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Chatfuel let you create Facebook Messenger bot in few minutes without coding. With help of bot, you control support, marketing, and sales.

It is one of the leading free-to-use chatbot platforms. There are ready-made templates which will help you to get started quickly.


  • Automate Facebook chat
  • They also offer professional service for building bots for business
  • Create better digital marketing

Chatfuel power ~46% of all bots available for Messenger today.

Alternatives to Chatfuel


Solvermate is a virtual agent that acts as a customer support to your website visitor. It uses machine learning to solve problems and resolve issues within minutes.

Business can use Solvermate to automate their customer support and provide instant and satisfied customer service.

To make it effective, the machine learning algorithm asks multiple-choice questions that narrow down the solution for the user.


  • Integrate easily into the workflow with API
  • Machine learning algorithm improves with a constant feed
  • Powerful insights


Morph is a chatbot for conversational marketing. It provides personalized conversations to the customer which in turn improves lead generation quality and drive sales.

It also enhances customer awareness as they learn about your brand.

With Morph, you can understand customer needs and personalize each conversation.


  • High-quality lead generation
  • Supports segmentation and improves content marketing
  • A complete chatbot solution with analytics and insights


Botkit is a developer tool for building apps for major messaging platforms. It is also used to develop chatbots and do custom integrations. Botkit is popular and has been used in more than 10,000 bots.

Botkit is advertised as the building blocks for building bots. It is available on GitHub, and it does come with amazing APIs and tools.


  • Open source and great community
  • Supports multi-message conversation
  • CRM tools and analytics
  • Fully-featured SDK
  • Integrate with many middleware and plugins


ManyChat is a messenger marketing tool. It lets you build bots for Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, you can customize it to handle support, sales, and marketing.

ManyChat is free to get it started and easy to use.


  • A bot can be created in 2 minutes without coding knowledge
  • Help grow the messenger bot subscribers
  • Provides tools bulk messages to subscribers
  • Completely automate messenger marketing
  • Provide personal chat when needed.

Astrobot Slack Integration

Astrobot Slack Integration is a tool that lets you connect your email with Slack. This means that you can manage inbox directly from Slack and handle all events like a pro.

All you need to do is add it to Slack and then login with your Office 365 or Gmail account.


  • Integrate email to your slack workplace
  • Never miss important emails
  • Respond directly from slack
  • Add new events to the calendar
  • Supports search across email and Slack


MobileMoney advertises itself as the world’s best Facebook Messenger Marketing platform. It is a chatbot that lets you handle your business marketing.


  • Blast Chats
  • Support human interference when needed
  • Audience segmentation
  • Build conversion funnels
  • Get quality leads
  • Grow contact list
  • Leverage AI