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Brand Monitoring

Monitor who is talking about your product, brand, site. Build a strong relationship with your customer or potential buyers by monitoring your brand talks.


Awario is an amazing tool to monitor every keyword you wish to look for. Be it your brand, website links or any hashtags. Awario ensures that you remain updated with the activities of every desired keyword.

Awario analyses the complete internet community for any activity in regards to those.

Some exceptional features of Awario include:

  • Automatic email alerts about any mentions of your brand
  • Monitoring of up to 5 lac mentions per month with the enterprise license
  • Easy data export
  • Binary search
  • Cloud storage of data

Awario is an excellent platform for every brand to monitor their brand value as well as track their competition. Its beginners' plan starts at $29 per month fulfilling the minimum needs of every brand.


Notify is a brand monitoring tool that is easy to integrate with your community tools like Slack or HipChat.

Notify constantly monitors mention of your brand name on the social media networks, forums, news and events.

It could be used to gain an insight on your target audience, capture more clients by getting their requirements and also to stay updated with news from your industry.

Notify stands out in the below features:

  • Customised search by selecting a bunch of networks
  • Easy setup in just 60 seconds
  • Easy push notifications with your popular community app


Waaflfle is one of its kind social data aggregation tool that allows you to analyze social media fields, gather data based on hashtags, analyze the data and generate social feeds for your website.

Waaffle is famous for its ability to help you generate social media contents based on the audience needs.

Waaffle allows you to analyze the below factors:

  • Audience engagements
  • Post-performance
  • Hashtag search statistics
  • Post likes and shares
  • Post ranking

Based on these analysis outputs, you could use Waaffle to decide what content would be more rewarding for your brand's social media impression.


Mediatoolkit, as the name signifies, is an all you need a tool for monitoring mentions of your keywords and brand in real-time.

Mediatoolkit monitors everything from post to hashtags, comments, news, and events. Mediatoolkit provides important data of user behavior and sentiments to help you understand which genuine users bounced your page.

Some amazing features of Mediatoolkit include:

  • A free package to try out Mediatoolkit with limited features
  • A 14-day free trial with every package
  • Location and language filters
  • Slack as well as email alerts

Subscription for Mediatoolkit starts from a free package and goes up to 99 euros. The rates can be negotiated for bulk order if necessary.


Brand24 is a great software which can help you understand your brand's visibility online.

This information is important as using it can also help you devise new tactics to improve your brand and its visibility. Brand24 will show you real-time information on how your brand is being received by the public.

Listed below are its characteristics:

  • Fast customer research
  • Identifies users of high social influence
  • Sentiment analysis of the mentions
  • Shares reports with team members
  • Provides group results and reports of a similar subject
  • Searches the social web for trends and topics of discussions
  • Furnishes knowledge of competitor strategy

The software has a free version available for a trial period of 14 days.  The paid versions start with Plus, priced at $49 per month.


Mention is a tool that tells your brand's ranking on the web. If your brand is being talked about, Mention can find that discussion for you.

It will track and monitor any activity that involves your brand. Not only does it help you monitor your brand awareness, but also in engaging your audience. Following are some of its features:

  • Media monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Competitive analysis
  • Influencer marketing
  • Crisis management
  • Easy reports
  • Shareable reports

You can start your free trial of the software with a simple email. If you plan on prolonged usage, you can go for the paid version which stands at $29 per month.