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With the world’s largest selection of courses, Udemy brings to you an amazing learning platform. You can use Udemy for individual or business growth with custom designed packages to suit the learner’s need.

Udemy got more than 80,000 courses.

The good thing about Udemy is you will always find some promotion running and most of the courses are available at ~$15. You can explore courses to learn all types of IT and business related subjects.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Security
  • System Administration
  • Website development
  • Designing
  • Business acceleration
  • Networking


Alternatives to Udemy


Pluralsight helps you progress in your career path with courses designed by industry experts to help individuals and businesses close skill gaps.

This is how Pluralsight helps individuals and businesses excel in a technical field:

  • 6850+ courses designed by more than 1500 expert authors.
  • Pluralsight is one of the most course providers trusted by 65% of the Fortune 500.
  • Take courses which are designed in coordination with our partners like Microsoft to keep you abreast with the demands of the industry.

With expert designed courses, assessments and tools to support your learning, build the skill set you need to excel in your career endeavors.

Start your 10-day free trial today.

Learn through research-based material carefully designed by industry experts to help you accelerate your career growth. At edX you get the freedom to choose from an array of online courses from best universities across the world including Harvard, MIT and more.

Transform your career with edX.

  • Get 24/7 access to online courses without any application process.
  • Take courses when it suits you by way of interactive video lectures delivered by the world’s best professors.
  • Connect with learners from across the world and be a part of discussion forums.
  • Get the desired skill set with verified certificates.
  • Innovative XSeries Programs in the latest trending fields.

Kick-start your higher education today and strive towards professional development with edX.


Udacity gives an opportunity to learn and grow. It offers world-class higher education courses that are easily accessible and flexible.

Below are the Udacity advantages:

  • Nanodegree programs designed with companies like Google and Facebook, the focus on the most competitive skill enhancement.
  • Mentors and industry experts to the lead the way and make you job ready.
  • Get hired by your dream companies as having hiring partnerships with IBM, Mercedes–Benz and many more, opening amazing career opportunities.
  • Expand your opportunities with futuristic courses preparing you for the changing world.

Log in now and get started with a whole new world of learning today.

Khan Academy

Experience world-class education at a global learning platform, Khan Academy, where education knows no boundaries. Khan Academy is a not‑for‑profit organization bringing you the platform to enhance your skill set.

Few pros about Khan Academy are listed below:

  • No ads and no subscription. Become part of the not-for-profit education by interacting with millions of volunteers and donors from across the world.
  • Join a global classroom packed with resources in more than 36 languages.
  • Start anywhere and anytime with mobile platform supported apps.
  • Learn at your own pace with thousands of hand-picked courses in various fields like Management, IT, Web Development and more.


Treehouse makes technical education accessible to all. Treehouse believes in surpassing any kind of barrier to education to make the learner's job ready.

Treehouse fits your needs with the following facilities:

  • Fit your learning in your schedule as you want with on-demand learning videos and interactive code challenges, wherever and whenever you need them.
  • A supported online community where you can interact with thousands of students, exchange skills, and knowledge.
  • A wide range of study plans to fit your goals and budgets.

Start your free trial for 7 days today and get introduced to the world of coding. If the course suits you, you can also opt for the monthly package.


Code Academy is a community of millions worldwide. It provides you with an excellent platform to learn the code.

Some of the popular programs are:

  • Build web application, API, a website from scratch
  • Learn to programme with Python, CSS, React, Ruby, SQL, Ruby on Rails
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Alexa introduction, Watson API


Get a university recognized degree with Coursera to transform your career path. You get to choose from an array of courses designed with their university partners that offer flexible and affordable learning.

The features that make a difference at Coursera are:

  • University-recognized courses with specialization certificates
  • Experience world-class with videos designed for global audience supported by subtitles in over 30 languages.
  • Academic and technical support from a dedicated team of mentors.

Grow in your career with 250+ specializations and take a leap forward. Sign-up today!


Leading certification and training providers in the world, Simplilearn addresses the unique requirements of every learner.

It provides focused training in areas of Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Science.

The major reasons for choosing Simplilearn are:

  • It has been recognized as “8th Most Influential Education Brand in the World” by LinkedIn.
  • Training courses designed by 2000+ industry experts.
  • Learning approach that revolves around virtual classrooms, project work and 24/7 teaching assistant.
  • 4000+ courses to choose from with 40+ Global accreditations.

Start the journey towards your career goals with our focused courses today. Achieve your dreams with validated and certified courses.


FREE 2 Months

Skillshare is an online learning platform based on community learning. It provides an opportunity to learn in a number of fields with expert teachers and interaction with co-learners.

There are more than 22,000 classes waiting for you to learn something new today.


  • Explore various courses that are high in demand including technology, business, designing and more.
  • Interact with more than 4 million students and indulge in co-learning
  • Got a knack for teaching? Sign up and get paid teaching opportunity.
  • Each course is designed with a project to make the learning more practical oriented.

Get to know about the latest trends of the industry and stay ahead. Get started now by signing up for free classes or you can also go premium with their monthly plans.


Lynda is a platform that makes interactive sessions accessible to the learner in any part of the world on the computer, tablet or mobile device. Below are the features that make it a unique learning platform:

  • 4000 courses in various fields like software development, designing, business, web development
  • Video tutorials developed with expert teachers in the field.
  • The courses are designed based on LinkedIn insights to make sure the learning is in line with the current ongoing trends of the industry.

Sign up for a free one month trial now and experience knowledge like never before.