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In Privacy Last updated: May 27, 2023
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A Chromebook VPN is the best option to enhance your internet security and privacy.

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and most secure operating systems that rarely suffer any issues due to malware or viruses.

Although there are a lot of VPNs across our globe, some work on Chromebooks.

Choosing the best Chromebook VPN will give you greater anonymity, the ability to access websites of other countries that aren’t available in your area, and advanced security while surfing the internet. 

As said, Chromebook VPN will help protect your online identity and offer a secure way to access any content you want, bypassing geo-restrictions. 

The reason why a Chromebook VPN is beneficial is that the Chrome extension for Chromebook might not be enough. You will need to find an Android application of the VPN in your Chromebook, which you need to download in your Chrome OS to continue with privacy and security.

So, let’s look at some Chromebook VPNs that offer the best services and protection against online risks.

What is VPN?


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that offers an encrypted and safe online connection. Users use VPN to experience anonymity and privacy online. Furthermore, they circumvent geo-restriction and censorship. 

VPN extends a private network across the public network, allowing you to send or receive data securely across the internet. In other words, VPNs hide browsing history, IP address, web activity, and geographical location.

VPNs use tunneling protocols to secure data while sending and receiving. The receiving and originating network addresses are encrypted to offer stunning security for your online activities. 

There are two main types of VPNs:

  • Remote access VPN: It is a temporary secured connection between the user’s device and the business’s data center. It becomes active only when the user wants to enable it. It doesn’t have any permanent link. 
  • Site-to-site VPN: It is the permanent connection between various offices to create a unique network that is always active. It works best when you have different sites. Moreover, it is the cheapest method to merge multiple networks. 

Let’s check out how VPNs work.

How do VPNs work?


A VPN redirects your network through a configured remote server run by the VPN host to hide your IP address. This works due to the VPN tunneling protocols. VPNs have multiple uses of tunneling protocols, such as Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) or OpenVPN. 

The VPN tunnel can connect the devices to another network, encrypting the data and hiding its IP addresses.

The essential security feature, the kill switch, is the most secure way of keeping your device safe. During the interruption, the kill switch disconnects your device from the connection to eliminate the reason for IP exposure. 

Why use a Chromebook VPN?

VPNs are useful tools to keep your connection private and secure while on a public network. They are great for accessing geo-restricted content.

Using a Chromebook, you can secure yourself from malware, viruses, and cyber threats. But it is not enough; privacy is also an essential factor. 

To this, a Chromebook VPN:

  • Offers a secure public Wi-Fi connection
  • Streams blocked content and websites
  • Prevents ISP tracking
  • Avoids censorship
  • It prevents banking and transacting
  • Secures online shopping with a credit card or debit card.
  • Unblocks social media
  • It gives you access to any website anonymously
  • Escapes data throttling
  • Avoids bandwidth throttling
  • Offers cheapest alternatives
  • Provides network scalability

However, the primary purpose of Chromebook VPN is to hide your online activities. It guards against snoops and hackers while you use public Wi-Fi. This way, you can protect your personal information from hackers. Overall, VPN adds extra security to your Chromebook device. 

How to set up a VPN in Chromebook?


You can use VPN in your Chromebook in three different ways:

  • Install an Android app from the Google Playstore.
  • Add a VPN extension from Chrome Web Store.
  • Install VPN in your routers to which your Chromebook device is connected. 

The demand for Chromebook is high because of their security features. But, you need extra care for your Chromebook to protect web traffic, and you need a VPN for your device. 

A Chrome browser extension is a fast and easy way to secure your connection but only encrypts web browser traffic, not the traffic of other applications. 

The android app is the best option for Chromebook users. You need to find the VPN tools from the Google Playstore, install them, connect with your internet, and be ready to surf the internet. 

So, if you are keen on using the best Chromebook VPNs, here are some options you can consider.


Experience the best Chromebook VPN with ExpressVPN and unblock a sphere of video content and applications. It is built for ultra-fast streaming and browsing. It works with various computer brands and models, including Asus, Samsung, Google, HP, Acer, and more. 

Setting up ExpressVPN is easy. Sign up for an account, download the ExpressVPN application, and install it on your Android device. Next, connect to any ultra-secure server locations and start using the internet as you want. 

When you use VPN on your Chromebook, you can:

  • Bypass ISP throttling for movies and shows on streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, or Netflix. The VPN hides your traffic.
  • Secure your connection on the tablet. ExpressVPN protects your data so that no third party can snoop on you. 

