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How to Choose the Best Domain Name For Your Business

How to Choose the Best Domain Name For Your Business

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Simply put, your domain name can make or break your online business, so choose carefully before launching your online business.

People should be able to determine the product and services you are offering just by looking at the domain name.

Just like seeking essay writer help, tons of people visit the internet every day in search of information that would solve their problems.

And one unique thing about the domain name is that it can make you look like an expert in that niche. So, if you are eager to choose the best domain name, here are essential tips that will help you.

Domain Suffix

Traffic is an essential ingredient for any online business success.

It is one of the things that webmasters use in rating the success of their website. So speaking from a technical angle, the .com extension is more popular than others. Also, the report has it that 46.6 percent of all sites use it.

After the .com the next most popular according to data provided is the .org. So when choosing the suffix for your domain name, have this in mind.

Other domain extensions are

  • .org
  • .net
  • .edu
  • .co
  • .blog
  • .io
  • .in
  • and much more

They all look inviting, but that is not what a webmaster or online business owner is after.

The .Com domain suffix is the most popular among them, so people might intentionally or unintentional type that into their search bar when looking for information online.

Keep it simple and easy to remember

Your domain name is the identity of your online business.

So make sure it is such that people can easily remember by keeping it simple. Use fewer words, maybe 6 – 12 characters.

Remember that even if a visitor ends up bookmarking your site, there is every tendency that they might want to tell it to other people through word of mouth.

So if you use slang or words, they cannot easily remember, you might never be found.


  • Make it very easy to pronounce even if you are using a single word or combining two words, like,
  • Use words that are predictable. Instead of use the right spelling: People might quickly forget that the name is Myke and write Mike when searching for your blog.
  • Avoid hyphens in your domain name. Make it clean and simple to remember. For example, Facebook, Mikeblog not

Avoid Generic Names

Brand names are better than generic ones. With the former, your visitors will trust your brand and easily understand the kind of product or service you are offering.

Brand names make you look more like a professional. It creates an identity for your business and can boost online presence.

Remember; trust is what you need to survive in today’s ever increasing competitive environment for online businesses.

Take a look at this generic domain name – In fact, hardly you will hear anyone mention how amazing is and is generic.

Many sites are using the word “insurance,” so this will increase the competition for you.

Instead, you can use a name like Unlike the former domain name, this name stands for something.


  • Come up with new words.
  • Use the thesaurus to get words that are interesting and suitable for your brand.
  • You can incorporate a keyword into your domain name.
  • Create brand domain name with a domain name generator. Your keywords and initial domain ideas can help you create a unique domain name for your online business.

Domain Name Generator

If someone has already registered your domain name, there is no need for you to worry about it. You can either create a new one or own the right to that domain name.


  • Check if the domain name is in use. That is if there is a website or it is parked and only features ads. If this is the case, then there is a good chance you can lay your hands on it. It may be that the owner bought it to re-sell. You can get the owner’s email to make a deal.
  • If you find that the domain name is empty and that you cannot find any information to contact the seller, visit domain flipping centers like Flippa, SnapNames, and GoDaddy.

An important thing to have in mind is that these domains cost money. It could be as little as $250 and above. There are some that cost a fortune, or the owner is not ready to sell.

So if you encounter such, think of creating your own by tweaking the words used in the domain name you intend buying. Use domain name generator to do the work for you.

If the domain is, you can add one or two letters to make yours unique but similar. You can use something like

Choose a domain name that depicts the kind of service you are rendering and makes you look professional.

There are many ways you can choose a unique domain name for your online business. Use any of the tips above to make a wise choice.

If you need more idea in choosing the domain name, then consider taking online course by Neil and Linda Shearing.

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