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Social Media Management

Listen to your users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Automate the social media tasks with these softwares.


The social media platforms have become areas rich with customer research. Social Rank is a survey platform which will help you understand your audience better.

The software is so created that it targets the social media platforms on Instagram and Twitter. Determine the most engaged audience by tracking their retweets, mentions, replies, likes, comments, tags etc.

Some of its other features are

  • Sort audience as Most Valuable, Most Engaged, Best Followers and Most Followed in alphabetical order
  • Filter audience by using filters like bio keywords and word/hashtag searches
  • Analyse the gained information easily by exporting to PDF, direct messaging as well as saving searches


Timing is key, whether in personal life or business. The right post about your business on social media can make a large difference in visibility.

Postfity is a platform which can help you in managing your social media presence.

You can create scheduled posts and time them to be posted to your preference.


  • Schedule week lengths posts within hours and save your time
  • Use the Postfity app to manage about 200 accounts without a hassle

Track your audience in real time and analyse their movement to better understand their needs


Kuku is suitable for all, from a start-up to an established enterprise. This easy-to-use platform can provide you with the help you require to schedule posts.

Other tasks like building a content calendar and analysis of up to 10 networks can also be carried out using this tool.

Additionally, it boasts of below features:

  • Supporting social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc
  • User-friendly with a simple and interactive user interface
  • Social media content calendar
  • Editing content on the basis of network
  • Liking and sharing content
  • Add team members and share reports


Getstacker is one of the simplest ways available to manage multiple social media platforms. The software will help you with several tasks that are required to build a business on social media.

Not only is it time-saving, but also becomes a central hub for all your social media needs.

Its essential features include:

  • Universal inbox, where you can read and reply to all your social media chats
  • Auto schedule your posts to save time and provide viewers with a string of posts
  • Log in to and manage multiple accounts with ease
  • Access Stacker using its mobile app, available on iOS and Android
  • Work with a team and share information

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a powerful and yet, easy to use social media software which can help users in managing all of their social media accounts from one convenient location.

Some of its key features are:

  • Analysing and using gathered data to produce a better brand
  • Planning and organizing social media content beforehand
  • Building and strengthening customer relationships by engaging in conversations
  • Built for all types of businesses; small, agency and enterprise


Automate your social media tasks with Social Pilot. You can connect more than 50 accounts and start posting in real-time or schedule it.

It got powerful analytics inbuilt to monitor and analyze the performance. You can export the report in PDF with just a single click.

Social Pilot also got content curation & discovery so you can share the relevant content with your audience for better engagement.


  • Social media calendar to visualize your strategies
  • Bulk scheduling for up-to 500 posts
  • URL shortening
  • Browser extension
  • Don't work alone, invite your team members


Manage multiple social media profiles from central location.

Oktopost will helps by scheduling your posts and also analysing your customers.


  • Planning and scheduling posts
  • Managing multiple social accounts with ease
  • Using customer analysis to better your product and services
  • Inviting and collaborating with team members and partners


Crowdfire is a social media management application, functioning as central station from where all of your social media accounts can be managed.

Along with managing your accounts, the software also provides help in the form of discovering content based on a topic of the users choice.

Some of its key features are:

  • One app for all social media
  • Finding relevant content based on topics of your choice
  • Publishing content
  • Pre-scheduling all of your content and messages

You can get it started in FREE.


Buffer is an easy-to-use and very effective tool enabling you to manage all your social media activity from one platform. You can, thus, this tool to manage all your accounts from one convenient location.

Many businesses have opted to use Buffer to schedule their posts and analyse their performance.


It is important to maintain your presence on social media and stay in touch with your customers. HootSuite is here to help you fulfil this task.

HootSuite will help you grow your brand and find new customers.

Some of its features include:

  • One convenient dashboard to manage all social media platforms
  • Respond with one click to messages and comments
  • Track audience growth and performance