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Learn Cloud Computing

Take your career to the next level by learning cloud computing. Get to know how to manage and administer AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure and private cloud.

Linux Academy

Add more attractions to your CV by doing online courses which are not only academically helpful but also helps you create a community outside your comfort zone.

With Linux Academy, you get the best of the online tech courses which will give you ample knowledge for the future.

Certain facts about the platform include:

  • You can access the blogs and how-to guides to get more insights of the technical world.
  • There are 150+ courses designed especially for the learning path you choose.
  • Profound Linux and cloud training are given by a team of professional developers, designers, operations managers, account executives and cloud training architects.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

80% OFF

Learn everything it takes to become a certified AWS solution architect. This online course is taught by Ryan Kroonenburg.

There are more than 300,000 students have taken this course and found useful in learning about AWS administration and clearing the exam. The course contains more than 20 hours of video, supporting materials, test, and completion of the certificate.

The course is available on Udemy so you can access it from anywhere on any device.

Essential Cloud Infrastructure

Coursera has designed this course to teach the students, the importance of all the comprehensive and flexible platform services provided by the Cloud Platform of Google.

Certain aspects that make Essential Cloud Infrastructure a perfect choice include:

  • This course teaches to manage big data transformation using the system applications from the cloud.
  • The major goal of the course is to create a new solution to be integrated into the already existing systems and application environments.
  • It takes only one week to expertise the whole content and starts bringing the topics in regular usage.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Wondering what is Cloud and how it works? This online course will clear all your doubt and boost you with the cloud knowledge.

Its basic course so explained in easy language which anyone can understand. Some of the things are explained are:

  • Origins of cloud, top vendors
  • How it works and how to get it started
  • What is IaaS, PaaS, Faas, SaaS
  • Difference between a server and serverless architecture
  • How cloud helps business

Cloud Computing Certifications - Cloud Academy

The digital world is constantly changing and so should our knowledge about it. Don't get left behind with traditional IT infrastructure knowledge, instead upgrade your skills with cloud computing.

so Cloud Computing Certifications - Cloud Academy has been developed as the perfect solution and guide.

Some exceptional facilities that make this platform unique include:

  • This course has its content updated and added every month so that no change is missed out.
  • There are easy learning paths to understand the common things, simply.
  • Quizzes can also be played.

You can get it started with a FREE trial.

IBM - Learn about cloud computing

Coming from the house of IBM, the learning medium of Cloud Computing has been developed to make people understand the main terminology of the digital world, without any charges.


  • It teaches about the flexibility of Cloud Computing and proves its agility and cost-effectiveness.
  • The curriculum gives a brief introduction of all the major terms used in the technological sphere.
  • It also provides you with tips and tricks for using cloud computing for your business and making the most out of it.
  • For the interested ones, it dives a little deeper into the concepts of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Cloud Computing Concepts | Coursera

Coursera provides a lot of Cloud Computing Concepts which are beyond the aspects of programming. They mostly deal with the basic infrastructure of a cloud computing device and teaches the common set of core techniques, design philosophies, and algorithms.


  • Very conceptually designed course with little implications of programming, the course also has a quiz
  • A prerequisite quiz is required to be taken to check your eligibility of the course

Cloud Computing - Lynda

Make the best use of cloud computing for your business by learning the keys and tips with this LinkedIn integrated learning site. Lynda got more than 175 courses with more than 5000 video tutorials.

You can choose to learn about administration, securing, support, implementation of your favorite cloud.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud

Learn Cloud Computing from Scratch

This course on Udemy deals with the changing paradigms in the cloud computing sector and teaches about the new opportunities and threats created for the developers.

The course not only makes you aware of the basic concepts but also prepares your mind to understand the next level of knowledge related to cloud computing.


  • It discusses how the Linux system is transforming the complete infrastructure throughout the world
  • The advanced topics like Virtualization Technologies have also been discussed to give a holistic idea of the cloud computing environment

After completing the course, you should have a clear understanding of the cloud and ready to implement in a real-time scenario.