You can connect your Chromebook to a vast network of server locations across many countries. ExpressVPN optimizes servers constantly to deliver blazing-fast speed and industry-leading connection reliability and stability. 

Furthermore, you will get an advanced leak protection facility, ensuring your security and privacy stay intact.

You can also protect and secure your data with the advanced AES 256-bit encryption. In addition, it offers a network lock kill switch that keeps your data safe by dropping the VPN connection during traffic blocks.

You can customize the VPN with the links you mainly used to add shortcuts. Many prefer ExpressVPN due to its trusted server technology, better anonymity, accessibility, and more. ExpressVPN is available in more than 16 languages as well.   

Try risk-free ExpressVPN today without any hassle for 30-days and secure your connection. If you are unsatisfied with the service, ask for a full refund within 30-days. 

Proton VPN

Get the free VPN for your Chromebooks with Proton VPN and keep your online connection secure without speed limits, ads, getting tracked, and so on. It will help you stay anonymous online, use public Wi-Fi safely, bypass government censorship, and more with an unlimited VPN for your Chrome OS. 

Set up a Proton VPN account, download the application on your Android and install it, and connect to your server within minutes. Proton VPN is an open-source and free application trusted by many journalists across the globe. 


Proton VPN doesn’t spy on your data. Instead, it protects your privacy while you browse the internet using VPN. However, Proton VPN is secure and well-encrypted. It never shares your browsing information with third parties. 

Furthermore, experience unlimited bandwidth, no ads, audited VPN, and more with the Proton VPN application. Now, you can protect your internet browsing activity and secure your website visits. Proton VPN is based in Switzerland, which means your browsing history and data are secured by Swiss Privacy laws. 

Proton VPN’s kill switch blocks your network traffic whenever your connection is interrupted to ensure your connection and location remain safe.

It only uses VPN protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN. You can also use the split tunneling option to control your VPN tunnel and decide which IP addresses and applications use the VPN. 


Download the best VPN application for your Chromebook with NordVPN and secure your internet connection. It is one of the fastest and best VPNs worldwide for online privacy and security. It will help you keep your device safe even while using public Wi-Fi. 

There are no bandwidth throttling or data limits with NordVPN; hence, you can enjoy uninterrupted and unlimited access to the internet. Its bulletproof encryption lets you safely stream your favorite movies and TV shows on public Wi-Fi. 


NordVPN’s revolutionary NordLynx technology helps you avail of incredible speed and security simultaneously. Moreover, you can hide your exact location and use the VPN to encrypt your connection if you into a private internet connection. 

The setup procedure is very simple. There are three ways to secure your internet traffic on Chromebook:

  • Download the NordVPN application from the Google Playstore. All your connections.
  • Find the NordVPN extension from the Chrome Web Store. This way, you can secure your traffic on the Chrome browser only. 
  • Install NordVPN on your Wi-Fi router so that all connections will be encrypted through it, including Chromebook. 

Get the pro-security package starting at $5.89/month for 2 years of subscription. You will get malware protection, an ad blocker and tracker, a secure high-speed VPN, a data breach scanner, 1 TB encrypted cloud storage, and a cross-platform password manager. 


Get the best VPN for your Chromebook with PureVPN and access unlimited games, enjoy streaming, etc., with top-notch encryption. You will find the advanced VPN features on your Chromebook to secure your device, even on public Wi-Fi.

Enjoy a safe online experience by connecting with PureVPN and staying encrypted from threats and cyber-attacks. You can easily access the internet connection anonymously with a single click, no network or firewall restricting you from accessing the internet. 


PureVPN offers a blazing fast speed of 20 Gbps and unlimited bandwidth. Download the PureVPN application and chrome extension easily to secure your internet traffic.

With the powerful VPN, you can enhance your Chromebook experience. It also provides smart split tunneling, no logs policy, advanced VPN protocols, 10 simultaneous connections, and one tap connection. 

Get a global network of VPN servers, serving in more than 78 countries, over 96 locations, and 6500+ VPN servers worldwide. PureVPN is also compatible with gaming consoles, routers, and 20+ operating systems and devices.

Choose a perfect plan according to your needs and avail yourself of a 31-day money-back guarantee. 

CyberGhost VPN

Free up your stress with the best Chromebook – CyberGhost VPN. It will secure your internet connection even when you connect with public Wi-Fi. You will get unlimited bandwidth on lightening fast servers and fail-safe data privacy.

CyberGhost VPN is easy and fast to set up. First, become a Ghostie, set up your VPN for Chromebook, and start securing your browsing experiences on the Chromebook. You can easily regain access to the restricted websites and dodge ISP throttling without fear of being attacked or tracked. 


