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Color Schemes Generator

Color Schemes Generator helps in quick creation, generation and saving of the colour palettes which can also be used later. Color schemes generator provides you with excellent color combinations with their color codes.

It comes packed with various amazing features like:

  • Just by pressing the spacebar, beautiful colour schemes can be obtained which complement each other.
  • You can choose the colours from any image and search for the most suitable shades.
  • The colours are totally customizable by adjusting the hue, saturation, temperature, brightness, shadows, etc.
  • There are various formats available to save the colour palettes including PNG and PDF.
  • The palettes can be saved in the collections section of the application itself.
  • By creating and signing in your account, you can also upload your progress on cloud.

Alternatives to Color Schemes Generator

Flat UI Colors

Graphic designing uses hundreds of attractive colors which are available for mixing and using. Flat UI Colors makes this mixing even easier for you, without having the basic skills of any high-end software.

Some of the most attractive features of Flat UI Colors are:

  • There are various in-built palettes of colors, available to use.
  • 13 designers from about 13 different countries have collaborated to develop this artistically advanced application.
  • There are over 280 colors present here for usage.
  • A simple copy and paste command is required to select a colour and apply to any other object which needs to be colored.

It is ideal to be used in the digital projects, presentations or while creating basic designs.

Adobe Color CC

The one brand which has made its name in the field of editing and dealing with visual data is Adobe. Adobe Color CC is also an equally efficient software which allows the users to choose from the color palettes available and use the same color for various purposes.

The application is built on a web-based interface and has various salient features like:

  • There are 1000+ options present there to choose from.
  • There are options to edit, save or download any color for choice, for future use.
  • One can create its own themes in the application itself.
  • There are ratings and reviews which help in selection upon confusion.

It must be noted that one should have an active Abode account for using the full-fledged features of the software.

Material Palette

Finding the right colour with the desired hue and shade can be a little difficult. At those times, Material Palette is the best option for getting the exact colour tone which you want.

The simple to use application is also loaded with various features, like:

  • The user interface is very simple and you can easily locate the colour you want to use.
  • There are options to use dark and light variants of all the colours.
  • There are separate palettes for choosing the primary and the secondary colours.
  • Separate background colours and surface colours can be chosen, as per the choice.

Color - Method of Action

Color- Method of Action is an amazing game available in the market for free, which can help in enhancing the color recognition abilities of the player.

Some of the best features of the application are:

  • It is customisable to play on both mobile phones and desktop browsers.
  • The primary colors are denoted by separate shapes and the intermediate colors are morphed.
  • Helps in learning to differentiate between the colors which look very similar.
  • There are various palettes available for selection, like, quaternary, ternary or complementary.


Developed for the ease of graphic designers and the people interested in creating their own visually attractive artwork, Gradients has a large number of colours which can be selected and used.

The most helpful features of Gradients include:

  • The user interface is very simple to use and understand.
  • It displays the colour codes which can be searched for, later as well.
  • It displays very smooth transition between the selected two or more shades of colours.
  • The hue and ambience can also be adjusted.
  • It is totally online and does not require any paid registration or installation.


Paletton has been operating since 2002 and easing out the selection of colours for people. It is a power packed application with a large number of features incorporated in the web design.

Some of these are:

  • The exact hue, shadow and ambience can be selected with the help of a provided wheel in the application.
  • There are various modes of display which can be chosen to identify the colours properly and make sure that the desired shade is obtained.
  • A preview window is there to check the final result before saving.
  • It has Colorpedia or an encyclopaedia of colours which has lots of information on colour blindness, colour vision, theories, psychology and perceptions related to colours.

Color Tool by Material Design

To understand the mechanism of colors and texts, Color Tool by Material Design is the best application to use without paying any charges. Color Tool helps you in easily selecting color combinations with its unique features.

It has a number of features like:

  • It can be used to create customizable color palettes which can be saved for later use.
  • The colors can be shared on various other pages.
  • The color palettes can be used to apply color to any text possible.
  • It measures the level of accessibility of any combination of colors that is selected from the provided boxes.
  • There is a preview panel available as well.

Curated Color palette inspiration

The Curated Color palette inspiration can be used to give a complete makeover to the web pages and various visual designs. Several features available with Curated Color are:

  • The color palettes have an extensive range of colors which have a very diverse field of application.
  • It is a free and open platform with specially hand-picked colors.
  • There are over thousands of trendy colors available at the liberty of simply clicking and adding the shade to your desired location.

Fresh Background Gradients

Fresh Background Gradients is your one-stop solution to get all the different major shades of colours for simple usage. It provides you with a ready-to-use gradient styling along with a visual demo.

The main features of the application are:

  • There are about 180 different linear gradients, available ready for use.
  • The CSS3 crossbrowser code of every colour can be copied and used at other places as per will.
  • There is a .PNG version of every colour, so that they can be viewed before using.
  • There are separate packages available for using in collaboration with major graphic designing and animating softwares.