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For high-quality editing at professional level, the diagrams and graphics available in Cacoo can be used. Filled with completely customisable features, it offers various services, like:

  • Automatic saving in the cloud, so they are easy to access from anywhere, anytime.
  • Various shapes and templates pre-defined in the software can be modified and altered on the basis of colours and size.
  • Create flowcharts, mockups, mindmaps and UML diagrams, including various other types of designs.
  • Share the design with the other users and collaborate with them in real-time.
  • Track and monitor different changes being made to the image.
  • One can add comments to modify the image further or give any other review.

Alternatives to Cacoo


To create professional flowcharts and diagrams with a very fast speed and share it immediately, Creately is the best application available. With an attractive colour scheme and latest designs, it can completely transform the look of your projects.

It offers various features like:

  • In-app sharing mode to connect with other people
  • Real-time collaboration to connect and work with the other users of the platform.
  • Separate options for creating flowcharts, mindmaps and other 40+ types of diagrams.
  • Thousands of starter templates which can be modified and text can be added to them.
  • Demo videos can help the users in getting started.


SmartDraw is a very powerful software which runs on both Windows and Mac and provides easy facility of adding flowcharts and other diagrams to any desired location. The interface is very clean and the application is simple-to-use.

Its major features include:

  • Best import and export capability which maintains the resolution of the image and does not pixelate.
  • Various smart techniques of drawing which can be incorporated in the softwares provided by Google and Microsoft.
  • Runs on computers and tablets with equal efficiency.
  • Various complex designs and structures can be created easily.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a single diagram tool which is vastly used in the educational institutions as well as business and social organisations.

Some of the features provided in the application are:

  • Thousands of professional diagrams and templates which can be choosen and redesigned.
  • Supports various file formats like PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc.
  • 50,000+ vector symbols which can used in different ways in the design.
  • The designs are uploaded on the cloud so that they can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • It is very fast and provides flexible editing facilities.


Lucidchart makes it easy to create all kinds of diagrams and professional figures with great ease along with the help of fellow users. It has vivid colour pattern and the graphics generated are extremely clean to use in business presentations.

It offers great features like:

  • Facilities of importing data to build charts, graphs and for giving any other visual representations.
  • Collaborate with various users anytime, irrespective of the device or platform they are using.
  • Useful for making various flowcharts, technical diagrams and complex structures to explain major topics with ease.

A sign-up with the Google account can start the free trial and later on, the application can be purchased.


Gliffy is an easy-to-use software which can create amazing designs and graphics with just few simple clicks. You can create a community which reviews your work and adds comment on it.

It has a very simple to use UI which offers versatile features, like:

  • The shapes and templates can simply be chosen and dropped on the background, to add them.
  • Multiple methods of sharing the visual elements from the application to others.
  • Allow others to view your image and also edit it.
  • Third-party softwares supported.
  • Easily track the changes being made to your picture and modify it accordingly.
  • The new creations can be exported in multiple qualities.