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GradeProof is a fantastic tool that helps you make your writing better. With this tool, you can not only create error-free work for your clients or for yourself but can also help you proof-read your work with the help of its advanced Artificial Intelligence.

The tool also makes unique suggestions while you are working, so that you work stands out amongst all the rest of its kind.


  • Unique suggestion
  • Custom Dictionary
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Rephrase your writing

Alternatives to GradeProof


This platform is perfect for creative writers, writing agencies, content curators and the like. With Draft, you can start writing anything that comes to your mind and saves it securely without losing your hard work in case of any technicalities.

Draft comes with great features.

  • Copy editing
  • Compare old work
  • Allow comments
  • Add images
  • Character count
  • Analytics
  • Auto-simplification


A writing app for iPad, iPhone and Mac OSX.

If you are frequently traveling or often write on your mobile or tablet then Ulysses would be a good pick to write on go.

The interface is clean and got a powerful editor which doesn't distract you.


  • Markup-based text editor
  • Auto-save and backup
  • Synchronize with iCloud and Dropbox
  • Export writing to PDF, Word docs,
  • Publish directly to WordPress and Medium

Ulysses got fully functional 14-days trial. Give a try, you will love it.


Who does not know about Grammarly? It is the most popular error detection tool that makes writing error-free content easy and effortless.

As soon as an error related to grammar, punctuation, sentence formation etc in your text is detected, Grammarly immediately brings it to your notice by highlighting it for you.

Grammarly comes with great features.

  • Browser extension
  • Grammar checking
  • Punctuation checking
  • Sentence correction

It also has a plagiarism checking version that detects if any part of your text has been picked directly from another person's work.

Hemingway Editor

Make your writings short and specific by using the Hemingway Editor. It is a brilliant tool that lets you create content that is free from all types of errors.

It highlights sentences that are too long, complex or contains grammatical errors.

Any such sentences whenever detected is highlighted by the app so that you can modify or improve it with a better version. This platform is easy to use and simplifies the process of error detection for you.


  • Error detection
  • Word count
  • Grade your text
  • Formatting styles


If better writing is all you want, then try using the Caret app. This tool is responsive to all sort of devices and OS including Mac, Windows, Linux.

It offers you a clean and distraction-free writing mode where you can focus solely on your writing project.

Caret comes with amazingly advanced features to offer you the best user experience.


  • User-friendly editor
  • Multiple cursors at the same time for multi-editing all at once
  • Filter and preview your work
  • Night mode to work at night

The Most Dangerous Writing App

It is the most fun app to work with. This app deletes all your work if you stop typing before the time that is specified to you. You can surely select the time by yourself.

So if you are not confident of your writing ability, it's better you choose a time that you think is right for you.

The app keeps a check on all your errors and highlights them for you as soon as it is spotted. So keep writing unless you meet the time specified for you.

It is the best app that lets you brainstorm and come up with ideas quickly about any given topic.

  • Error spotting
  • Deletes draft if paused is long
  • Text highlight