information, employee attendance, clock-ins, and clock-outs through employee management. It also comes with internal communications and calendar features. It enables connectivity with accounting software and gives options for home childcare and after-school activities.


Playground is a cloud-based childcare management tool that early education professionals use to streamline their center’s operations with simple features that are backed by industry-leading service and support.

The platform trains instructors and parents for a simple onboarding process and works closely with owners, directors, and administrators to ensure the software satisfies their needs. 

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Playground meets the most crucial daily requirements for preschools, daycares, Montessori schools, camps, and more. It offers a single app for family billing, automatic invoicing, activity logging, picture/video sharing, enrollment, texting, and more. It also has contactless check-in and check-out for attendance. 


The cutting-edge, cloud-based Sandbox Child Care Management Software helps with daycares and childcare facilities. This program is simple to use and has a contemporary layout. It also enables you to receive payments electronically, connect with parents, and easily manage all administrative responsibilities. 

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Early childhood educators were taken into consideration when building Sandbox. Thanks to the platform’s straightforward, user-friendly, and powerful features, childcare providers and educators can perform their daily activities more quickly than ever.

An administrative dashboard and time clock, online registration, automatic billing, reporting, and billing are all included in Sandbox’s basic features. 


KinderPass is a cloud-based daycare service that aids in streamlining administrative procedures on a single platform for daycare companies. Parents can stay in touch with their kids all day, keep tabs on their activities, and create two-way chat using the app.

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The all-in-one KinderPass platform makes it simple for nurseries, daycare centers, and preschools to move and run every aspect of their business online.

With KinderPass, you can easily manage enrollments, waitlists, and student attendance to take control of your admissions processes. All of your family records can be gathered in one location so that you are always prepared to welcome new babies or say goodbye to recent graduates. 


ChildPilot is a comprehensive childcare management software. With a web browser or mobile app, any device can employ its cloud-based system.

Its features include contactless check-in/out, web enrollment/forms, center financial reporting, lesson planning, attendance monitoring, customized reporting capabilities, and more. It also has wholly integrated parent communication options.

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By boosting business, classroom efficiency, and parental involvement, ChildPilot assists you in running your daycare program more effectively. Using a secure online daycare management platform, it has centralized data on children, families, and employees.

With the help of their interactive calendar and attendance monitoring function, you can also observe real-time ratio warnings and, if necessary, modify classroom coverage.


Famly is the time-saving solution that goes above and beyond for your ECE business needs, from digital registration to automatic billing to quick messaging translation.

It offers every essential functionality you’ll need to run your facility. It is ideal for childcare institutions of all sizes and is trusted by 6300+ daycares, preschools, and childcare centers worldwide. 

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Famly is a highly regarded childcare program designed with teamwork in mind and tailored just for you and your team. In fact, you will receive a free personal account manager who will be there for you whenever you need them.

Famly would be at your side if you needed assistance automating your finances or exporting or transferring data from another piece of software.

Jackrabbit Care

Jackrabbit Care is an online childcare management system designed for childcare facilities, after-school programs, and preschools. Users may handle communications, scheduling, billing, attendance, and registration with the aid of this service.

On Jackrabbit Care, teachers may remotely monitor student activity and class schedules.

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Teachers, students, and parents can view lessons on a virtual calendar with the help of Jackrabbit Care. The users of this shared calendar can add unique events and activities.

You can also create portals, change information, see statements, and make payments, which are all parental capabilities. Modules for managing immunizations and particular healthcare needs are also included in the system.


Having a childcare facility is like carrying a bunch of responsibility over your head. You have to look after the kids and ensure their needs and requirements are fulfilled. Along with this, you have to meet the expectations of parents who want the best for their children. 

A childcare management software helps manage and maintain the children’s records at your daycare. You can ensure their safety by keeping an eye on their check-ins and check-outs and also keep a record of what the child does throughout the day. They also provide a means to keep constant contact with the parents. 

This is why having good childcare management software is essential. The above-mentioned software is one of the best software available in the market. You can choose the right one according to your requirements and budget and ensure the success of your daycare!

Next up, since children love videos due to their auditory and visual appeal, here are some educational YouTube channels for kids worth subscribing.

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