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In Collaboration and Customer Service Last updated: July 3, 2023
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As cloud technology rapidly expands, it unearths wider benefits for businesses to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. Read further to find the best cloud communication platforms for businesses.

According to research by Future Market Insights, the market size of cloud-based communication technology is going to increase at a CAGR of 12% from 2020 to 2025.

This staggering growth is highly attributed to the scalability and flexibility that cloud solutions offer to small, medium, and big businesses.

As the demand for incorporating cloud technology into business surges, various cloud communication platforms parade in with tons of features and benefits.

Before we provide the list of the best cloud communication platforms for SMBs, know what a cloud communication platform is and what exactly it does.

What is a Cloud Communication Platform?

As evident from the name, a cloud communication platform enables businesses to communicate and collaborate seamlessly through the integrated software suite.


This holistic suite of software provides vital functionalities, including text, voice, and calling capabilities, along with conferencing, document sharing, and collaboration.

Businesses can leverage everything from the cloud without needing an in-house team or storage facility.

This means that you don’t need to stack up your hard disks to store extensive data or hire an IT team to manage upgrades and fix security patches. Cloud communication platforms provide a powerful and intuitive user interface.

So, how do cloud communication platforms work?

How does Cloud Communication work?

Cloud communication technology works by accessing the data stored on the cloud. Users can store and download data safely from the cloud.

This computing technology uses cloud-hosted tools to provide various services in the form of email backup, voice, text, document exchange, and whatnot.

And the major USP is its flexibility, scalability, and secure working environment. Hence, the users don’t need to configure or set up infrastructures to establish communication within the organization.

Thus organizations can leverage cloud communication platforms for easier access to data and faster communication. Besides this, the platform has got several other advantages.

Benefits of Cloud Communication Platform

Cloud communication platform takes the edge over traditional marketing platforms. Why?

Because it offers a dedicated platform for providing features such as text, voice, and document sharing easing the collaboration between teams.

Here are the other benefits of cloud communication platforms:

  • The servers have easy maintenance and rarely face any downtime. There is no need for a dedicated IT team to overlook the maintenance of servers.
  • Cloud communication technology is known for its ubiquity. The clients can transfer the data to the cloud from everywhere on the internet.
  • To add another feather to the cap, cloud communication platforms are known for their “plug-in anywhere” feature. This means that as far as the users have permission to access the data on the device, they can seamlessly connect and work from anywhere in the world.
  • Most cloud communication platforms work on a subscription model. These models may be yearly, quarterly or monthly.

How to choose the best Cloud Communication Platform?

Now, you know what cloud communication is and what it entails. However, choosing the right cloud communication tool for your non-desk employees is an uphill task.

Hence, a cloud communication platform should collectively include some essential features and functionalities like:

Easy communication

Communication is one of the essential components to ensure easier workflow.

Cloud communication platforms that offer mobile apps ensure that employees are always up to date and stay on the same page.

Mobile communication apps provide features like real-time notifications, business chat messaging, easy document sharing, and quick responses to issues. This accounts for flexibility and scalability.

Security and Privacy

No organization wants to keep its security at stake when using a third-party tool. Around 95% of organizations are more concerned about cloud security than anything else.

Because they have the most confidential data to protect from hackers and competitors, Cloud communication providers ensure high-grade security and safer data exchange between the teams.

It is also essential that the service provider complies with data privacy regulations and governing councils.


User-friendliness lies in the heart of every user. Be it the quick onboarding process or intuitive interface, using the platform should not pose a challenge for the team members.

The admin dashboard is your everyday tool as a manager. The features and tools should be easily navigable and quick to access.

Customer Support

Whichever tool you use, a stellar customer support team is highly coveted. 68% of the customers prefer investing in tools and services with better customer support.

Whether you are stuck in a process or resolving a bug, customer service must be at one’s beck and call. There shouldn’t be only a single mode to communicate with your support team. In other words, the support should be omnichannel.

Now that we know about choosing the right cloud communication platforms let’s check out the list of best Cloud Communication Platforms for small businesses.



Connecteam is probably a very popular cloud communication platform to connect you with non-desk employees and ensure they stay on the same page.

An all-in-one employee app is built to cut off efforts and save time. Connecteam has both desktop and mobile versions so that your team doesn’t miss any critical updates and replies to messages instantly.

It requires a few minutes to set up and get started. The tool also provides the employee clocking feature using which employees can clock in and out anywhere in the world.

The cherry on the cake! It also comes with integrated GPS and overtime expense tracking.

Businesses can even create checklists, forms, and reports for employees to improve workflow and reduce time lags. HRs can use the tool to train their non-desk employees by designing customizable courses.


ZEGOCLOUD empowers your business with cloud communication capabilities quickly, enhancing collaboration efficiency and delivering exceptional customer service through high-quality audio, video calls, and messaging.


