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Taking Screenshot

Take a beautiful screenshot of your screen or website. Most of them are FREE so give a try to see how they work.


Screely comes handy for all those who are into writing tutorials or sharing screenshots with their followers and users. This app lets you upload your screenshots or images and beautifully turn them into shareable images.

Change the background color, select mockup and make your screenshot looks professional.


GeoScreenshot is another fantastic platform that lets you check your webpage from various location worldwide. This can be done from various browsers and viewports.

The viewports can even be customized to meet your needs.

GeoScreenshots also lets you clear your cache, block certain images, enhance captures and do a lot more before you actually hit the capture button to test your site. It is a great platform that lets you check your website easily and in no time.


  • Localisation testing
  • Worldwide locations
  • API access
  • Multiple devices
  • Instant results


Snagit is a professional screen capturing software that simplifies your task of creating images, videos etc. You can also edit your images and work on them until you achieve satisfactory results.

Snagit has been trusted by popular names like eBay, Honeywell, Johnson, and Johnson etc. This platform does everything to create the extraordinary screenshots.


Lightshot is the easiest way to capture and customize your screenshots. Lightshot is very easy to use and can be handled very well by anyone who sets their hands upon it.

It also comes with a powerful editor that lets you edit your screenshots as and when you take it. These screenshots can also be uploaded to the server and you can get a short link too.


  •  A screenshot on selected areas
  • Similar image search
  • Share screenshot via the internet
  • Robust editor to edit screenshots

Awesome screenshot

Taking a good screenshot can be tricky. To help you achieve the desired image you can try using this great software popularly known as the Awesome Screenshot. It comes loaded with fantastic options to help you achieve your goal.

You can not only capture beautiful images for your projects but can also store and organize them on the basis of your projects. It is also possible that you get specific feedback upon the images that you have created with Awesome Screenshots.


FireShot lets you capture amazing screenshots of your webpage in a matter of seconds. You can then go ahead and use them on your projects or share them with others via the internet.

You can edit your captures, add text annotations, save them as PDf and do a lot more. This software is extremely user-friendly so you can use them easily without any problem.


  • Capture quick screenshots
  • Edit your images
  • Save as PDF, GIF, JPEG and various other formats
  • Share via social media

Snipping Tool by CloudApp

This is an all-in-one solution that creates images, GIFs, records HD videos and does a lot more to complete your project. You can start using it after downloading it in just a few simple steps.

It lets you take a quick screenshot of whichever part of the webpage you want. You can do it on your Windows PC or your Mac. It is responsive to both the devices.


  • Record HD videos
  • Capture screenshots
  • Capture webcam videos
  • Create GIFs
  • Annotate images