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Crowd Funding

Have an idea and you think the community will like it? Use the below crowd-funding platform to raise the funds for your startup idea.


FundedByMe is a crowdfunding platform created for the use of investors and entrepreneurs. It is a platform where an entrepreneur can crowdfund his project. The users(investors) can invest in any project of their liking.

The idea behind the platform is intelligent growth that is scalable, structure and is powered by passionate people.

You can find hundreds of success stories on the platform which range from simple whiteboard revolution to smart services over the web.

Mighty Cause

Mighty Cause is a non-profit fundraising platform. The platform provides an easy way to create campaigns and also ensure that donors have a perfect experience.

The platform can be used for any cause including charity, personal, and anything fundraisers. It also supports peer-to-peer fundraising and ensures that community grows healthily.


  • Supports all type of crowdfunding campaigns including personal funding
  • Huge fundraising can be done by organizing special events.
  • Organize a fundraising team.
  • Analytics and recurring donations.


Crowdfunder is a crowdfunding platform for startups. It is a platform which is specially curated for entrepreneurs to pitch their idea to investors. It has a big community of 200,000 members and 15,000 accredited investors.

Anyone can invest along with their favorite investor. For entrepreneurs, it is easy to start their campaign. They also have a learn page where they share useful information about crowdfunding and how to get started.


  • Great community with accredited investors and a considerable number of members
  • Easy to get started
  • It supports all type of startups including eCommerce, Crypto, and so on.
  • Invest along with your favorite investor.


StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding and investment opportunities platform. It is built for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas to the world and get it funded. Recently, they have also included support for ICO launch.

Investors can also buy shares in companies using StartEngine. Also, the platform has a proper way of enabling you to follow your investment whenever needed. It is also a platform where equity crowdfunding is supported.


  • An easy way for entrepreneurs to do equity crowdfunding.
  • Hundreds of current offerings to choose from.
  • A good investment platform with ease to find proper investment.
  • Buy shares and meet entrepreneurs
  • Follow investments easily.


Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms out there. It helps creative people such as musicians, designers, filmmakers, and others to find support for their project and bring it to reality. The platform supports both small and big projects.

Until now, more than 10 million people have supported multiple projects on Kickstarter. It is also a Benefit corporation which measures its success by its impact on society rather than profit or number of shareholders.


  • Supports both big and small projects.
  • Categories such as Food&Craft, Music, Film, and others are supported.
  • Projects approval process is easy.
  • Smaller projects have the most exposure on this platform.


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform which hosts innovative and unique products for crowdfunding. It offers visitors the ability to fund interesting projects and also shop products from the marketplace.

The platform offers a campaign dashboard for entrepreneurs. Until now, it has hosted over 100,000 projects from 196 countries.


  • A complete end-to-end solution for funding projects.
  • A great platform for innovative tech platforms.
  • It supports both donations and reward.
  • Lowest fees for partial and completed campaign.


Patreon is a platform for creatives such as podcasters, musicians, game creators and others to start their page and get funded while providing benefits to the donors.

It can act as a meaningful revenue stream where fans subscribe in exchange for services. Patreon also supports the donation.

Patreon until now has enabled creators to earn more than $350 million collectively. Not only that, it offers creatives to have freedom on what they do and get funded while doing so.


  • Provides growth insights and content analytics.
  • Content creators can set up membership services.
  • Provides proper Patron management
  • Low and transparent fees with only 5% fees.
  • Dedicated teams to help your creators.