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Accepting Payments

Handling payment is challenging. As a startup, you want to focus on your product and let these tools handle the payment for you.

Blue Snap

Blue Snap is an innovative tool to ease the payment overheads in the e-commerce industry. Blue Snap allows you to close integrated their payment system with your normal checkout flow.

Blue Snap takes care of numerous other business processes like:

  • Invoice generation
  • Subscription
  • Monthly payments
  • Mobile Checkout and Online Checkout flow

It can be easily integrated with numerous popular plugins and platforms in the e-commerce industry. Few are listed below:

  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Prestashop


WePay is an integrated payment solutions provider that facilitates rapid on-boarding. It is a platform precisely for the ones looking to get started immediately.

It has a hassle-free process of signup and a modern UI for amazing payment experience too.

It comes with three different offerings to allow customisations:

  • Standard: A simple gateway UI with the branding of JPMorgan Chase. The setup is straightforward and helps businesses get started with it in no time
  • Hybrid: A native processing based gateway that allows you to customise the payment gateway with your branding. This helps brands get recognition and reputation of having a self-owned gateway
  • Custom: This offering allows you get the API for WePay and develop a custom re-sellable payment gateway solution. This helps business build their position as a payment gateway in the industry


PayU is a one of its kind payment solution for mobile-focused businesses. PayU has been built and customized to ease the payment process in hand-held devices.

With PayU, you get the unique features like:

  • Save cards for users at no extra cost
  • No CVV required
  • Auto OTP read
  • Almost every payment option integrated
  • Best conversion rates for foreign payments
  • Payment analytics to allow user behavior analysis

PayU provides seamless APIs to integrate the solution in any platform quite easily.

The Startup plans initially cost INR 4900 and goes up to INR 19900 for the platinum plan.

Zoho Checkout

Zoho has been a popular brand recently for its quality tools in the field of accounting. With Zoho Checkout, it just completed the circle by providing direct payment integration to your applications.

Zoho checkout stands out for the below features:

  • Free to start - Allows 50 payment collections
  • One-time as well as recurring payments supported
  • Email Notifications for every payment
  • Automated payment retires
  • SSL encrypted gateway
  • Customised payment gateway page

The paid plans from Zoho Checkout starts at as low as INR 500 per organisation per month.


Braintree is a Paypal Service dedicated to improving your complete payment experience. Braintree is popular for its quality service in the industry.

Being a Paypal Service, Braintree is specifically used to provide a seamless Paypal payment experience.

Some of its features include:

  • Equal support for small to large industries
  • Multiple UI selection to fit your needs
  • Customised payment solutions as per business needs
  • Globally Available
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as Android Pay support


Paypal is the world's most popular global payment solution. Paypal is different from the other payment gateways due to the way it exposes your account.

With Paypal, you can receive payments just by providing your email address. This helps an individual user to conceal bank details.

For business users, Paypal provides the following features:

  • Invoice generation
  • Free Refunds
  • Travel insurance for e-commerce
  • Return cover for E-Commerce
  • One-touch payment integration using Paypal application API
  • Accept payments in numerous currencies


Chargebee is a management software which provides the user with support for management of large-scale subscriptions, custom recurring billing and additionally, simplifies accounting.

The idea behind the software is to provide a continuous and uninterrupted relationship between customers and service providers.

Following are some of the features and services offered by Chargebee:

  • Frictionless billing
  • Subscription management – plans, trial management, add-ons, proration, self-service portals
  • Billing and invoice – invoices, taxes, metered billing, email notifications
  • Payments and accounting - payment methods, dunning management, checkout experience, multi-currency
  • Reporting and analytics – MRR, CMRR

The cheapest paid version available is priced at $99 per month.


Chargify is a US based company created by Grasshopper. Chargify was created in 2009 as the creators saw the need to provide a service to help SaaS business to manage their recurring revenue customers.

Out of this need for recurring bills, Chargify came into existence.

Since past few years, the tool has developed into a strong and reliable name in the subscription and billing management business.

The services offered by Chargify include:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Subscription management
  • Revenue retention
  • Analytics and insights
  • Faster offer launches
  • Track and manage subscriptions
  • Integrations


Stripe is a cloud-based online website capable of helping you and your business with subscription and payment management.

In recent years, it has evolved to become the best option for this purpose and has set a standard of quality for software everywhere.

Following are some of its features:

  • Payment – the payment software is built not only to manage your payments, but also to also grow your business. It is a fully integrated system capable of billing customers on a recurring basis, setting up marketplace and accepting payments.
  • Billing – this is the new software that they have included into the Stripe family. it is known for its fast integrations, flexible payments and billing plans and optimizing growth


Recurly is a subscription and billing management software built to help your business grow at a faster and amicable rate.

It came into existence in 2009 and uses an open platform approach to connect with a broad variety of back-office systems. Recurly is also integrated into enterprise solutions like Salesforce and Netsuite.

Following are some of the key features of Recurly:

  • Speed time-to-value
  • Maximizing revenue
  • Boosting developer productivity
  • Gaining actionable insight
  • Ensuring security and compliance

The Core version is available for a free trial but the others have to be purchased. The price of the software can be confirmed by contacting the sales department.