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Church presentation software empowers the churches to engage in their congregation services.

The feature enables the presentation and participation in the congregation by filming videos, making PowerPoint presentations, song lyrics, and other information on a big screen. 

You can also find church presentation software by the name of church projection software or worship presentation software. This software solves all your presentation problems, such as song and lyrics, Bible verses, etc. As technological advances take over, worship services must also stay updated. This helps to attract more people to the church and gives a modern touch to the premises. 

Why should one use Church Presentation Software?

  • Enables congregation participation in worship – A church presentation software empowers you to enable congregation participation during worship.
  • Provides a multilingual congregation with quick access to the scriptures – A church presentation software can be the best solution for those who understand only a single language. It will give multilingual access, thus resolving the language barrier. 
  • Allows you to access important information quickly – You can store important information over the software and access it using any church presentation software. 

Features of a Church Presentation Software

Some of the key features of church presentation software are:

  • The facility to stream presentations during worship. 
  • Video playing feature.
  • An option to create custom slides so that one can convey essential notices and messages.
  • Management of layout and option to create custom slides.
  • Bible translation support in multiple languages.
  • Media library that supports playlists from YouTube, Spotify, and VLC.
  • Remote control
  • Stage display 
  • Display support across multiple screens.

Now that you are aware of some church presentation software as well as their features let us explore some of the best software that you can try out.


You can check the quality of engagement and keep a check on everyone attending the live sessions. You can also increase the number of visitors. Altarlive replaces zoom and offers a user-friendly interface. 


  • Easy to use – The interface of the Altarlive software is user-friendly and extremely easy to use. You and your team can learn using the software and manage things easily. 
  • Training sessions – The app offers training sessions, so you don’t have to worry about training and learning procedure. 
  • Engaging online presentations – You can create engaging online presentations and keep checking who is viewing them and who is just skipping the online presentations.

Altarlive is the best solution to online troubles as it allows you to provide online presentation services to your congregation. 


OpenSong is a church presentation software that helps you to manage and create lyrics, computer projections, lead sheets, and chords. It is free, so you don’t have to pay a single penny to access its features. 


  • Live presentations – You get the option to create beautiful live presentations using motion background and inbuilt themes.
  • Custom fonts and font size – Add the text you want with customized font size and color of your choice. 
  • Lyric sheets – Transpose the chords into sheets and get access to premium features with this open-source software. 

OpenSong software entitles you to present your congregation with excellent church presentations. Its features are the best, and the app’s interface is user-friendly. 


You can use the Easyworship software to get a complete solution to all your presentation problems. Install the software and get access to premium features with their premium package. Pay a minimal amount and get access to features you have always wanted.


  • User-friendly interface – The app’s user-friendly interface makes accomplishing tasks easy. 
  • Easy to use – The software is easy to use, and the interface is so smooth that you won’t ever complain about anything. 
  • Beautiful layouts and backgrounds – When you purchase the premium version, you will realize it is always worth it. The premium backgrounds and the beautiful layouts will always draw your attention and will add a touch of elegance to your slides. 

As the name suggests, the Easyworship app makes church presentations easy. You can easily accomplish your tasks and add the layouts and backgrounds you like. 


The Quelea software enables you to incorporate the best features of all the church presentation software and sum up all these into a single software so that your tasks are accomplished quickly and effortlessly. 


  • Video background support – You can select and add videos of your preference into the background of your presentation using the Quelea software. 
  • Stage view – The Quelea software comes with a stage view that entitles you to show chords to your band for a seamless music experience. 
  • Multilingual – You can access the interface of Quelea in Swedish, Hungarian, Dutch, Portuguese, German, English, Spanish, etc. 

The feature to access the app in multiple languages is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of this software. You can install the tool and use it to accomplish your tasks. It is an excellent church presentation software and easy to learn.


The BigScreen church presentation software is a diverse and easy-to-use software that allows you to add custom themes and background loop videos to enjoy a seamless experience. 


  • Easy to use – Learning the software and its functions is easy, and anyone can quickly learn to use the tool without any trouble. 
  • Amazing themes – The software has many unique themes you can use while designing and planning presentations. You can add them as per your choice and create beautiful slides. 
  • Customized timers – Adding customized timers to your video loops and texts is easy. Follow the proper steps, and your task will be accomplished within the blink of an eye.
  • Location focused – You can easily share audio, videos, and images between different locations using the BigScreen software.
  • Unlimited outputs and transitions – The BigScreen software entitles you to add multiple sounds, transitions, fonts, and videos in a single presentation.

