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Email Marketing Solution

Craft beautiful email and send to your users from the following listed platform. They can be integrated with your site like WordPress, Joomla to collect emails.


MailerLite offer unlimited emails and contact list storage. It is one of the cost-effective solutions to send a newsletter.

You can get it started in FREE if you have up to 1000 subscribers.

MailerLite got a drag-n-drop editor to compose a beautiful email to engage more with your audience. Some of the features are:

  • Newsletter templates
  • Use their landing page, embedded forms to grow the email list
  • Personalization
  • Deliver by timezone and email automation
  • Powerful analytics

MailerLite got an API to be integrated within your application and offer multiple integrations out of the box.

  • Use with a WordPress site
  • Sync with OptinMonster, Thrive Leads
  • Connect to Shopify, Squarespace, WooCommerce
  • Add subscription tab to your Facebook page

MailerLite looks promising for blogger, startup and small to medium business.


Make your emails more interesting and interactive by integrating a personalized video before sending it across to your clients and subscribers. By doing this you enhance the possibility to get a better response to your marketing efforts.

BombBomb just lets you do it in and in the right way so that your marketing campaigns gain massive success.

Once you use BombBomb your sales will increase manifold and you will never want to use another tool for your marketing campaigns. Here are few of the features it offers:

  • Send Simple Videos
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Email Automation
  • Send bulk Emails together


Simplify your email marketing job and boost your sales with this fantastic resource. This is a user-friendly tool that comes with a robust drag and drop builder allowing you to create an email campaign in no time at all.

You also get some of the most striking landing pages and responsive forms that comes built-in with it. Both these features can be used right away, as soon as you install and set u the tool on your website.

Let's have a look at some of the features that it offers:

  • Create smart automated campaigns
  • segment your contacts based on age, gender, location, etc
  • Design content for a specific group of clients
  • Integrate with a wide range of third-party lead generating software


Drip is one of the most loved and effective email marketing platforms that you can ever have. This tool is super responsive, highly flexible and a very user-friendly resource that you can easily set your hands upon.

With this tool, you can easily add multiple signup forms to your website and start marketing your business to capture leads.

The best thing about Drip is its brilliant support system.

it offers extensive documentation apart from the live chats, webinars, free guides and detailed courses all directed to make using this tool easy and convenient.

Let's see what more it does:

  • Automate your emails
  • Navigate Integrations
  • Use tags, custom fields, and events
  • Automate workflows


Boost your marketing and sales instantly by using the ActiveCampaign email marketing tool. This is the perfect tool to bring a meaningful growth to your business by letting you send beautifully crafted emails to your clients.

With this tool, you can draft the exact email that your subscribers want to read. by doing this you reduce the chance of landing into their spam folder.

Check out what else it lets you do:

  • Automate email marketing
  • Track your site to know your audience better
  • Segment your contact based on location, age, gender etc
  • Allow Gmail extension so that you can work remotely


SendLoop is a great resource that lets you build a continued and strong relationship with your potential clients. This tool is a simple, affordable and effective email marketing resource that is perfect for any small or large business.

With SenLoop you can easily monitor your client's actions on your website and tailor the perfect email for him/her.

It has already bagged more than 36,000 active users and the number is still on the rise. Check out a few features that it offers:

  • Lets you track customer data
  • Trigger instant messages and real-time report
  • Use tons of lead generation tools and email templates
  • List management


Litmus is one of the most popularly used spam and design testing services that you will love using. You can use this tool to test your inbox previews and check spam by integrating it with the Campaign Monitor.

With Litmus, sending email becomes a lot easier than you think.

This brilliant tool, lets you email every individual subscriber from anywhere and at any time you want. It also offers great flexibility too, so you can create, edit and quickly review your emails before you hit the send button.

The tool has been designed with very high responsive features and that makes it look stunning on any devices of any size.


  • Activate simple and automated checks on your emails
  • Sync your Litmus email with an email platform
  • Create private Litmus teams to manage your emails
  • Accelerate campaign performance
  • Ways to land into potential client's inbox and not the spam folder


This is another brilliant email marketing solution that can help you build relationships with your clients and increase your business to a larger scale. It is one of the most loved email marketing tools that can be used on any kind of platform.

You can get started with this resource with just a few clicks of the mouse. It comes with some of the most appealing email templates that are ready to be used as soon as the tool is set up on your website.

Here are a few features that it offers:

  • Keep a track of your progress
  • Set up autoresponder followups
  • Create automated emails
  • Apply tags to trigger automated email campaigns


ConvertKit is a fantastic tool that can help you grow a successful online business with ease and in no time. This tool best suits the need of professional bloggers, content marketers, content creators and the like.

It lets you send out automated emails built with a personal touch that will help you increase your conversions.

ConvertKit is super responsive, highly flexible and extremely user-friendly.

It also comes with a great support team that is always ready to assist you with your queries. Check out some of the features that it offers :

  • Send automated emails
  • Send highly targeted content to your subscribers
  • Send drip emails
  • Segment contacts


MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing service providers in the market. It is a perfect solution for both small and large business for the super advanced features that it offers.

Whether your website is powered by WordPress, Magento, Shopify or any other platform, MailChimp is the best tools for you to reach out to a wide range of targeted audience.

This amazing tool comes with a free plan allowing you to send up to 12,000 emails until you subscribers list hits a total of 2000. Some of its features are listed below:

  • Create emails with ease
  • Activate autoresponders
  • Track and analyze your campaigns
  • Automate your marketing