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Visibility, protection, and compliance for your public cloud. DOME9 ARC offers comprehensive security protection for your applications hosted in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

It’s a SaaS solution to visualize the current state of security and protect every endpoint. Some of the features are.

  • Advanced IAM
  • Apply strict network policy
  • Agentless
  • Detect misconfiguration, risk, vulnerabilities
  • Fix security issues quickly

Alternatives to Dome9

Qualys Cloud Platform

Secure the entire application, network in the data center. With multiple security checkpoint, you will have full visibility in the real-time. Qualys integrate well with GCP, Azure, and AWS.

The good thing is you don't have to buy any hardware, it's SaaS-based solution to manage and secure your cloud. It's enterprise-ready and some of the features are:

  • Perform global scanning
  • Scale as you grow
  • Powerful analytics and real-time threats notification
  • All assets in a single window, in your favorite browser

You can start a free trial to experience the Qualys security.

Threat Stack

Threat Stack platform is one stop solution to secure entire infrastructure. You get complete visibility and get notified in real-time for threats so you can fix the security incidents faster. The platform got a powerful detection and assessment system to monitor public, hybrid, multi-cloud in a real-time.


  • Integrate AWS accounts to monitor CloudTrail and suspicious activity
  • Host-based intrusion detection
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Configuration auditing
  • Vulnerability checks