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In Latest Tech Last updated: May 26, 2023
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Clarity is a Microsoft tool that allows you to easily capture and analyze website visitor behaviors. It is free to use, and its setup is simple and rapid, generating data within minutes of installation. Microsoft Clarity is used by some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, including HP, Forbes, Acer, WHO, etc.


Clarity complies fully with GDPR and CCPA requirements, ensuring user privacy and data security. Clarity’s other benefits include avoiding sampling, ensuring precise and dependable data and is built on open-source technology.

Clarity heatmaps offer significant insights into identifying the most engagement locations on your website and tracking the depth of your visitors.

Its session recordings provide a deeper understanding of your website’s performance by analyzing how individuals interact with it, which helps to identify successful areas, acknowledge glitches, and experiment with innovative concepts.

Due to its user behavior-focused insights, web admins can promptly uncover sources of dissatisfaction and transform them into potential opportunities.

Its integration with Google Analytics helps to gain deeper insights into user interactions on your website.

Free to use Microsoft Clarity with unlimited traffic, unlimited websites, unlimited heatmaps, and unlimited team members is worth giving a try.

Secom Invested $192M in Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo to Boost Cloud Security Business

Japanese security service giant SECOM, a $15B organization, invested in two notable cloud-based physical security companies, Eagle Eye Networks, and Brivo. These two companies specialize in physical cloud security comprising video surveillance and access control systems designed to protect buildings and other physical spaces.


As per the company blog, SECOM has made a joint equity investment of $192 million in the two US-based companies with the same majority owner, security entrepreneur Dean Drako.

The funding will be split, with $100 million allocated to Eagle Eye and $92 million to Brivo. The objective of both firms is to utilize their share of the funding for R&D, specifically to create more AI-based systems integrated into their respective platforms.

Eagle Eye, which serves large enterprises and prominent organizations, has an estimated customer base of 20,000-30,000, while Brivo’s access control services have an overall user base of approximately 20 million people.

Zoom Announces Investment in AI Company Anthropic

Zoom declared a notable alliance with Anthropic, an organization devoted to AI safety and research. Zoom contributed substantially to Anthropic to support their research roadmaps and help construct AI systems. The amount invested was not disclosed.

This collaboration will enhance Zoom’s joined approach to AI by integrating Anthropic’s AI assistant, the renowned “Claude,” with various features of Zoom’s platform, such as Team Chat, Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, and Zoom IQ.

Zoom intends to integrate Anthropic’s AI models across its suite of Contact Center products and solutions to enhance agent productivity and elevate customer experiences.

Incorporating AI into its platform has been a priority for Zoom in enhancing users’ experience. Through its Zoom IQ program, the firm recently introduced a series of AI-powered features. These features provide meeting summaries, suggest subsequent procedures, and enable users to produce documents using the meeting notes.

1Password’s New Service Lets Businesses Quickly Adopt Passkey

1Password is a highly trusted password manager for enterprises. Over 100,000 businesses rely on its security services to safeguard their valuable data. World’s top organizations, such as IBM, Slack, Gitlab, etc., use this platform.

Passage is a new product from 1Password that allows organizations to integrate passkey authentication into their apps and websites without maintaining their security infrastructure. 

It enables easy user account creation and authentication with simple touch or glance for increased interaction and security against phishing and credential-based attacks. It also simplifies the login process, reducing password reset requests and decreasing expenses while minimizing the support team workload.

You gain increased security, business efficiency, and user experience by eliminating traditional passwords and, instead, using passkey logins and other passwordless methods for authentication and identity management.

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