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  • Clean a hacked WordPress site or remove malware quickly

    There are many reasons for a website to get hacked, malware injected, blacklisted, DDoSed in the current Internet world. The latest security report by SUCURI shows one or more vulnerabilities infect 56% of WordPress sites.

    Things go wrong, but how do you recover from it quickly?

    There are two ways.

    • If you are a skilled security professional, then you may investigate and clean the infected files, malicious codes to recover the site.
    • If you are not sure or don’t have time, you can hire professional services to put your site in the business.

    Let’s explore what all online services you can hire to fix your WordPress Security site.


    SUCURI, one of the leading cloud-based security providers, also offers immediate help to repair the hacked site.

    There are three plans you can choose from.

    • Business – response within 4 hours
    • Pro – 6 hours
    • Basic – 12 hours

    Based on the priority and budget, you can select the plan.

    SUCURI not just fix your site one time but offer continuous security and monitoring. Some of the features are:

    • Stop future attacks
    • Remove security warning, blacklist, malicious codes
    • Layer 3,4 & 7 DDoS protection
    • Fast & friendly support
    • 30-days money-back guarantee

    SUCURI works on any website platform, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc.


    Is your website suspended by your web host, blacklisted by a search engine, or attacked by malware?

    SiteLock can fix these issues with immediate alerts of malware detection and solve it with all ongoing protections by 24*7 with emergency hack repair.

    You can get benefitted with three products of SiteLock:

    • SiteLock SMART™: Used to remove malware automatically from your website.
    • SiteLock INFINITY™: Provides non-stop scanning service to keep your site safer & faster.
    • SiteLock TrueShield™: Works as a web application firewall to increase customers’ trust and their conversion ratio on the website.

    If your website is currently infected, then you can choose One Time Website Clean to remove an infection from backlinks and resolution suspension in just $199.99 per Domain. Or you can go with Repair and Ongoing Protection plan to clean your site from malware in $41.67 Per month/Domain.

    SiteLock also offers scanner & remediation, web application firewall support, website backup, and other expert services according to various plans, like SecureAlert, SecureStarter, and SecureSpeed.


    Astra WordPress Security cleans your hacked WordPress website the same day (usually within 6-8 hours). Where Astra is compatible with most of the CMS (Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, Prestashop) and custom PHP, it works exceptionally well with WordPress.

    There are three plans in Astra – Essential, Pro & Business. Malware cleanup comes with Pro annual or above. The Pro plan also includes continued protection of your website for a whole year. And, a promise that goes like this – “..if anything goes south during this time, we’ll fix it no questions asked.”


    Using WordPress?

    Wordfence help to clean unlimited pages on a single site for $179.

    Wordfence not just clean but also let you know how attacked took control of your site, in-depth investigation report, and action items to do protect from future attacks.

    When you engage them to clean, they provide you a one-year premium subscription (worth $99) to monitor and protect your site.

    One Hour Site Fix

    As you can guess from the name. OneHourSiteFix helps to clean infected sites in one hour.

    There are two options.

    Either you can hire them to repair the site for $250 or go for continuous security protection for $24.99 per month.

    Hack Repair

    Jim Walker helps you to fix the hacked site quickly. Jim is available on a phone call for consulting.

    Hack Repair also helps you implement an SSL certificate to make your site accessible over HTTPS at a one-time low cost.


    A WordPress specialized security plugin to scan, protect, and monitor the site.

    Malcare lets you clean the site from their dashboard. However, if you need urgent help, you can go to an emergency cleanup service.


    If you are ok to wait for up to 24 hours, then you can opt for regular malware removal service; however, if you need to clean urgently, then go for emergency service.

    SiteGuarding works with WordPress and Joomla CMS.

    SiteGuarding is also known for providing complete site security solutions, including backup.

    Fix My Site

    Starting from as low as $99 to repair the sites. It’s a three steps process.

    Once the site is fixed, Fixmysite will harden the WP site by using Wordfence security plugins.


    Do your hacked Wordpress website requires a quick solution?

    Then, WP Hacked Help will come as the 1st choice for complete Website Security and quick malware removal & website clean up.

    WP Hacked Help offers a 360-degree scan of your WordPress website with the full analysis of blacklist possibilities and infection signs.

    This tool is featured with malware & infection removal, website hack repairs, google blacklist & warnings removal, malware analysis & research, website protection from future hacks, secure hosting, and daily automatic backup with online 24*7 customer support.

    It’s Wordpress website protection plans start with $99.99 for malware and virus cleanup. And its Premium Protection adds more value by providing Secure Hosting with malware and virus cleanup in $99.99 Plus $10/month.


    If you are looking for free unlimited malware cleanup and cross-site contamination check then go with the Magefix. It ensures preventing future hacking attempts from all web platforms, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, & Magento.

    Magefix is GDPR compliant, and it always delights its customers with detail step-by-step guidance of malware detection, spam removal, how to deal with the hacking attack, and what you shouldn’t do with hacked websites and so on.

    With a free price plan, it has two more price plan structures. Platinum price plan includes features, like site update and backups, blacklist removal, restore google ads, 24/7 ongoing protection, ensures fixing vulnerability issues in 1 to 12 hours, and unlimited malware removals. This plan will cost you only $12 per month per site.

    And if you want to go for a big and one-time payment method with a 100% money-back guarantee, then you can choose a Gold plan of $99 per site. It offers a 1-year service warranty and a 30 days money-back guarantee.


    With the growing activities of popular software and websites, aggressive hackers can easily target it. So it is crucial to figure out that rabbit holes of your website vulnerabilities. As you don’t have a magic crystal ball to see into the future, how will you secure your website if you are not an expert or a tech skilled?

    So without making it more complicated, you can hire some Wordpress security service providers from Fiverr who can guarantee website security in real-time with preventing your website from future malware attacks. 

    Fiverr is the biggest platform that connects all businesses with freelancers. So, if you find hiring companies will burden your pocket, then you can hire top WordPress service providers who can help you with WordPress malware detection, malware removal services with future attack prevention surety. 

    I know it’s panicking moment when a site gets hacked, but thanks to the above superior services which helps to put your online business back into operation.