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In AI Last updated: August 17, 2023
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Let’s see how ClickUp AI can do everyday business tasks, including writing emails, generating reports, etc., with ease.

How much time would you take to build a social calendar for your company? Or how about making a project launch timeline? Or writing Incident reports? Emails?…

All this and more takes time, so much of it.

Just reading and writing emails eat about over two hours from every workday for an average employee, as per a Forbes report.

But not every writing is an email. There are numerous others that need us to overcome the initial block and then brainstorm before completing the first draft. What follows are a few rounds of corrections which further take up the major chunk of the productive hours.

Consequently, every domain suffers from mundane writing, and it’s one of the areas which needs some degree of automation. Now, let’s explore ClickUp AI.

ClickUp AI: An Overview

ClickUp helps you replace multiple apps like Asana, Jira, Slack, MS Teams, Lattice, Monday, Trello, etc., with its productivity package.

In a nutshell, it’s a do-it-all tool covering project management, chatting, goal setting and tracking, and much more in a single place. The idea is simple: avoid juggling between multiple utilities and have everything at ClickUp.

Importantly, I can’t cover the whole of ClickUp in this review. That will be too big to fit in one article.

Instead, this is about its newest feature, ClickUp AI. This is a ChatGPTesque offering but fine-tuned for various teams (marketing, sales, support, etc.) to assist in doing “standard” work-related digital chores in a jiffy.

Further sections entail my brief experience with ClickUp AI.

I have created a sample “Geekflare” space for this demonstration, and for using any ClickUp AI tool, one has to type slash (/) in the empty space.

Clickup ai write with ai tools.

Since this is mostly about the text, one can directly go with “Write with AI” and give the prompt to get it done. Alternatively, AI tools have department-specific mini-tools with head starter instructions depicting their abilities.

Let’s start this ClickUp review with emails.

Writing Emails

ClickUp AI has a few email templates which cover common situations like promotion, service reactivation, welcome, etc.

A screenshot of the email settings page.

For anything custom, the Write an email option comes in handy. I gave it a prompt to write an email to Forbes Outreach to promote Sparkian (our sister website for digital gaming).

A screenshot of the jira plugin's email settings.

There are options to choose the tone, including professional, inspirational, casual, optimistic, etc. One can also tweak the level of creativity: low, medium, or high.

ClickUp AI is typo tolerant. This means even your imperfect prompts will output optimally.

How to create a new email in adobe adobe adobe adobe a.

At the bottom, one can click Insert or Copy to use this text in the respective ClickUp space or anywhere else. Or, deploy other options like Edit Inputs or Try Again to regenerate the response.

Additionally, the Tell AI what to do next (marked as 2) is where you can re-prompt to further polish the response.

But emailing is never complete without replies. So, I tried its AI reply tool as well.

A screenshot of the pay email button on a landing page.

You just paste the whole body in the Email to reply to the field and enter a few important details in the Your talking points section.

A screenshot of an email sent to a customer.

Like all AI tools, the responses might need a human touch. Still, this gives a good-enough first draft to work with.


If you have noticed by now, ClickUp AI helps us to use generative AI. In place of a single prompt, it asks for multiple inputs based on the complexity of the task.

This ability is at full display in its AI marketing tools.

I have tried to prepare a creative brief for website redesign to improve certain performance metrics. Again, I have taken for this illustration.

A screenshot of a page with a text box and a button.

Though I’m not a marketer as such, its response felt usable, which can be tweaked a bit to get started. And to remind you, that’s what ClickUp AI is meant for.

Next, I prompted ClickUp AI to create a customer satisfaction survey. The idea was to take quick feedback about the website aesthetics, content, and any new domain to tap into.

A screenshot of a customer survey tool.

The response included a few questions each, addressing the survey objectives I mentioned in its prompt. Overall, I felt very satisfied with the results and would have used this response had it been for real.

A sample of a questionnaire for a website.

And though this is a generic thing anyone can do, still, it would have taken at least 15-20 minutes if not for such tools.

Except for these, the ClickUp AI marketing tools have prompt templates for generating reports, presentations, product descriptions, campaign ideas, blog titles, writing blog posts, etc.


Product teams are one of the busiest professionals, working on conceptualizing, development, and launch of any product. They do high-stakes work and are chiefly responsible for any company’s future.

Since we recently launched our gaming publication, I had an idea about the overall launch process, including press releases, launch offers, influencer partnerships, paid marketing, creating social media buzz, etc.

Typically, that’s called making a go-to-market plan. Let’s create one with ClickUp AI.