ZEGOCLOUD offers a wide range of developer-friendly SDKs for seamless integration, along with a package plan tailored for startups and small businesses, enabling you to make apps and go live in 30 minutes.

Additionally, ZEGOCLOUD provides various add-on features, such as screen sharing, virtual background, and cloud recording. These services are backed by round-the-clock professional technical support.

As a trusted cloud services provider, ZEGOCLOUD has implemented security measures to ensure data security and user privacy.

ZEOGOCLOUD has users in over 100 countries, and it enables users to communicate efficiently even if they live in areas with low latency.



Twilio enables your customer support team to engage with customers through VoIP, phone, and SMS campaigns.

Twilio helps businesses with customer engagement and acquisition through Whatsapp and SMS campaigns. One of the major USPs is that it connects with various third-party apps making it easier to import data.

Besides this, Twillion Engage is a campaign builder that captures customer data from across the web. The marketing team can use this data to target the customers and map interactions, whereas the sales team leverages this data to connect through SMS marketing and Whatsapp marketing.

Twilio integrates with platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and other third-party CRM making it more usable.



Vonage offers unified voice and text messaging solutions and contact support centers for various business industries.

Vonage offers a range of call management tools and productivity tools to boost your business- Vonage app center. This app center runs on your own internet connection.

Vonage also supports the mobile and desktop versions, plus extensive support for professionals. APIs enable businesses to create custom video platforms, SMS, messaging, and Whatsapp campaigns.

These APIs are also available for SIP trunking, social media apps, and multichannel conversations.

However, Vonage lacks a few features, such as document sharing and dedicated video conferencing. If you are looking for a dedicated VoIP service, then this is the best bet.



RingCentral is useful for small businesses that need scads of productivity and communication tools. Businesses don’t need new hardware to set up and get started.

The major USP of RingCentral is its VoIP communication service that comes with a business phone number which is ideal for making calls and organizing video meetings.

Similarly, the text and messaging feature allow businesses to communicate through a single app. RingCentral mobile and desktop apps provide horizontal communications to stay connected to the customers on the go.

Their video capabilities allow users to switch from a voice call to a video call without switching apps. RingCentral is ideal for small to mid-size businesses with up to 200 participants at once. And, not to forget the reports and analytics feature that helps in call monitoring, tracking key performances, and mapping customer experiences.


Dialpad is a tool that allows small businesses to stay atop with their effective phone system. The tool expands the functionalities of traditional phone systems allowing businesses to make audio and video calls from anywhere and on any device.


Users can switch the calls from their laptops to smartphones without any distractions. The central dashboard allows businesses to manage employees, manage meetings, and modify call settings.

Furthermore, Dialpad integrates seamlessly with tools like Microsoft 365, Slack, and Google Workspace.

Its AI-enabled video communication feature provides a transcription feature that transcribes the video into words.


Telnyx is a popular CPaas company that creates communication systems using programmatic APIs. The tool is specifically built for small businesses that need a unified global communication platform.


One of the major USPs of Telnyx is its SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) which offers low call rates and adapts to higher call volumes. Due to its unique IP carrier features and vast inventory of global numbers, Telnyx has become one of the fastest-growing communication platforms.

What makes it a more viable choice is its extensive global network that provides business phone numbers in around 100 different countries. The calls are highly encrypted so that businesses can record and track analytics.

Telnyx integrates seamlessly with any VoIP service so that you can mix and match call rates and get the advantage.



Plivo is an excellent B2C platform that boosts customer experience with its vast API solutions. The tool offers text API, SMS API, Voice, and video API so that users can create their custom robust solutions.

The company also assists in building a customized platform and a vast range of tools to make communication seamless and easier.

Plivo is most famous for its omnichannel contact center, Contacto, which is designed for B2C teams.

The unified platform is known for its drag-and-drop workflow builder. These workflows help the customer service team guide the prospects to the right agent to save time and effort.

Plivo has a SIP trunking feature using an IP authentication feature that adds another layer of security to customer calls.

All in all, Plivo is a reliable customer engagement platform that assists in faster customer engagement and better customer feedback.



Exotel is an omnichannel cloud platform that comes with a suite of communication APIs and a large stack of customer engagement tools. Their dedicated customer contact center lets you set up a dedicated call center in less than 30 minutes.

It gives all the basic and advanced features that you need to set up your call center, such as multi-level IVR, along with call recording and call analytics. Exotel supports voice API, video streaming APIs, and SMS solutions that help businesses reach customers in bulk.

On top of that, the cloud telephony service allows integration with various CRMs, ERPs, helpdesks, and other third-party tools to simplify operations.


Cloud communication platforms play an indispensable part in running the business smoothly. The right cloud communication platform that caters to your needs must-have essential features that boosts customer engagement and builds trust.

With the right cloud communication platform, businesses can connect seamlessly with their internal as well as with the external team and also connect with customers.

The list of these cloud communication platforms that we have shared will undoubtedly boost productivity and improve communication.

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