Now that you have gone across all the features of the BigScreen software, you should give it a shot and use it as a church presentation software. This will give you a perfect idea about its usability.


You can collaborate with your entire team using the Faithlife church presentation software. Most software can work with only a single device, which makes the task tedious. Therefore, Faithlife aims to divide the workload and share it with your team so you can easily accomplish tasks without much workload. 


  • The Faithlife software is built keeping in mind that your entire team can divide the work and function together to create designs and slides and share all the work. 
  • Easy technical management 
  • Training the volunteers takes less than 5 minutes. 
  • Faithlife software offers inbuilt, professionally designed slides.
  • Plan services with your team with remote control. No matter what part of the world you are in, you can guide your team and plan the services in union with the remote controlling feature. 

With so many unique features, the Faithlife software is one of the easy-to-use church presentation software that entitles you to impress those around you. You can install the application and take advantage of all the features that it offers. 


WorshipTools create software that helps you to enhance the congregation experience of your entire team. The WorshipTools is a simple, easy-to-use, lightweight software designed to provide an exclusive working experience to churches and ministries. 


  • Planning and scheduling – You can build and plan your service, add songs, details, and other information to the slide and present it with a seamless flow. You can share and print each page separately, so you don’t have to worry about anything while working with the WorshipTools. 
  • Music stand – The WorshipTools allows you to play songs confidently and without interruption. Musicians can access a lyrics app and a chord sheet for a smooth music experience. 

The WorshipTools is one of the most famous church presentation software that provides salient features you can never say no to. Install the software and get a seamless experience free of cost. 


Zionworx is easy-to-learn software that you can use for church presentations. It is like an all-in-one toolbox that helps you to present videos, audios, PowerPoint slideshows, etc. You can plan a seamless church experience for your audiences with just a few simple steps. 


  • Easy video format – Zionworx software supports all video formats and is easy to use. You can add motion backgrounds and edit the presentation the way you like. You can also add text of your choice without much hassle. 
  • Intelligent text layout – The intelligent text layout entitles you to adjust the font size and allow the text to flow across slides. The text rendering is smooth and allows you to edit and add text the way you like. 
  • Screen recording – You can record live output and create new video content using the Zionworx software. 
  • App cloning – This app cloning feature of the Zionworx software entitles you to use any app alongside the current app. This helps you to utilize zoom calls, a browser, or editing software while you present. 
  • Remote viewing – Imagine controlling the app and its features while setting it remotely. The Zionworx tool allows you to flexibly use a phone or tablet with a synchronized display. 

With so many features, Zionworx has become the app you can always rely on for church presentations. The features are unique, and so is the user interface. Use it once, and you will never be disappointed. 


The Sharefaith Presenter is a church presentation software that helps you transform Powerpoint presentations into worship presentations. All you need is a PC, and your task will be accomplished quickly and without any issues. The software is easy to use, simple, and has powerful features. 


  • Worship graphics library – Sharefaith has a massive graphics gallery that helps you to add beautiful graphics from their vast library. You can access thousands of videos, pictures, backgrounds, and images with the Sharefaith software. 
  • Personalized countdown timers – The software allows you to add a timer to your videos and graphics as per your will. All you have to do is add the background and personalize the text, video, sound, etc. 
  • Large worship database – The inbuilt database allows you to add custom videos, lyrics, accessible sing building, and graphic sheets to your presentations. You need to have a Song Select account to be able to add lyrics to your presentations. 
  • Worship software plugin – You can use the Sharefaith software for small or medium churches. It supports a unique plugin that helps in PowerPoint presentations and provides beautiful worship service. 

Sharefaith Presenter requires Office 365 or Windows 10 to function. You can get the software and use it as a church presentation software. 


Your church presentations should be engaging and religious. Creating presentations becomes hectic, so that you may need church presentation software. We have listed some of the best church presentation software to help you accomplish the purpose. 

Now that you know about some of the best church presentation software, you can select one that fits your needs the most and offers premium features. Create engaging presentations, add lyrics, sound chords, fonts, transitions, etc., to your presentation, and give your viewers the ambiance they have always wanted.

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