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5 Cloud Hosting Providers to Host Enterprise Applications

5 Cloud Hosting Providers to Host Enterprise Applications

Cloud Computing market is growing faster than ever and will continue to grow for many years. There are many cloud hosting/service companies, however; very few provide an ability to run enterprise applications.

As per Right Scale report, AWS (Amazon Web Service) is leader and Business Insider mentioned it dominates the $16 billion cloud market.


So undoubtedly, Amazon is the leader today but there are others who are doing pretty well and in this article, I will talk about 5 cloud hosting provider where you can host your enterprise applications.

AWS – Amazon Web Service

AWS was launched in 2006 and it operates in 11 geographical regions across the world. It offers a large number of products to meet every business requirements. You can virtually host any type of applications including network like firewall, DNS, Load balancing or even you can have your virtual private cloud.


To read the complete list of products offered by AWS, you can refer here. Amazon also offers their service in free for 12 months to try out.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure was launched in 2010 as Windows Azure and later in 2014 it was renamed As Microsoft Azure. Azure has large set of product (3465 products as I write) offering including their own software like IIS, MS SQL, Exchange Server and much more.

Get the complete list of products from here. If you are a startup, you can join their BizSpark program to get free Azure service.


Microsoft Azure is also available in Mainland China so if your business in China, this would be your interest.

Google Cloud Platform

GCE (Google Cloud Platform) let you create anything from a simple blog to complex applications. As I write, it has four modules – Compute, Storage, Big Data & Service. Each module has a number of products for your enterprise applications to host in Google’s infrastructure at Google’s speed.


GCE offer $300 in credit to be used in 60 days as a free trial.

IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix was launched in 2014 as Platform as a Service (Paas). Focused on application build, deploy and run applications in real-time. It offers runtimes based on Cloud Foundry or Docker images and has plenty of products in their catalog including WebSphere Application Server.


You can use your IBM ID to sign-up for Bluemix.

Open Shift by Red Hat

OpenShift was released in 2011 as a platform as a service from Red Hat. It supports node.js, PSGI, Rack, and WSGI framework. It has a number of applications offering like Jboss, Jenkins, Tomcat, BPM, Drupal, WordPress, etc. If you are into Middleware then you can sign-up for their free account and try out free applications like Tomcat, Jboss.


If you are looking to have the better understanding about Web Hosting then highly recommended reading Web Hosting Services Explained Guide.

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