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Email Signature

Build trust, create brand awareness and convert more by adding a professional signature to your email.


Htmlsig is all about, “easy email signatures.” The tool lets you promote your company or business with email. It can be used to create email signatures for you and your team.

Htmlsig is a premium service, however, you can try out a free signature before buying the subscription.


HubSpot offers a free email signature generator which you can take advantage of. It works with all the popular email services or clients including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and others.

To use it, you need to fill out a form and connect your social media platforms.


MySignature lets you generate leads and build a brand using email signature marketing. They provide an easy-to-use email signature generate that looks professional.

It is free and will be handy to market your new product or brand.


With NewOldStamp, you can build a great business email signature using their signature generator. With it, you can utilize new marketing channel through email signatures.

It works with all the major email clients. You can tune your signature with branding.

Brand My Email

Brand My Email provides you with the tools to create marketable and useful email signatures. By using Brand My Email, you can customize your email signature the way you want and help you bring more business to you.


  • Give you a competitive advantage
  • Get noticed by interactive email
  • It also ensures that email attachments are not labeled as spam
  • Offers web-based signatures, outlook signatures, and e-documents


ZippySig lets you create stunning email signatures. By doing so, it helps you grow your business. Also, it is a free email signature service which works with even without any sign-ups. It also offers a paid offering which provides better control and more features.

Until now, 62,000 email signatures are created using the service.


  • Create email signatures for diverse applications such as Mailbird, Office 365, Google Apps, and so on.
  • Get increased email replies with ZiggySig email signature
  • Completely mobile optimized
  • Drag and drop email signature without the need to know HTML or CSS.