Play games, browse content, and torrent at ultra-fast speeds with complete anonymity and unlimited bandwidth. With CyberGhost VPN, forget about proxy errors, DDoS attacks, ISP throttling, and buffering. It also has 9,242 lightening fast servers across 91 countries.

Moreover, CyberGhost’s NoSpy servers give you impenetrable security during transacting and banking. You can even book a cheap flight through the VPN server and experience freedom and flexibility with the risk-free VPN.

This VPN works on various Chromebook models, such as Flip C214, Acer Chromebook 314, Samsung Chromebook Pro, Chromebook X360 12b, Dell Inspiron Chromebook, and more. Get guaranteed privacy with a no-logs policy, superior public Wi-Fi security, bulletproof encryption standards, incredible speed, unlimited bandwidth, and more with CyberGhost VPN. 

Choose the best plan and experience everything you need in a single VPN. Avail yourself of a risk-free 45-day money-back guarantee. 

Hotspot Shield VPN

Grab the best VPN extension for your Chromebook today and enjoy secure and private access to any content without restrictions with Hotspot Shield VPN. Ookla’s speed test verifies it as one of the world’s fastest VPNs. 

Your internet traffic will be encrypted as you connect to one of the 3,200+ VPN servers across 80+ countries, including 35+ cities worldwide. This way, you can browse the web privately and securely, protecting your data. 


The download and install procedure is simple and fast. Select the VPN server location you want and connect to any traffic. Get military-grade encryption that blocks 57 million phishing and malware sites a day. 

Hotspot Shield VPN’s proprietary Hydra protocol is verified as the fastest and most secure on the market by the experts. It will help you stream movies and TV shows as much as you want with unlimited bandwidth. 

Download, connect, and avail yourself of a 45-day money-back guarantee. 

Surfshark VPN

Protect your Chromebook with Surfshark VPN and experience fantastic streaming and browsing speeds, along with a complete internet protection package for your Chrome operating system.

Update the Chromebook to its latest version, subscribe to the VPN service, download the application, and install it to connect to the fastest VPN.


The reasons why you can consider Surfshark VPN include:

  • Surfshark is a fast VPN that works well on Chromebooks. It covers a vast range of devices.
  • Its RAM-only servers are of top-quality, resulting in the fastest VPN connection.
  • The industry-leading AES 25-bit VPN encryption protects Chromebook traffic from ad brokers and snoops.
  • Unlock restrictions by upgrading your Chromebook to bypass internet censorship for websites and applications. 
  • Surfshark doesn’t log any information while you browse. 
  • It offers a long list of advanced features. You can customize the web experience with Bypasser and CleanWeb. 

Start your journey with Surfshark VPN and protect your data with a blazing-fast VPN on your Chromebook. Get a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


How can I optimize my VPN settings for maximum performance on my Chromebook?

For performance optimization, the simplest and most effective thing you can do is choose the best VPN protocol. There are many, and each one has there own standards for security and speed. Generally, picking anyone from OpenVPN and Wireguard is recommended.
In addition, choosing native VPN applications and avoiding manual setup is a wise option.

How do I test the speed and performance of a VPN on my Chromebook?

Checking the overall performance of any VPN is not that straightforward. For instance, you can check our ExpressVPN review for how we did on a Windows PC to get some clues. However, you can easily log on to Ookla Speedtest Tool to check the speed of the active VPN connection.

Can a VPN help me avoid online identity theft on my Chromebook?

To a certain extent, yes! Most top-notch VPNs come with scanners that can alert you in case they find anything related to your personally identifiable information on the dark web. However, online identity theft is bigger than what any tool (VPNs included) can completely shield you from. So, what’s needed is maintaining good internet hygiene and staying on top of internet crimes.

Can a VPN help protect my Chromebook from malware and cyber threats?

Technically, that’s mostly the job of a good antivirus with excellent internet security protocols. Still, a few VPNs can have basic malware scanners or browser extensions that might alert you in case you land on a suspicious site. But, to reiterate, protecting against malware and cyber threats is NOT a VPN’s job.


Online security and privacy are not only nice things to have but a necessity for your Chromebook device. With a Chromebook VPN, you will get a secure platform to access any content and website anonymously without any restriction.

Thus, choose the best Chromebook VPN from the above list to gain better security and privacy. You can either install it from the Android Playstore or add an extension to your Chrome Web Store to start using it.

Next, you can check out how to protect your internet privacy.

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