Stock Music

A collection of sites where you can get royalty-free music for your product video background, podcast, and more.


Unlimited royalty-free music for your videos on a subscription basis.

If you’re someone who creates videos regularly, then you’ll love Artlist. It is a huge collection of royalty-free music and SFX that can be used in any type of video. You can choose from different moods, genres, instruments, themes, tempo, duration, and other filters to find the one you’re looking for.

The great thing is, they keep adding new music tracks regularly and you get lifetime access to everything under your subscription. You can also download it unlimited times and use it for unlimited projects.

On the homepage itself, you’ll find the best picks, so you can listen to them before jumping into the paid plans. Until then, it’s free to get started.


Collection of free & premium music tracks for projects of any kind.

From acoustic, cinematic, and pop to rock, jazz and urban, Bensound can help you find the kind of music you’ve been searching for in your projects. A large portion of the tracks is completely free to download and use, on the condition that you credit them.

However, if you don’t wish to give any credits and want to download high-quality music tracks then it’s worth checking out their premium options.

You can preview each track before downloading, and also view the license rules to be sure you’re doing everything right. Overall, they have a huge library waiting for you to be utilized time and again on your projects.

Mixdown Music

Huge royalty-free music library for every mood, theme, and event.

Trusted by brands like Disney, NASA, and Sony, Mixdown Music provides world-class production-quality music tracks for individual video creators, filmmakers, and other purposes. You can directly jump into one of their curated collections based on different criteria like LoFi beats, SciFi, the 1980s, and R&B. This makes it easy for you to straightaway check out only the ones you’re looking for.

All of the music tracks are copyright cleared and monetization-ready. This means you’re allowed to use any of their music on your projects that are monetized. You can use your bought license on as many projects as you want, without limitations like having to credit the artist or anything of that sort.

Apart from royalty-free music, you’ll also find various different SFX like an explosion, fire, vehicle, cartoon, and many others. All of them are super crisp and will give your projects that extra little detail, which is necessary to make an impact.

For the pricing, you can either choose to pick an individual license or jump on one of the subscription plans. Nevertheless, you’re sure to find great handpicked music by talented composers.

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