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Cloud Object Storage

A collection of low-latency cloud object storage services where you can host your static site, media, unstructured data at lower cost. Most of the listed platform offer to store data in multiple regions.

Cloud Object Storage | IBM Cloud

An enterprise-ready cloud storage for small to large business.

IBM offers highly durable, scalable and secures storage. With it, you can store and manage your data using RESTful API or their dashboard.

IBM offers multiple resiliency options where you can choose to store data in a region or cross region.


  • Multiple storage class offered
  • Archive based on data availability requirement
  • Can use IBM SQL query to analyze the data


Spaces by DigitalOcean is one of the cost-effective solutions to store flat files like doc, PDF, image, logs, video, etc in the cloud.

You can upload the file using their API or drag-and-drop. It's scalable so you don't need to worry about storage limitations.

Files are available to view or download at greater speed worldwide.

You can get it started from as low as $5 per month which includes the following.

  • 250GB storage
  • 1TB outbound transfer

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage (GCS) is one of the best and cheapest solutions to keep all your flat files for applications. You can also use GCS to host your static sites.

With Google Cloud storage you can integrate storage into your apps with a single unified API. It also offers an optimized price and performance across four storage classes with Object Lifecycle Management.

Best of all is that you can access data instantly from any storage class.


AWS S3 is a popular object storage service that is trusted by thousands of startup and enterprise.

Using this platform you can store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere in the world. It's durability, scalability, and availability is something that is unmatched with any other services.

You can use S3 to store media files, document, PDF, host static site, etc at a lower cost.