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Find Domain Name

Struggling to get the right domain for your product? These tools will generate unique domain name based on the provided keywords.


An important trait of an eye-catching and unforgettable brand is its catchy domain name. Brandpa will help in a search for the domain name that reflects your company and product best.

You can find the domains which are currently for sale and also the domains in demand.

You are free to choose a domain name based on the industry your company represents, such as, technology, business, entertainment, finance, etc.

Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search utilizes artificial intelligence to help you find the ideal, available domain for your business and product.

You can search about the availability of your chosen domain name as the website is capable of showing the domain name availability within a remarkable 100 milliseconds.

Some of the features of the website include:

  • Finding out new domain extensions like .club, .online and many more
  • Using the domain name generator to find a domain name for your business
  • Looking for domains on sale
  • Finding out expired domains


Name Grep is another website created to help people to find the domain name of their liking. This website is focused on making the experience easy for the users, by creating sets.

These sets are lists of items which can help to bootstrap the domain name search. Not only can you customise these sets, but you can also always suggest new sets that the creators can add later.


FlameDomain is an easy-to use-domain research tool which provides well-researched results capable of becoming your next domain name.

You will just have to register yourself before they can set off to find you a domain name. The developers add a new, helpful tool to the software every month to keep things interesting.

Following are some of the characteristics of FlameDomain:

  • Trusted and verified platform for guaranteed domain name research
  • Expert support team
  • Domain name generator focused on usability
  • Simple yet powerful infrastructure

Business Name Generator by Shopify

It is difficult to come up with a business name that explains your product right and, at the same time, leaves a lasting impression on the user.

Shopify's Business Name Generator can do this task for you by using something similar to a domain name generator.

You will only have to enter a word in your desired business name, and the tool will give you 100 + options to choose from.

DomainHack Me is an unconventional, fun and yet, a resourceful way to find a new domain name.

The site is free and created by Jan Brennensthul, a software engineer, web developer and open data activist from Berlin, Germany.

The following are some of its features:

  • Utilises the same system used by Google’s Angular JS
  • Combines domain levels (even Top-Level Domain) to spell the entire entered name to form a domain
  • Creates extremely short domain names
  • Valuable for redirectors, paste bins, base domains and URL shortening services
  • Can be used to create base domains to use for delegating sub-domains.


DomainsBot came to be in the domain industry in the year 2004. Since then, the company has grown enormously and evolved into a domain-providing giant.

Domain bot is a domain sales optimization tool which helps in providing domain search solutions.

Listed below are some of its features:

  • Domain name suggestions in up to 11 languages
  • API guided quick setup which is beginner friendly
  • Advanced analytics tool for deep insights
  • Personalized dashboard to see the metrics that matter

DomainsBot also created Pandalytics in 2015, providing professionals with accurate data for the current domain market.