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Learn System Administration

Learn everything about administering and managing IT Infrastructure. Upgrade your skills in system administration to support and implement application infrastructure.

Google - Site Reliability Engineering

An awesome book for anyone into IT who is interested to learn how Google has made their infrastructure to serve their popular services. You get to know about the entire process including build, monitoring, maintenance, scalability, high-availability, deployment and much more.

Each chapter is well explained and easy to follow. SRE book is FREE.

Learn Linux Administration

80% OFF

More than 17,000 students are enrolled in this course. Jason Cannon teaches you Linux administration covering the following topics.

  • Boot process and system logging
  • Volume and disk management
  • Users and groups
  • Managing processes, services, software
  • Networking

Linux Command Cheat Sheet

A free PDF with over 1000 commands so you can refer you need a help.

Free Training from Cybrary

Cybrary is an online platform that provides free training on software and operating systems. The portal can be used to gain knowledge which can help you land future jobs.


  • Guided Career Paths and Mentor guidance to help you learn better
  • 200+ virtual labs to evaluate what you have learned
  • Premium support to help you with any technical difficulties
  • Community groups for collaborations
  • Facility to create a course and give back to the society

The courses on Cybrary are free.

Linux From Scratch

Build your own custom Linux from the source code. Learn everything it takes to do that. It's a project which covers the following.

  • LFS - a free book
  • Extend installation with customization
  • Automate and manage the builds
  • Cross-compiling the systems
  • Hits to enhance the custom build

System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services

A course by Google for a beginner. The course is aimed at helping you maintain a reliable multi-user system environment.

It covers some of the following.

  • Best practices to choose the right hardware and software for your business
  • Managing infrastructure services
  • Choosing the best tools
  • Plan for disaster recovery
  • Improve the IT processes