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Rank Tracking

How does your web page rank for your business keywords? Do you keep a track of it? Don’t worry, these tools will help you with that.


Accuranker is an excellent website to constantly track your website rank and improve your website ranking with organic traffic being driven to your website.

Accuranker comes with a 14-day free trial with excellent full-fledged features fully accessible during the testing. The paid plans start at $49/month.

The service provided by Accuranker include:

  • Unlimited domain rank monitoring
  • Competitor site monitoring
  • Daily as well as on-demand ranking updates
  • Consistent elaborate reporting for factors affecting your rank
  • Google as well as Adobe analytics report to help you optimize your site for better rankings
  • Advanced metrics


SERPRobot is an advanced analytics tool which allows you to get a detailed graphical report on how your site is performing for every keyword.

The interesting fact about SERPRobot is that it provides this amazing service for merely donations. It does not explicitly charge to get an analytics report. You could easily check your site ranking for up to 5 keywords without even registering on the site.

Additional features provided by SERPRobot post registration include:

  • Competitor site search
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Automatic alerts for rank changes
  • API access to display rank at alternate places
  • Automatic reports
  • Advanced features of narrowing results to specific location


Nightwatch is an exceptional tool build with the latest technologies to serve you dynamic data faster and better. Nightwatch markets itself as the most advanced SEO performance tracker and data analytics tool.

Nightwatch stands out in the market for its exceptional data visualization tools, consistent rank and data tracking, top keywords research tools and lots more.

A high level list of features include:

  • Ranking & Visibility change monitoring
  • Keyword opportunity tracking for improving your SEO
  • Powerful segmentation tools to view report in a segregated format
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Automated Reporting
  • Web traffic changes over varying period
  • Backlink monitoring

Despite being a highly sophisticated tool, the plans of Nightwatch start from $19 per month allowing up to 20 websites!


Solving the difficulties of tracking multi-site ranking, Topvisor stands out in the market for its exceptionally low pricing despite providing excellent services.

Topvisor is an all-in-one SEO tracker which helps in tracking a specific site ranking and health on multiple websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Sputnik, Youtube, and others.

Topvisor not only allows you to track based on your keywords, it also allows you to find the best keywords for that purpose.

A brief list of services include:

  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword Search volume research
  • SERP snapshots
  • Search suggestions to help you find the right keywords faster
  • Website watcher to track the health in terms of SEO

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank tracker is actually what its name suggests - It is an advanced tool to help you track not just websites. Pro Rank Tracker features multiple products for different business needs.

Pro Rank Tracker makes it a point to provide customized solutions for every online business rather than crowding the market of SEO rank trackers.

The services provided by Pro Rank Tracker include:

  • SEO rank tracking and monitoring
  • E-Commerce product rank tracking
  • Local and Global competitor rank tracking
  • APIs to fetch data easily
  • Multi-lingual tracking
  • Video ranking tracking on Youtube
  • Affiliate rank tracking

These exceptional features make it a leading rank tracking provider for every custom business need.

Rank Tracker

Rank tracker combines the power of multiple leading tools in the market to provide an all-in-one SEO rank tracking solution for your business.

Rank tracker helps by combining and organizing the results from normal rank tracking tools and displays it in a useful and effective manner.

Rank tracking certainly provided the conventional features of every rank tracker tool. The features which add to its value are:

  • Location-based rank tracker
  • Multi-lingual rank tracker
  • Desktop and mobile app based reporting
  • Detailed yet simpler reports
  • Multi-User login with sharable tracking links
  • Search Volume analysis
  • Advanced algorithm analysis


RankTrackr is an advanced multi-source tracking system which provides an online pleasing interface to monitor all your sites at one place.

Ranktrackr allows you to track your websites, videos, products, affiliate blogs and several other entities. The selling point of Ranktrackr is it neat UI with beautifully designed dashboards.

The out of the box features of Ranktrackr include:

  • Local tracking by zip code, city, state as well as country
  • Search volume analysis of cost per click in addition to keyword-based search volume analysis
  • Multi-format client reports
  • Multi-channel tracking - Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Google Places and others

Rank Tracker by Link Assistant

In order to be ahead in the online business, one must always be aware of where they stand amidst their competitors. This can be done by evaluating the rank held by your website in the search results.

Rank Tracker by Link-Assistant is an easy tool which can be used to determine this position. It boasts of the following features:

  • An advanced rank monitoring system
  • Customizable tool, to the user’s necessity
  • Ranking which can be tracked on a local level
  • About 20 keywords tools for research and analysis
  • Custom ranking reports

All you have to do is enter your name and email to begin the speedy rank analysis.

Rank Tracking by Moz

Rank Tracking by Moz is a Search engine rank tracking solution which helps you track your rank locally as well as globally.

This rank tracking solution also allows you to actively monitor your competitor sites to set a clear goal to achieve.

Additionally, it also provides the below services to assist in the SEO process:

  • Keyword-based tracking
  • SERP features list that affect your site
  • Data storage for easy comparison with competitor data

These services help in comprehensively improving the ranking of your page. Rank tracking by Moz offers a 30 day free trial to start with. Post-trial, the package start at $99 per month.


SERPWatcher is a tool created to track the ranking of your website for a search result. The tool was built keeping simplicity in mind, benefiting both professionals and novices alike.

The tool is known for the following features:

  • Efficient rank tracking
  • Monitoring keyword ranking on all devices
  • Keyword position update
  • Efficient data representation
  • Keyword organisation using keywords
  • Sharing reports and receiving alerts via email

This is a paid tool and comes with 3 plans. The Basic version is available for $49 per month, but a 40% discount is available for annual subscriptions. ‘Premium’ and ‘Enterprise’ are the other higher versions of the software.