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Web Debugging

Troubleshooting is always exciting and frustrating if not equipped with the right tools. Use the listed tools to debug a web page to find the problem.


An advanced HTTP debugging proxy for MAC. A beautiful UI, you can download in FREE.

JS Bin

JS BIn is a pastebin for web programming languages including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It also comes with the support for SCSS, Jade, CoffeeScript, and more.

Developers can use JSBin to collaborative on their JavaScript code. The live editor also lets developers change code and see the changes in the live editor. Last, but not the least, it also comes with console and Gist support.


  • Codecasting.
  • Live reload and preview in editor
  • All major processors supported including HTML, Markdown and more.
  • Debug/source mode.
  • Supports Linting
  • Collaboration

HTTP Debugger

As the name says - you can use to debut HTTP.

HTTP Debugger is compatible with .NET, TFS and Java apps. It is proxy-less sniffing tool.


  • Performance related troubleshooting is easier
  • Debug HTTP Traffic
  • Decrypt SSL
  • Security Testing
  • HTTP Session Manipulation

You can export the debugging data into excel, CSV or JSON format.


Mitmproxy is an open source HTTPS proxy that is interactive and free to use. It comes with a web interface, command line interface, and the Python API interface.

It is a swiss-army knife for testing, debugging, penetration testing and checking privacy measurement. It can be used to inspect all the web traffic transmitted through HTTP/2, HTTP/1, WebSockets or other protected protocols.


Betwixt is a Web Debugging Proxy. It is based on Chrome DevTools Network panel. This means it helps developers to analyze traffic web data using Chrome DevTools interface. Installing can be done through source code or building your own bundle.

It can be used on multiple OS including MAC, Windows, and Linux.

Charles Web Debugging Proxy

Charles is a web debugging proxy that lets you analyze traffic between machines and the internet. It supports Reverse Proxy, HTTP Monitor, HTTP Proxy. 


  • A feature-rich web proxy for easy monitoring
  • Offers app based analysis
  • SSL proxy
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • AMF
  • AJAX debugging
  • Supports W3C validator


Fiddler, one of the most popular HTTP debugging tools. It is independent and works on any system, browser, and platform. Developers can use it to perform tests on their web application. The tool is also customizable and provides a complete set of debugging features.


  • Web session manipulation
  • Customizable free tool
  • Performance testing
  • HTTP/HTTPS traffic recording
  • Security testing
  • Web debugging

Good thing is - you can get it started in FREE.