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Blogging and Traffic Growth

Starting a blog is easy but maintaining is hard. And, growing a traffic is hardest. if you are new to blogging and need to learn how to optimize, grow it then follow these experts advise.

HubSpot Blog

HubSpot grew with a keen observation of the changing scenario in the digital world and they firmly believe that no trend can keep on engaging audience forever.

Co-founded by Brian Hallman and Dharmesh Shah, the blog covers various topics including business growth, marketing, sales, engaging customers, etc.

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel, one of the top digital marketer and influencer.

He has helped thousands of organization to grow their traffic and revenue. He frequently writes in-depth articles about getting more traffic, social follower, increases users, sales and revenue.

Neil also got helpful tools like SEO Analyzer, A/B Testing Calculator, and Ubersuggest.


Founded by Pat Flynn, SmartPassiveIncome (SPI) aids you with tools, tutorials and tips on how to monetize your blog and market yourself.

Pat also features various podcasts and courses. It is an all-round guide to help you pave your way in the digital world. 

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is an award-winning blogger. He teaches the readers to expert the internet marketing techniques.

He covers various aspects like traffic generation on the websites, link building, social media optimization, conversion rate optimization, etc. 


Whether it is increasing your revenue or readers or resources, Blogging Wizard is your one-stop solution founded by Adam Connell.

BloggingWizard features detailed articles, know-how’s, guides on everything and anything that involves increasing traffic. You can be assured that you’d receive the most real-world strategies to help you grow.


Founded by Darren Rowse in 2004, ProBlogging is an extensive website on proven tips, personalized in-depth tutorials, advice, and analysis of all things blogging.

Here, you can find more than 8000 articles that address your concerns from starting a blog to being productive in understanding technology to getting content or to finding readers and building a well-knit community. 


ShoutMeLoud (SML) is promoting the new culture of breaking all norms of working 9-5 and helping you to take forward your business online and be your own boss.

It has a lot of practical tips on how to make your own blog and gives interesting insights from the lives of other people who have made it big through the internet.

It has both a basic and advanced level of WordPress blogs, SEO techniques, and Social Media marketing tips.

Founded by Harsh Agarwal, It is a community where people of different opinions but same goals come together and discuss ideas for enhanced blogging.