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In Mac Last updated: October 29, 2022
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Maintaining digital accessories may seem as simple as making real-world compromises from time to time. Else we can say accessing them will only require a minor tune-up here and there. But the plus side, with lower maintenance, your system’s speed is not necessarily reliant on its age.

Your device’s performance isn’t as slow as you think because you ignore slowing systems. We want to help you avoid the troubling sensation of a spinning beach ball. Whether you want to clean up your Mac or enhance speed doesn’t matter. You can also optimize memory, manage data, clear malware infestations, remove trash files, or uninstall programs entirely.

CleanMyMac software is the right answer for all of these needs.


You won’t have to deal with the irritating “Your Disk Is Almost Full” warning notice if you use CleanMyMac. This memory-enhancing software comes with a large number of modules that maintain the stability of your Mac Hard Drive so that you may save lots of space. It will analyze the contents of your storage space and recover important disc space in a couple of seconds.

Why do we need any cleaning software for our Mac?

Your Mac probably needs to be cleaned if it is operating more slowly, if it often freezes, if it runs out of RAM regularly, or if it is just performing differently than it formerly did. No, we do not imply that you should have a rag ready and start dusting it off. What you need is a Mac cleanup software that can clear out the junk and digital waste that has accumulated on your computer and free up memory that has been taken up by programs that are memory hogs.

Your Mac may have been unusable due to several issues, but fortunately, a plethora of software may help you fix these issues and get it running normally again. Out of all of them, we will discuss CleanMyMac in this article.

What are the different features of CleanMyMac?

The comprehensive set of features offered by CleanMyMac X is amazing. This is not only a piece of software that deletes your temporary files and your surfing history, but it makes sure that your Mac is now smoother and quicker than before.

CleanMyMac X will help you upgrade your macOS version and your programs, clear out your RAM, get rid of annoying applications that attempt to remain open in the background processes, and do much more, all from the same user interface. You may get advice on where to begin by consulting the assistant located in the upper-right-hand corner of the software screen.


The feature known as “Optimization” keeps track of the programs that launch at system boot time and assists you in shutting down those that have gotten especially annoying. In addition, it compiles applications that extensively use the processing resources available, a category known as “Heavy Consumers.” If your Mac’s performance is adversely affected by any applications, you’ll see a list below.



The “Maintenance” tab in CleanMyMac X is one of the most helpful and fairly distinctive. In this section, you will find several options that allow you to clear up RAM, perform maintenance routines that cycle system logs, re-index Spotlight Search, correct disc issues, and more. You should read the tooltips before deciding which processes should be executed on your Mac.


Smart Scan

Your tool for quick and easy cleanup is called “Smart Scan.” Click the ‘Scan’ button, and then sit back and let CleanMyMac X do its thing. The application will evaluate what it can do to free up space on your drive, safeguard your Mac against any possible dangers it could be exposed to, and enhance its overall performance.

Smart Scan

When you click the ‘Run’ button, further information about the processes that will be triggered will be shown. If you want a more in-depth cleanup, check out the other tabs in the window. Smart Scan is best suited for a quick weekly cleanup to ensure that your Mac remains in pristine shape.

Malware Protocol

“Malware Removal” searches your Mac for strange or harmful activities and delivers a comprehensive report of any suspicious file. It also removes any malware that it finds. The anti-malware utility might fail by detecting a perfectly safe piece of software on its radar as harmful. But one thing is for sure it never fails to alert you of the presence of genuine risk. Nevertheless, if you are worried, you may wish to investigate the possibility of installing yet another antivirus program on your Mac.

Malware Removal

Your “online footprint” is taken care of by the “Privacy” feature, which clears your browser’s history, enables you to edit application permissions, displays all cookies from every browser you use, and performs a number of other functions that are analogous.

During the cleaning process, you will really like how much control CleanMyMac X offers. It’s one of the reasons you should use it. You just need to click one button in order to remove any and all cookies that Safari has stored on your computer. However, if there are just a handful that you wish to get rid of, browse down the list and check off individual items until the list is empty.


By deleting temporary files (such as user cache files, system log files, and so on) and fixing problems that slow down your Mac, “System Junk” seeks to speed up your computer. To free up disc space, click the ‘Scan’ button, review the scan details if you want, and then pick ‘Clean.’ This is how most of the other functions on CleanMyMac X work as well.


To free up space on your storage, “Mail Attachments” will delete all email downloads and attachments saved on your local system (any attachments will still be accessible via your inbox). When you click on “Trash Bins,” all of the files you’ve moved to different trash bins but haven’t yet emptied away will be deleted. CleanMyMac X allows you to delete these items with just two clicks, freeing up valuable storage space on your Mac in the process.


“Space Lens” examines your hard drive. After examining, it displays the applications and files using the most space on your Mac. Since storage is divided into folders like “Applications” and “System,” it’s easy to clean up. “Shredder” obliterates whatever data you consider undesirable, leaving no trace. Deleting huge apps or directories will ensure you free up as much disc space as possible.


“Large & Old Files” functions in a manner similar to that of “Space Lens.” Except it presents you with a list of documents that you haven’t modified in an appreciable length of time. Get rid of these unwanted files by using CleanMyMac X by saving up some valuable storage space. This section is divided into folders to help you find your way around the rest of your disc. These folders have names like “Archives,” “Documents,” “One Year Ago,” and so on.

What’s the Price of CleanMyMac and its comparison with competitors?

A subscription for CleanMyMac costs $39.95 a year, nearly the same as Kaspersky and Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac. After that, it gets confusing. The list price for a two-device CleanMyMac subscription is $79.90. For five devices, it goes up to a whopping $199.75. Ignoring the coupon discount, you pay $59.95 for two licenses after the volume discount. It is almost the same as F-Secure Safe for Mac. A five-device subscription will run you $90.85. Once you get past the discount confusion, this product’s pricing is in line with the competition.

Avast, Avira, and AVG are totally free, which is handy if you didn’t budget for Mac antivirus. At the other end of the price spectrum, Norton lists at $104.99 per year to protect five devices. That sounds high, but Norton is a full-scale, cross-platform security suite. In addition, that price gets you five licenses for Norton’s VPN and 50GB of online storage for your backups.

The price of CleanMyMac X might seem a bit on the expensive side in the beginning. But once you try it out, you’ll feel it’s all worth it.

Interface and Support of CleanMyMac

MacPaw has done really well to ensure its CleanMyMac X application is both aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. The interface is user-friendly, so any naive user can also use it. Even better, anytime it suggests deleting a file, it provides a reason for the recommendation.

You may get assistance with CleanMyMac X by visiting the MacPaw website. The website has troubleshooting advice, a page where users may report concerns about viruses, and a page titled “Contact Us.”

Bottom Line

CleanMyMac X is an extraordinary maintenance solution with a very reasonable price and a combo pack full of features. You should install a trial version in order to determine whether or not it is suitable for your needs.

Be careful to check whether you are eligible for any discounts since MacPaw often offers attractive discounts. Customers who come from another cleaning app might even get a chance to avail of a whopping 40% discount. It’s well worth it to make a one-time purchase for a Mac that is always clean.

You may also look at some more optimization software for your Mac.

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