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Blogging & CMS Software

Not just WordPress but many other blogging software you can try for your blog.


Drupal is one of the top CMS out there. It aims to provide an ambitious digital experience through its CMS.

Drupal is open-source and can fit for healthcare, e-commerce, publishing, government, etc solution.


  • Excellent community and ecosystem
  • Great theme engine
  • Mobile first
  • Multilingual ready
  • Enterprise ready


Ghost is a professional publishing platform. It is an open-source software but also available as a managed platform.

Ghost can be a good choice for a magazine, blog, news site, etc.


  • Crafted for writers
  • Markdown supported
  • Work collaboratively
  • Bunch of publishing tools integrated
  • SEO and AMP support

Ghost offers complete data in JSON format so you have full control over publishing application.


WordPress is a free-to-use open-source content management system. It is the number one CMS and offers excellent value to anyone who is using it.

WordPress power more than 30% sites on the Internet.

The major technologies used while setting up a WordPress site include PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


  • SEO-friendly
  • Responsive mobile sites
  • Powerful editor
  • Customizable designs
  • Excellent community
  • Huge collection of themes and plugins to choose from
  • Powerful media management
  • Secure and scalable
  • Easy to use with tons of online tutorials available
  • and much more...


Joomla is one of the most unique and dynamic Content Management System that has revolutionized the concept of blogging and web development.

The best thing about this platform is that you can design the most striking website for yourself even if you do not have any professional knowledge in that field.

This platform can be used absolutely for free. Being an open-source platform it also lets you contribute towards making it better and efficient for other users. Joomla is loaded with amazing features.

Let's check out some of them.

  • Unlimited Designs
  • Multilingual
  • SEO friendly
  • Multi-user approved
  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Thoroughly responsive to mobile devices