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Cross Browser Testing

Do you know if your web application works on all the browsers and devices? Well, it’s not feasible to buy all of them to test but you can use the listed fantastic tools to perform browser and visual layout test.


LambdaTest is a great tool for anyone who wants to check if their website is responsive across different browsers or not.

Besides, it will also test your site for screen responsiveness and notify you if it does not look work well on mobile devices or laptops, desktops or tablets.

This fantastic tool has much more to offer. It will also check how a screenshot of your website will appear and a lot more.

LambdaTest has been trusted by popular companies like Accenture, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart to name a few.


  • Online Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Resolution Display Testing
  • Smart Visual Regression Testing


Browsershots is a free and open source online web application that lets you test your browser compatibility.

This tool will take screenshots of your website on different browsers and upload them on their central dedicated server for your review.

It is a unique tool that is easy to use and is available for free of cost. Since it is an open source tool you can contribute towards making it better if you have an idea in mind.

Here are a few features that it offers:

  • Browser compatibility test
  • Screen size compatibility
  • Color Depth
  • Well Documented

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a wonderful tool that tests your website across various operating systems and browser combinations.

By testing your website with Sauce Labs you can ensure that your website is responsive to browsers and operating systems of different types.

The tool comes with a free version that you can use before purchasing the premium version. If you are satisfied with the results, you can go ahead and try out the premium version that is loaded with great features.

Let's have a look at some of the features that it offers.

  • Automated Selenium Tests
  • Selenium Grid Maintenence
  • Secure Testing With Single-Use VMS
  • Test your Developments
  • Identify and Fix Bugs
  • Find the cause of Flaky Tests


SmartBear is a cross-browser testing application that is a great tool for anyone who wants to test their website's responsiveness across browsers. Loaded with robust features this tool guarantees you a perfect web experience.

With this application, you can easily run a manual, visual, and selenium tests in the cloud upon more than 1500 desktop and mobile browsers.

By using the SmartBear app you can ensure that your website maintains all the necessary points to stay at the top of the list of websites of its niche.


  • Live Testing on Remote Browsers
  • Automated testing
  • Visual Testing
  • Simplified CI Integration
  • Native Debugging Tools
  • Customizable Rest API


With Browserling you can test your website's browser compatibility in less than a minute. This tool offers a simplified way to test how your website performs across different browsers.

You just need to give it the URL of your website and then select the operating system and browser that you want to test your website upon.

The 'Test Now' button next to the URL field will give you the results in a matter of seconds.

Is'nt that simple?

Let's see what features it has for us.

  • Live Interactive Sessions
  • Accessibility to Latest Browsers
  • SSH Tunnels for Local Testing
  • Browser Extension for quick testing
  • Bug Hunter
  • Live API
  • Capture, save, edit and send screenshots of your web pages in various browsers.


Browserstack is another brilliant browser compatibility testing tool that offers you great results about how well your website performs on different browsers. By using this tool you can test your site on more than 1200 mobile devices and browsers.

Browserstackoffers great accuracy and ensures that you have the perfect result of your website performance.

It has been used by some of the popular names in the market and they have loved its services.

  • App Testing on iOs and Android
  • Uncompromising Security
  • Debugging
  • Website Testing