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Build Email List

Email is not the dead and still powerful channel to reach to your audience. Build your email list faster with these SaaS-based tools to generate more traffic, sales, and leads.

Check out special collection if using WordPress.


Gleam allows you to send well written messages or opt-in forms.

These forms and message could be to a targeted audience in order to build your email list and thus, gain a huge base for future potential customers.

It is trusted by global brands such as Trivago, Shopify and HubSpot, and has support for more than 30 email providers.You can also limit the display of Captures to certain countries, depending on the type of your campaign.

Some of its features include:

  • Powerful A/B testing to see which opt-in or capture works best
  • Fully responsive templates that work across devices
  • Beautiful predesigned templates that require minimum customization
  • Powerful rules that let you show the right forms to the right user at the right time


Sleeknote enables you to capture relevant email addresses without compromising on the user experience.

It avoids annoying pop ups and replaces them with well-designed, branded on-site messages. Each Sleeknote is fully customizable and requires no coding.

It also houses a signature mobile editor to convert mobile users into email subscribers, without violating Google’s interstitials policy.

You can also increase your conversion rate by enabling Smart Triggers that algorithmically analyzes and chooses the right trigger for your website, based on more than 10 billion sessions.

It boasts of features such as:

  • A/B testing of different headlines and messages to discover a winning combination
  • Real time campaigns that help you review your campaign’s performance
  • Easy integration with your favorite software
  • Personalized rules based on visitor behavior

Subscribe by GetSiteControl

Subscribe by GetSiteControl helps you build an email list and stay in constant touch with customers and potential clients. It also offers customizable lead forms that help attract more email subscribers.

It allows you to have full control of your widget’s behavior, based on several rules such as scrolling or visit time.

Some of its features:

  • Autoresponder to automatically email new subscribers with a default message
  • Mobile responsive widgets to draw website users
  • Exit popups that display messages to visitors leaving the site
  • Integration with Google Analytics and full reports of widget performance on the dashboard


GrowthFunnel aids you in increasing your social engagement and in building an email list.

GrowthFunnel works on some of the most popular platforms including WordPress, Weebly and Shopify. It offers a forever free account and has a client base of more 3000 customers.

The Optin Funnel offers a personalized way to convert visitors into permanent subscribers and to push up conversion rates. It also helps you increase your social traffic and boost your social followers.

GrowthFunnel can help you by:

  • Allowing for customization without any coding
  • Offering 50 plus ready to go templates
  • Giving detailed actionable insights to measure campaign performance
  • Offering a Push Notification service that boosts repeat sales


MailMunch helps you capture leads from your website, converting visitors into lifelong subscribers and customers through their unique services.

You can create well-structured and completely customizable opt-in forms without writing a single line of code.

It offers various types of opt-in forms including pop up, slide box, top bar and landing page.

It seamlessly integrates with MailChimp, AWeber and other services. MailMunch makes lead capture easier by:

  • Offering professionally designed themes and various form types
  • Exit/Entry Technology that causes forms to appear when a visitor enters your site or is about to leave it
  • Built in analytics to analyze your conversion rates
  • A/B testing to test different combinations


OptiMonk has been the recipient of the Creative Solution of the Year 2014 and Marketer of The Year 2014. It helps you track visitor behavior to the minutest detail.

OptiMonk uses exit intent technology to determine the exact the millisecond a visitor leaves your page.

It displays targeted messages for visitors and promises up to 25% visitor conversions. OptiMonk is the one stop shop for lead generation, e-commerce sites and agencies.

OptiMonk offers features like:

  • A/B testing for different content, templates, etc.
  • Adjustable timing that gives complete control of when to display your message
  • Real time analytics that show which popups and pages get the best results
  • Fully customizable pop ups based on your target audience

List Builder by Sumo

List Builder by Sumo is a tool which can be used to increase your customers. Using this tool, you can create well-timed, professional looking pop-ups.

These pop-ups can be timed and made to appear on a click, be pre-set or before people leave the page.

The software comes with a drag-and-drop functionality, making it one of the most advanced, and easy-to-use capture tools on the internet.

Listed below are some key features:

  • Times your pop-ups to catch visitors at the right time
  • Customizes pop-ups to match your brand
  • The software is built in such a way that it suits a handheld device
  • Personalizes the pop-ups
  • A/B test
  • Pre-designed templates


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One of the market leaders let you convert first-time, engaged, loyal, abandoning visitors into a subscriber.

OptinMonster is an efficient tool in the market for conversion, optimization and lead generation.


  • Multiple form types
  • Powerful design editor
  • A/B testing
  • Actionable analytics report
  • Custom display rules and personalization

OptinMonster is a SaaS product which works with WordPress, Shopify, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal and more. Its used on more than 700,000 websites.