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Create Blog Post, Social Media Images

Give an outstanding expression to your blog post featured image, shared Facebook, LinkdedIn, Twitter and other social media post.


Stencil is an easy-to-use and very high-quality result yielding application to edit graphics and add visual elements. It has various benefits like:

  • More than 1,500,000 royalty free images ready to be used
  • With over 650+ templates
  • A logo can be stored and used multiple times in case of professional picture editing.
  • There are over 100,000+ quotes to search for in various categories and add to the images, for sharing on the social media sites.
  • You can upload your own fonts while editing text on the images.
  • 100,000+ icons and graphics are present to add on the images and make them look very attractive.


In this era of social media, the more attractive graphical content one posts, the better views the account gets. Snappa provides brilliant features with pre-defined and customizable visual elements to create pictures which are ready to be posted on the social media accounts.

The most attractive services being offered by Snappa are:

  • You can do heavy graphical designing by simply dragging and dropping the elements.
  • The templates are available in different colours and sizes, and are very professional.
  • The graphics can be resized, based on the type of social media platform it being shared on.
  • One can also install custom fonts for using.

There is a free version to use, with Pro and Team categories priced at $10 and $20 annually, respectively.


Desygner got fantastic features to create visually attractive posts and increase the fan base on social media, greatly.

Some of the commonly found things that you can do on Desygner are:

  • Create appealing pictures to engage more
  • There are various aspect ratios available, which can be chosen to get the picture ideal for the different social media platforms
  • More than 1,000,000 HD photographs are there in the library, ready to be used.
  • Over 5000+ templates are available for customizing the pictures.


Aviary is a power-packed photo editor which helps in the simple editing of pictures without any hassles. It provides an array of fresh features like:

  • One single option to auto-enhance the picture and edit the shadows, highlights, brightness, contrast, etc.
  • There are various effects and frames available in the application.
  • Stickers can also be applied to the images.
  • Different options to crop, rotate and straighten the picture are there.
  • You can also draw on the image and add text to it, by adjusting the font size, color and type.
  • Beautify the image and remove red eyes, blemishes and whiten the teeth.


Pixelmator can be used to edit the pictures very easily and create web-friendly content with just the tap of the finger. There are a number of features available, like:

  • Auto-color adjustment can be used to tune the image with the perfect brightness, contrast, highlights, shadow and warmth.
  • There are pre-defined sizes, which can be readily used on the web and social media platforms.
  • All the Pixelmator tools are available at a single place which is accessible by the touchbar.
  • The live previewing feature can come handy while blending the layers or editing the text.
  • Colour range can be selected to create different hues in the image.

Pixelmator Pro is the paid version of Pixelmator that can be purchased for using the full features of the application.


Pixlr has simple, ready-to-use tools which can be used by a novice to excel basic photo editing. Some of the great features available in the app are:

  • Photo collage can be made with various picture layouts, spacing and background.
  • The auto-fix option can edit the picture automatically and set the correct white balance.
  • The Double Exposure option helps in choosing and blending various layers to create a special effect.
  • The image can be drawn upon with pencil, ink, marker and various other tools.
  • Text on the image is also fully customisable.
  • Focus Blur helps in giving a bokeh effect to the image.
  • The beautify feature can be used to heal the marks and scars of the body, and also to alter the skin tone.


Fotor is a highly advanced photo editing application available for computers and smartphones which can effectively be used to edit the images and create a collage.

Some of the great features from its array of benefits are:

  • There is an unlimited number of effects like Film, Vintage, and Kaleidoscope which can be used to make your picture stand out.
  • Rapid adjustments can be made to the image with the option to enhance it.
  • There are various templates available to create photo collages.
  • There are frames, filters, and stickers available on the app with web support.

Adobe Spark

The magic of Adobe is very well incorporated in a simple to use and high-end result yielding application, Adobe Spark. It provides a huge range of features like:

  • The design filters can make your pictures look highly professional in a matter of a few minutes.
  • The auto resize function and automatically change the aspect ratio and resolution of the image as per the social media site it is required for.
  • Beautiful typography can be added to the image with also, popped up text and customisable fonts.
  • The cut-out and outline effects can be used to perform heavy graphic designing tasks.
  • The background image can be revealed through a text with the text cut-outs feature.
  • Picture collages can also be made on dynamic backgrounds, very easily.


DesignWizard helps in adding a personal touch to the images by providing various editing options. The tool comes with amazing photo editing features. Few of these easy-to-use features of the software are listed below:

  • You can crop and resize your image completely at free will.
  • Various fonts, logos, photos and colour palettes can be added from the library to the application.
  • Millions of illustrations and graphics are available for exploring and editing.
  • There is no infringement of the images as the image is licensed and the copyrights are well-maintained.
  • Custom templates are available for easily placing the image or desired text.

Pablo by Buffer

Pablo By Buffer can be used to create attractive social media posts which will not only attract your friends but also increase the engagement on your pages. It offers a number of features like:

  • You can resize your image as per the media platform the image is to be posted on
  • Multiple social media templates available
  • Add attractive text on the images with the desired font size, type and color
  • The image created can be instantly shared from the application itself

It is completely free.


With no prior design skills, Klex is the perfect application to create visually appealing graphical content. Klex has an intuitive UI that allows a layman to easily get started with it.

It has numerous benefits, as follows:

  • The dashboard has an organized view to keep all the ongoing work arranged
  • The dimensions can be changed as per the media platform and the requirement
  • Export the edited files in various formats with a transparent background
  • It also offers a set of video tutorials to guide the users through its various features.