How to create a gaming plan on slack.

I was pleasantly surprised to see it included most of the process we did. Especially the deliverables, channels, and activities table was spot on.

Product go-to-market plan for sparkas com.

This not only saves time but gives something to look up to for newbies. In addition, one can regenerate responses to see if they missed anything.

ClickUp Product segment has additional prompts covering release notes, launch plans, help documentation, product surveys, status reports, etc.


Another overworked department in any organization is sales. Sensing the heat these people face every day, ClickUp AI has covered them well.

There are presets for generating elevator sales pitches, prospect personalization emails, meeting summaries, case studies, training plans, presentations, and more.

Check out this demo sales pitch offering VPN to a remote-first company like us!

A screenshot of a sales pitch page.

It may sound like a straightforward pitch. Still, one can include as many details in the prompt to tailor the output as needed. For the previous response, I used a bare-bones prompt:

How to create a job on a vps.

It resulted in a 200+ words response, to which I re-prompted to cut it to 100 words, as indicated in the sales pitch image.

Next, I tried to create a presentation outline summarizing the effects of AI automation (hi, ChatGPT!) for the publishing industry.

Chagpt presentation template chagpt presentation template chagpt presentation template chagpt presentation template cha.

I could see some valid points that we’re following ourselves after the ChatGPT launch. A few things like improved productivity, writing assistance, impact on job opportunities, ethical conundrums, etc., resonate well among most online publications.

Kudos to our planning team for the title: Can ClickUp AI Do 30 Minutes of Work in 30 Seconds? I would say yes, definitely. It’s an excellent time-saver and lived up to its reputation so far.

But let’s check out one more prompt template before giving the final verdict.


Every successful project is a result of meticulous planning. And that involves a ton of proposals, timelines, meetings, reports, and whatnot.

To check how ClickUp fares in making a project timeline for the website launch, I have given this prompt:

How to create a project in slack.

I know timelines are specific to projects, organizations, and many external and internal factors. Still, the objective is to get the shell ready as soon as possible.

Project timeline online video gaming publication.

To wrap up the testing of its planning segment, I tried to generate a risk management plan for our new gaming publication. This time I went ahead with as least of details as possible to check what ClickUp AI would cook on its own.

This was the prompt:

A screenshot of the project project management plan.

And this is the output:

Risk management plan template.

It gave a solid foundation to create a specific risk management plan for this case.

Overall, it does exactly as advertised, which is to do away with the initial block. Its AI is super-tuned to various business tasks, with the output confirming the same. Also, it has some other notable AI tools, including summarization, translation, editing, simplification, etc.

I would also like to mention that it took under 10 seconds for every response shared in this article. And what only felt inferior in all the prompt templates was its subtask creator. Except that, it did the job pretty convincingly, and I definitely recommend you to try it.

But what if you’re already searching for its alternatives?


Notion AI

In case you don’t know, Notion is a project management and productivity tool. It’s all about planning, tagging, commenting, sharing, and getting things done. I know this inside out since we have used Notion as our daily driver at Geekflare for the past two years.

And recently, it has also joined the AI bandwagon with the launch of Notion AI. Put simply, Notion AI automates writing. But how does it stack against ClickUp AI, which predominantly does the same thing?

Press spray for av for commands - screenshot.

You can see many prompt templates appear to be the same.

Still, Notion is much similar to ChatGPT. For instance, for every prompt you click, you get this empty field to enter the details.

A white button with a purple text on it.

This is much different than ClickUp AI, which gives multiple fields asking various things about the prompt before you get any response. Personally, I feel ClickUp’s way is more efficient and straightforward for someone not having extensive prompting experience.

But you have to subscribe to paid plans with ClickUp to test its AI capabilities. However, one can take a free AI trial even with Notion’s forever-free tier, which is definitely a plus for beginners.

Lastly, one has to purchase a separate AI addon with paid plans for a full-blown experience, a common restriction with both.

Final Thoughts

While no AI tool can replace a human, it gives a boost to get things done quickly. And that sums up the very reason for their existence–to be worthy assistants.

And as already mentioned, every business professional does a lot of repetitive writing. We waste so much time making drafts, and it’s super helpful to get them ready within a few seconds with tools like ClickUp AI. In short, it makes prompting easy and has ready-made templates for almost every department a typical business has.

I hope the article gave you the necessary insights into what can be done with ClickUp AI. I suggest you try it yourself to see if it rightly serves your use case.

PS: Here are some AI writing tools if all you care about is automated text.

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